MasterChef food by Stuart Archer – The Jam Shed Supper Club

Ever watched people and celebrities on television enjoying culinary delights cooked by MasterChef finalists and ever wondered what it might be like. Well wait no more as with The Jam Shed Supper Club you can do just that.

I had the privilege of attending the first night of The Jam Shed Supper Club to taste their Australian wine which was being showcased and to enjoy culinary delights by Stuart Archer MasterChef finalist of 2016 one of the many MasterChefs who will be cooking at this pop up.

Before I tell you more about the whole evening let me tell you a bit more about The Jam Shed Supper Club.

The Jam Shed SupperClub

The Jam Shed Supper Club

The Jam Shed SupperClub returns once again to The Royal Festival Hall this Winter bringing six of the most exciting, culinary diverse, contestants from the popular foodie television show MasterChef whom all have created menus especially for the event combining Jam Shed Shiraz into some of their dishes.

Six of the most exciting, culinary diverse, contestants from the popular high-pressure, cook-off show MasterChef have created menus especially for the event. MasterChef finalists from previous years will each host a Supper Club for at least a week each to celebrate the flavours of this festive season.

Diners at The Jam Shed SupperClub will experience an intimate dining experience sitting at communal tables, enjoying food cooked by MasterChef finalists whilst taking in the spectacular views from the top floor of The Royal Festival Hall of the River Thames as the backdrop. Diners will think that they have gone to food heaven.

Jam Shed Supper Club

This season starts off with Stuart Archer then followed by Natalie Coleman, Sara Danesin, Jane Devonshire and Dean Edwards each will be hosting for a week, bringing their individual spin to the flavours of winter.

13 – 17 Nov: Stuart Archer
view menu
20 – 24 Nov: Jane Devonshire (gluten free)
view menu
27 Nov – 1 Dec (excluding 29 Nov): Dean Edwards
view menu
4 – 8 Dec: Natalie Coleman
view menu
11 – 15 Dec: Sara Danesin
view menu

The Jam Shed Shiraz

Jam Shed is a Shiraz for those that don’t know. It first opened up back in 1895 and pays homage to the original winery, located in the historic town of Clare in Australia. The locals fondly referred to it as The Jam Shed as it had previously been the Old Clare Jam Factory. For well over a century the Jam Shed played a crucial role in the development of the region through both jam and wine production and this delicious Jam Shed Shiraz has been inspired by the great preserves of old.

This iconic Australian medium-sweet Shiraz is jam-packed with rich, opulent sweet red berry flavours, balanced with a subtle hint of vanilla and spice. Great served slightly chilled and is a perfect accompaniment with food.

Springboard Charity

In addition to having a fun night out with friends or family, and enjoying culinary delights cooked by great chefs diners will also be supporting The Springboard Charity, which brings disadvantaged and underprivileged people into sustainable employment within hospitality, leisure and tourism.

Springboard trainees will work with both the chefs in the kitchen and front of house to learn essential skills and help guests enjoy the night.

Dining at The Jam Shed Supper Club

MasterChef food by Stuart Archer

Heading to the Southbank Centre which is home to The Royal Festival Hall I found out once that the Soutbank Centre is the UK’s largest arts centre, which is 17 acres large with the site having an extraordinary creative and architectural history stretching back through to 1951. Southbank Centre is also home to Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and Hayward Gallery as well as The National Poetry Library and the Arts Council Collection. For further information about the Southbank Centre click here.

Time to head up for a Masterchef feast. Upon entering the lift and pressing the button number six I felt like I had been joined by a choir as when we were ascending there was an acoustic vocal performance.

The Jam Shed Supper Club view

The Jam Shed Supper Club pop up looked beautiful with it’s many communal tables decorated with candles and empty Jam Shed bottles with fairy lights but what made the whole room even more wonderful was the view of the River Thames.

The Jam Shed Supper Club Shiraz

Culinary delights

Looking at the menus I noticed the dishes and cocktails all used Jam Shed as an ingredient.

We were sat at a great table which was very central to the restaurant and we quickly got talking to our fellow table guests all things foodie when they arrived!

First things first though before being served I just had to order the one of the many delicious Jam Shed cocktails so I opted for Festive Jam. This cocktails was punchy with spices and citrus notes giving it a wow factor. Was a bit similar to a mulled wine but cold instead.

The Jam Shed Supper Club bottle

Stuart Archer then came out and introduced himself and told us a bit more about the food of which was going to be served tonight.

The Jam Shed Supper Club Stuart Archer and me

The food then started to arrive and the dishes were placed in the middle of the table for people to tuck in and share.


Sourdough, with ‘Jam Shed’ butter

The Jam Shed Supper Club sour dough

The butter was creamy, with a undertone of Shriaz giving it that sweet kick.

Heritage beetroot, whipped goat’s cheese, green leek oil

The Jam Shed Supper Club beetroot

The presentation looked stunning with the beetroot all been done differently from shapes to colour. The pink round ones reminded me of candy cane lollipops. The whipped goats cheese added to the texture and added to the whole taste.

Quail egg & black pudding Scotch egg, mushroom ketchup

The Jam Shed Supper Club egg

These were a bit like a high end quality scotch egg as a quail egg was used within them. Had a meaty taste with a lovely outside crunch.

Roasted spiced cauliflower, date chutney, sour mango powder

The Jam Shed Supper Club cauliflower

I have never had cauliflower cooked or spiced before so it was interested but it certainly was tasty giving the cauliflower great spicy notes.

Soy-glazed free range chicken thigh, Yorkshire pudding, rye crumb

The Jam Shed Supper Club chicken

The chicken was cooked to perfection moist, juicy and tasty. The mini Yorkshire puddings were a real treat though as quaint in look and tasted great.

The Jam Shed Supper Club Freckle Rock

Next it was time for the mains and to add to this extra special night a live band called Freckle Rock came out and played a mix of songs. They were brilliant from their instrumental playing through to their vocal performance. I could of listened to them for hours.

Main course

Truffle mash, parmesan breadcrumbs

The Jam Shed Supper Club mash

The truffle mash was creamy and smooth (no lumps) with the truffles adding to the flavour along with the tanginess of the grilled crisp parmesan cheese.

Burnt cider-braised shallots, green leek oil, crispy sage

The Jam Shed Supper Club Ox shallots

Soft and sweet.

Wilted kale, toasted hazelnuts, white miso

The Jam Shed Supper Club kale

Tasted a bit like broccoli and spinach put together. Was surprinsgly quite tasty I wish there was more served though on the night as there was not much in the bowl which we had to share between six of us.

Slow-cooked ‘Jam Shed’ ox cheek

The Jam Shed Supper Club Ox cheek

This meat was tender and rich in flavour and literally fell apart when cutting into it. You certainly could taste the Jam Shed Shiraz and the punchiness of the meat. Exceptional.


Spiced sticky toffee pudding, chai custard

The Jam Shed Supper Club Sticky Toffee Pudding

This sticky toffee pudding was an interesting one as it was served along with chai custard which gave the pudding a real spiciness which really did work well. I loved this sticky pudding.

Stuart Archer

Plus throughout the serving of the courses Stuart Archer came out before each course was served and told us a bit about the courses and himself. He also came around the tables where us diners got to ask him questions.

I asked him which chefs inspired him and he said James Martin and Tom Kerridge. I also asked him what type of food he loves to eat and he said curry’s and that he’s best dessert the Sticky Toffee Pudding and that is why he added chai custard to it to give it a Indian infused twist which really did work well.

At present he has not got a restaurant in Sheffield in where he lives but he is hoping to do more supper clubs and pop ups in the future and eventually get his own place.

Let the night continue

At the end diners could stay and enjoy the outside terrace space if they wished and purchased some more wine-based Jam Shed cocktails as well as get to mingle with the chef of the night and other diners.

The Jam Shed Supper Club terrace


The whole evening was exceptional with the food being outstanding and the service top notch. I’d highly recommend going along to enjoy Stuart Archer’s menu or one of the other chefs that will be cooking at The Royal Festival Hall all this month and next.

Plus with the entertainment provided by Freckle Rock and the spectacular views of the River Thames this night really was A1.

Also remember some of the proceeds will be going to help towards The Springboard Charity.

The Jam Shed Supper Club do it

The Jam Shed Supper Club will be at St Paul’s Pavilion, The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank from 13 November to 15 December 6.30pm.

Tickets are available via clicking here and cost £45 plus a booking fee.

Thanks to The Jam Shed Supper Club for inviting me to their latest season. The evening was complimentary to me but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs from the other community members of Love Pop Ups London whom enjoyed culinary delights from MasterChefs last season on a complimentary basis. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

The Jam Shed Supper Club

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