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I went along to A Door In A Wall latest production Lights, Camera, Action which was a totally new concept to their normal murder mystery type games as this was all about starring in your own mini movies.

A Door In A Wall

A Door In A Wall started out in 2010 and is run by a team of plotters, producers and designers. They create, design and run many immersive events throughout London over the year from treasure hunts to murder mysteries.

This November they have done something different from their norm and have created an immersive event called Lights, Camera, Action which puts you in the spot light. So if you have ever wanted to know what it would be like to star in a movie then this new show is for all you wannabe actors/actresses.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Starring you and your co-stars you’ll get to travel back to the Golden Age of Hollywood and film a series of mini masterpieces. You’ll get to give stellar performances, and smooth talk producers anything to make your horror, western, historical epic or comedy become a sell-out blockbuster that cleans up at the awards.

Have you got what it takes to make it to Hollywood fame?

Wannabe actress

A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

I and some others of Love Pop Ups London community was invited on a complimentary basis in return for blogs/reviews to experience their newest production Lights, Camera, Action.

A Door In A Wall - Love Pop Ups London members

Arriving at Mirth, Marvel And Maud, which is a very beautiful Grade 2 listed venue which was built in the 1930s and used to house the Granada Cinema.

A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

However I must pre-warn you though before you continue to read my blog further this was a preview night so everything did not run as smoothly as it should. So please keep this in mind when reading the rest of my blog.

A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

It’s Showtime

It was now time for me and others to make our starring roles an award winning performance.

A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

Question is will we be as big as some of the famous names which have been shown here on screen?

Within the four and half hours we were told we can make up to a total of three mini-flicks taking on different roles in different movies each to last no more than 2 minutes. So we chose to make a horror, historical epic and western movie.

I had assumed that we would have got to fully create our movies from directing, acting to editing however it turned out that we would be acting via scripts which was a tad disappointing as I would of loved to be of been a camera woman.

Us - A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

Upon collecting any scripts from the film booth we were also given studio time and some missions to complete beforehand from speaking with Hollywood Directors to actresses to gain some hints & tips in how to improve and gain further points in the movies we star in. I loved this part in hunting down the producers, actors, reporters, and special effects people to take on missions to gather further information this was definitely my favourite part of the evening.

Mission - A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

Once we gathered all the information we needed to make our movie epic it was then onto getting some props from the props area then a little time to learn our lines.

Props - A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

Me Monster feet - A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

Testing of monster feet

It was then time for us to be stars and perform our epic two minute movie.

Filming ready - A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

On set

We managed to squeeze in three short films into the three hours we had and I must admit I think we done very well.

Here are our movies:

Monday Monster – Starring Me (Frank & Monster), Bianca (Mary-Sue), Manmeet (Chet), Louise (Donnie) and Lauren (Betty)

My Liege – Bianca (Oswine), Manmeet (Hereweald King), Louise (Malaprop), Lauren (Hwice) and me (extra)

Monday Monster – Bianca (Ugly), Louise (Bad), Lauren (Good), Manmeet (Horse) and me (as special effects person)

Now it was time to wait to attend the awards ceremony which we were hoping that we might have won an Oscar or two. However there was some technical issues on the night so the awards ceremony was not going to happen on time so some of my friends had to leave early and miss out. Eventually the awards ceremony did happen and I loved the way it was done. It felt like a real awards ceremony with Oscars to be won.

Awards - A Door In A Wall - Lights Camera Action

Unfortunately we did not win any so we won’t be starring in any Hollywood movies anytime soon.

Failed new wannabe stars.


Apart from having a lot of fun in making the movies on the night there was a few issues which were as follows:

  • Time was an issue from completing missions to learning lines. I think two movies to make in the night is more realistic.
  • Too many props which we required were out at the same time when we needed them.
  • Movie studios too small to manoeuvre plus noise could be heard from all around so when it came to playing the videos it was hard to hear what was being said.
  • Awards ceremony was shown too late.

Remember though I attended their first preview show so I am sure after things get rectified it will run a lot smoother and be an award winning one.

Be a star

Overall though I really did like the whole concept of this movie making it an immersive event from interacting with Directors to starring in my own movie.

However I don’t think I have a great memory in learning lines so I don’t think I will be looking into becoming an actress anytime soon.

So if you love the movies and want to be a star then I highly recommend.

Will you and your friends be able to make it as big as Friends or any other Hollywood movie star?
will you end up just being an extra or monster in a low budget movie or end up on the cutting room floor?

A Door In A Wall - Bianca and me

Bianca and me

Other productions by A Door In A Wall

The other events I have done with A Door In A Wall are Dead Drop, Dead Man’s Hand and Horses For Corpses which are all murder mystery events which were all very fun.

Book your spot to fame

To discover and book any of A Door In A Walls latest productions click here.

Thanks to A Door In A Wall for having me and others from Love Pop Ups London come down to be the next potentially new Hollywood stars in Lights, Camera, Action. The experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the reviews from the other community members whom joined me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion

A Door in a Wall

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