A look back at October 2018 – Community Fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during October 2018.

October 2018 a look back

WeFiFo – The Literary Hour: Treasure Island

WeFiFo is provides a range of amazing supperclub’s across the UK to experience and enjoy.  WeFiFo is all about connecting home chefs, supper club hosts and event organisers with hungry people.

With WeFiFo you can either attend one of the many supperclubs and enjoy the amazing food cooked by the cook on the night or you can either host an event yourself.

The Literary Hour which was being sold by WeFiFo began three years ago by a group of friends in North London.  Inspired by the marvellous minds and ingenious creations of their favourite authors and the love of entertaining, they decided to share our passion and home with wonderful and adventurous strangers. They have delighted diners with a Feast in Narnia, disgusted them with Dr. Lecter’s brain fritters, and divided the crowd with Willy Wonka’s 3-course dinner chewing gum both in their home and in pop-up venues across London.  Attention to the smallest of details is at the heart of what they do and they ensure that their guests have a truly magnificent and memorable evening, so everyone can always expect some unusual surprises throughout their dining experiences.

The Literary Hour Treasure Island Captain Long John and me

“Literary Hour really did shiver me timbers as the whole evening was outstanding. I loved the way the whole place was decorated really making it feel like we had entered onto the decks on a ship and discovered a treasure island.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

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Air Canada pop up

Air Canada bought to Spitafields a pop up all about poutine which is Canada’s national dish.

It was to promote about Canada, their flights and the national Canadian dish of poutine all whilst helping raise funds for a charity.

Poutine is basically chips topped with various types of cheese curds and gravy. However this pop up won’t just serve up the classic poutine but a variety of versions such as Calgary Rodeo Stampede version (with fries, ox cheek, corn, gouda and maple BBQ gravy), a Hawaiian Loco Moco version (with fries, seared salmon, boiled egg, crispy pineapple and sesame ginger miso mayo) and the Cancun Mayan Enchilada version (with sweet potato fries, corn chips, red enchilada sauce and avo coriander dressing) and so on.

Plus guests got to watch wash the poutine all down with Canadian beer and wine.

All proceeds on the night went to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Air Canada poutine

“It was hard to decide which was the best but if I had to say one maybe the Montreal’s Classic Poutine but seriously all the dish’s were so good.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

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The Cauldron

The Cauldron is a magical Cocktail Experience which lasts 1 hr 45 min.  Guests will get an immersive class where you’ll wield a working magic wand and use molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs.

After putting on a robe and receiving a magic wand, guests will be led to an interactive work station where you’ll test out your magic wand by accessing the help of their Poetic Mead. Guests then get to choose two potions to brew from their range of molecular potions, each of which have different traits and effects.

The experience is largely self-guided, but a potions master is on-hand to make sure that guests or should I say budding witch’s/wizards don’t end up poisoning themselves.  There is also non-alcoholic, gluten free, and vegan options available also.

The Cauldron has recently reopened at a new location in London Elephant and Castle. This time around in a slightly bigger establishment.

The Cauldron wand

“We donned our magical robes, received a wand for the table and met our wonderfully witchy Potion’s Master to guide us along our journey. The theme is enchanted forest, and from the projections on the ceiling mimicking the night sky to the rough hewn wooden tables, this pop up has all the charms of being outside and all the warmth of being inside!”


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Only Fools The Cushty Dining Experience

Interactive Theatre International brings to London this new immersive experience Only Fools The Cushty Dining Experience transporting audiences to The Nags Head, to meet the pride of Peckham Del in a night of wheeling, dealing and eating.

The fun starts from the moment you join Trotter and friends.

It is a cushty night with plenty of comedy, a quiz and a 3-course 80’s meal.

Only Fools

“This truly was a night full of laughs and one that I won’t forget. You’ll be coming away reliving the memories saying to your friends and family “During the Only Fools …….”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

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Divine Proportions

If you are looking to dine like a goddess or god then Divine Proportions is the supperclub to most certainly go along to.

Guests will get to experience a heavenly immersive 5-course dining experience based on the story of Dionysus, God of Pleasure and Mischief.  Expect course after course of heavenly dishes, cocktails of milk and honey, partying with priestesses, singalong with satyrs and an after party in The Underworld.

Divine Proportions lemon

“We were treated to a cheeky striptease from Aphrodite, and an erotic candle wax dance from Persephone.  This raunchy cabaret show continued whilst we dined, and made for a truly fun evening and an electric atmosphere.”


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Purezza is the very first vegan pizzeria to open two restaurants within the UK. One in Brighton and one in Camden.

They are plant pioneers, revolutionising Italian food through cruelty free ingredients. Their aim  is simple: to make our plant based menu superior to the traditional alternatives.

Purezza pizza

“Not wanting to waste any time (we were very hungry) we delved straight into the cocktail menu. I’d never really thought of a cocktail being non-vegan but this made me think more about the ingredients that may be used in your standard cocktail, such as egg whites for a sour taste and milky/creamy ingredients for heavier cocktails. After much deliberation we both went for the Lemon Cheesecake cocktail. “


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Escape London – Overthrone

If you love escape rooms and anything to do with Game of Thrones then you’ll love this room.  Will you though be able to conjure your way out of the room before it is too late.

Escape London Overthrone group 1 Escape London Overthrone group 2

“It was a great game, not all just codes and padlocks, some other innovative tricks in there too. “


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The Avenue School of Cookery

The Avenue School of Cookery was established back in 2004. The Avenue London Cookery School is a family run school and thrives on all things foodie.

They love to teach students of all ages and levels to understand more about food. So stop relying and following instruction via cookbook start treating recipes as sources of inspiration and guidance instead.

They offer 3-hour evening classes to 2-week Chalet Host courses as well as corporate events and anything bespoke for those special occasions!

Individually, and as a team, they have years of experience; discovered skills and
have handy tips to share with those who want to join them on their kitchen adventures.

Check out there courses to see what tantalises your taste buds!

The Avenue School of Cookery by Katie Hughs

The Avenue School of Cookery taken by Katie Hughs

“Apparently you know when all the water is absorbed by the rice when the it doesn’t move in the pot when you shake it violently (be careful!). When it reaches this stage the rice needs to be seasoned and cooled. You season it by adding a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar and salt and folding in to coat the rice.”


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CoLab – The Copycat

The Copycat is a brand new intense murder mystery game.

Question is our you brave enough?

Have you ever wanted to play detective?

Copycat is a uniquely terrifying immersive experience that puts you right in the middle of all your favourite horror films.

Anthony Larson has been following the kidnapper of his subsequent murder of his sister, by a yet to be apprehended serial killer known only as The Copycat.  However Larson needs help of new detectives.

Inspired by true crime cases, The Copycat is part murder mystery, part immersive horror show and part escape room.


“From gathering information from witness statements, picking out the most likely suspects, interrogating suspects in a dark, dingy basement, to suddenly having to break out of a murder dungeon, The Copycat has it all! Plot twists, games and puzzles, creepy props, and just the right atmosphere to set your nerves on edge.”


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Handmade Mysteries – Operation Mindfall

Handmade Mysteries is well known for Lady Chastiy and Poppa Plocks.  However they have just recently created Operation Mindfall which is like no other game Handmade Mysteries has done before as this one involves the latest augmented reality and geolocation technology, and gets you racing across the the streets of London.

Will you be brave enough to take on Spider Tech who is trying to take control over humanity as they have developed a virus that infects the human brain, which will give the terrorists full control over the victim’s mind.

With just 90 minutes to take on the covert operation the race is on to find the antidote and stop them from unleashing chaos and destruction across the globe.

Handmade Mysteries Operation Mindfall meeting chemical reaction

“A few hazards along the way, and we were sure we were being followed by a man in a teal t-shirt; we needed almost every skill you could think you would need for an escape room: logic, maths, geography and the rest! “


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Last Nights of Havana

I and some others had the privilege of going to a press night for this brand new pop up Last Nights of Havana which is created by the team Skylight, the inspiration is 1940-50’s pre-revolution Cuba.

It is based at Tobacco Docks which in itself is a very historic centre of rum and tobacco trade in London making it the perfect spot for such a glamorous pop-up.

Last Nights of Havana

“All cocktails are created by Andy Mill and Elliot Ball, founders of the Cocktail Trading Company, with all their rum cocktails drinks being a contemporary take on Cuban classics.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

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The Grid

Part escape, room part mixology class the Grid will take guests undercover at Neosight to destroy them as they are a fret to humans: technology!

The Grid us

“For Neosight and A.I.D.A. to assess our responses, we needed to ingest the necessary nanobytes by mixing together the different solutions and ice (our first cocktail).”


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The Kraken

Kraken drinks popped up for one day with an immersive experience to celebrate Halloween and promote about their rum spiced drinks.

Guests got to take a thrilling journey into the depths of an Ocean before stumbling into an underwater bar to knock some cocktails and the world’s very first snake venom mix.

Kraken Screamfest The Ocean of Souls rum drink

“Upon escaping the Kraken and being eventually washed up from underwater we were then transported to a large underwater bar where there was plenty going on and we even met more characters of a mermaid, a fortune teller and a doctor.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

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Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds is run by April Jackson (who had a stint on Apprentice back in 2015).  She has two restaurants one in Brixton and her newer in Clapham.

April has kept to her Jamaican roots as both of her restaurants reflect that with the reinterpreted classical recipes and artisan rum cocktails alongside warm service which breathes new life into Caribbean eateries as you may know them.

Three Little Birds April

“When I stepped through the doors of Three Little Birds in Clapham I felt like I had been transported to Jamaica with the vibes, music, smells of rum and the Jamaican food coming wafting from the kitchen.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

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Propa Tea

The scone did not have much depth to it but I was blown away by the flavour.  In fact it has to be the best scone I have ever had.  Even better than Michelin starred restaurant scones that is how much I rate these scones.  It was light, airy and fluffy.

Propa Tea selection

“The scone did not have much depth to but it I was blown away by the flavour.  In fact it has to be the best scone I have ever had.  Even better than Michelin starred restaurant scones that is how much I rate these scones.  It was light, airy and fluffy.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

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