Malaysian food journey – Rojak

Rojak is a modern Malaysian pop-up restaurant and Satay Bar which popped up 17th October and is situated at Lacy Nook in London, N16 for a limited period for around three months.

I was invited down to sample some of her incredible dishes all which are Malaysian inspired.

About Rojak

Rojak is a pop up to inspire people to eat Malaysian food. Why as the chef behind Rojak loves to cook Malaysian street food and wants to give Londoner’s a mix of ingredients to spice up London’s kaleidoscope of cultures.

Her Malaysian street food and classics have a distinct British twist. With all her time-honoured recipes being elevated to new levels by using the finest local ingredients. Inspired by feelings of home.  She draws on influences from the original Malaysian fusion cuisine, a 15th century tradition made for sharing.

She sources much of her ingredients locally as she strives to keep her produce sustainable and free range wherever possible as these are the guiding principles behind each and every dish.


Malaysian taste

I went along with my friend Steve to taste and sample many dishes.

Rojak - me and Steve

Firstly we met the chef behind Rojak.  She was ever so sweet and she told us about Malaysian food and how much she loves to cook and see people enjoying Malaysian food.

Rojak - Rojak and me

We got the sample many dishes from the menu.

Rojak - menu

Roti Chanai 

Round flatbread.

Rojak - food bread

This was a lovely light and fluffy Roti.  In fact the best I have ever had.

Roti is a great way to wrap food within it and enjoy.

Nasi Kerabu blue rice with seasonal herbs 

Blue rice.

Rojak - food blue rice

This dish beautiful with it’s tinged blue rice. Apparently the blue rice is created by Clitoria ternatea (butterfly-pea) flowers (bunga telang) which gives it the blue ting.

Pie Tee (v)

Crispy ‘top hats’ filled with three types of shredded sautéed vegetable with sambal.

Rojak - food

These looked so cute and innocent stuffed with vegetables but wow what a surprise we had once crunching on the crispy pastry and absorbing the filling.  Immediately we were hit by a chilli kick giving this vegetable crisp parcel a whole new meaning to a normal vegetable spring type roll say which you might experience in an Indian or Chinese restaurant.  These are definitely not bland in anyway.

Ox Cheek Rendang

Slow-cooked dry curry simmered in seven different spices, plus lemongrass and coconut.

Rojak - food Ox

The Ox meat has a wonderful complex of flavours making this dish highly tasty and rich with the meat flaking away and melting in the mouth.  The spices gave it that extra kick.


Free range corn-fed chicken marinated in galangal (type of ginger), turmeric, garlic and lemongrass served with peanut sauce, cucumber ribbons and grilled onions.

Rojak - food Chicken

The chicken was moist and the coating of ingredients from the ginger to the peanut sauce gave this chicken a great sweet yet tangy flavour. I highly recommend if you love garlic and peanut butter.

Stir-Fry Seasonal Vegetable (V)(GF)

Seasonal vegetable with belachan soy garlic.

Rojak - food vegetable

I loved this mix of seasonal greens.  It was great to have with the spicy dishes to cool down our tongues.

Apam Balik

Sweet Malaysia peanut pancake.

Rojak - pancake

This pancake was filled with buttery peanut filling. It is folded over and over giving it a great dense flavour.  It was sticky and sweet making me crave more as I love sweet sticky desserts.


I would highly recommend visiting Rojak if you love spicy or Malaysian food as you won’t be disappointed in any of the dishes as they all have a impact in taste.  Be quick though as I mentioned earlier this is a pop up restaurant so only in The Lacy Nook for a limited time.

Visit Rojak

Rojak - The Lacy Nook
Rojak is situated in The Lacy Nook at 8 Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, London  N16 6BD
Opening hours:
Wednesday – Friday  6pm-10:30pm
Saturday – 10am-10-30pm
Sunday – 10am-5pm

To book a table click here. 


Thank you to Rojak for the complimentary invite in letting me and Steve taste some of the amazing dishes they serve.  All views are my own honest opinion.




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