Humanity as we know it has gone! – Omescape saving Huxley

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel forward in time when machines have taken over the world and humanity as we knew it was gone?  Well with Omescape latest virtual reality (VR) game Huxley you can do just that.

With VR becoming more and more popular these days me and some other enthusiastic escape room players from Love Pop Ups London we were super keen in stepping into the year 3007 AD on a complimentary basis to give our feedback.

Are you sceptical about VR escape rooms because you have done static VR games before and never thought much about the quality of realism? Well don’t be as even though I and some others have done static VR games before this walk around one really will surprise you with it’s mind blowing graphics.

With this VR experience you will be experiencing the latest new technology used by Omescape. No longer will you sit in a chair and navigate through virtual space with some hand motions or a controller that feels like you are just playing on your computer console. This one you can manoeuvre and walk around and you’ll even feel as wind is blowing against you really making you feel you are in the situation.

Firstly let me tell you a bit more about Omescape.



Omescape London is the UK’s premier escape room game, brought to you by the world leaders in live immersive experiences. They have been global leaders since 2012 with over 30 branches across Asia, Eastern Europe, America and Australia. Their objective is to design and create the best escape room experience in the world where players work as a team to explore, find clues, solve puzzles and mysteries to beat the clock.

Their escape rooms have unique designs and realistic stories and scripts which will leave any escape room fan wanting more.  The way they implement large scale automation creates a more immersive experience. With their

  • Puzzle Quality – expertly designed escape games to challenge and intrigue
  • Hi-tech – using latest technology to give guests a fully interactive escape room and immersive experience
  • Central Control System – using fully mechanical and automated escape rooms making things happen as if by magic
  • High Production Value – giving guests an alternate world in their 3400 sq ft space

Here is a list of all their escape rooms which can be played in London.

King’s Cross
Joker’s Asylum
Biohazard Laboratory
The Penitentiary
Mind Horror (VR)

Kingdom of Cats
Huxley (VR)


Time to save Huxley

Time to be kitted up like astronauts we stepped into a large play area where we were split into two and placed into different corners of the room.

Omescape Huxley kitted up

We were then suited and booted with our VR gear by the gamemaster with the equipment.

Omescape Huxley kit

MSI VR one Backpack 
Powered by a light, portable wireless PC which is the backpack power unit for the game.  It was surprisingly comfortable and light.
HTC Vive Pro 
The latest VR headset on market today with high resolution display with 360 immersion.  Very comfortable and adustable so did not matter what size head you had as could be easily adjusted.
Bose Headphones 
These are noise cancelling headphones so once on you could not hear any noise from the outside world.
The controllers were used to make things easier to pick up so with a click of a side button this will make your VR hand close and open making it easier to interact with objects within the VR world from picking things up, pushing buttons to throwing objects all stuff like that.

After being fitted up with our backpack and head gear with Bianca having her fun around me which I was unaware of it was time for us to enter the world of machines.

Laura of, Ashley of, Bianca and me of the Love Pop Ups London community.

Taking our journey to the year 3007 AD

Omescape Huxley us LPUL

It was now time for us to take one small step for mankind, one giant leap into the world of machine. Jumping to the year 3007 AD life on earth no longer exists. We were the last survivors of humanity and are located on a space station above an Earth where humanity had been devoid. Our crew had received a message from the barren planet below “My name is HUXLEY and I need your help!”.  With just 45 minutes to save him the mission was on.

Firstly though before taking our mission through multiple locations we had to choose our characters.  I picked a monkey, Bianca a cow, Laura an owl and Ashley a fox. Why animals when we are the last humans in the world I have no idea but it was amusing.  So now we knew who each other was.

We were then transported to a different platform within the game and we saw Huxley who had been disabled and hanging from the ceiling within a strange cathedral type surrounding.  It was up to us to help restore him.

Through our adventure we explored a fascinating science steampunk world in order to find out what happened and to help save Huxley.

We was then transported to another level and got to start to use help Huxley from pushing buttons, directing laser beams, and plenty of team interacting. The further you go though in the mission, the more freedom you get as players.  Most of the puzzles are logical and combination puzzles.  Do not expect any physical challenges.

Omescape Huxley us

Question is will we succeed in helping the robot Huxley and prevent the apocalypse from happening?

Huxley is saved

We saved Huxley with 3 mins and 50 secs spare.

Us of Love Pop Ups London who went even though we have done plenty of escape rooms in past with Bianca doing over 80 we have never had a lot of experience within a VR world so this was definitely a new experience for us.  However you don’t need to be an experienced player.  This VR game was certainly very interesting and really did blow our minds as it was amazingly well done from the story, graphics to the puzzles we got to face. Even though the graphics were not photo realistic and you knew you were not in the real world it was still very convincing. We were stunned by the whole experience.

What really surprised me though about the whole, experience was that I did not get motion sickness unlike other times I have played a sit down VR game.  I think this was because the fact we could move around and with the graphics being of high quality helped.

However if you love escape rooms be warned even though this VR game is outstanding and one I will never forget for a long time don’t expect a huge number of puzzles in the world of 3007 AD.

We can’t wait for Huxley 2 which is opening soon at Omescape.

Bonus game of Archery

Omescape Huxley us Archery

Plus after we had a virtual game of archery in popping balloons which was fun but ever so tiring some strange reason on the arms.  Even more tiring when we played proper archery at Archery Fit.

Omescape us LPUL

Book your journey

So if you love VR then forget the type of VR headsets and games you can play on your console at home as this VR technology at Omescape will literally blow your mind with it’s large space to manoeuvre, story and graphics and book Huxley.

Huxley is in Omescape at Aldgate
75 Greenfield Road, London, E1 1EJ

Players: 2-8

1-2 players – £69 incl. VAT
3-4 players – £119 incl. VAT
5-6 players – £188 incl. VAT
7-8 players – £238 incl. VAT

Game time:
45 minutes – this is exactly as long as you have to complete your mission and save the remnants of the human race! Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Book now via clicking here.

I have also played their other VR game Mind Horror and their latest escape game Kingdom of Cats before as well which all have been exciting and fun.


Thanks to Omescape for letting me and some other members of Love Pop Ups London come along to jump into the world of 3007 AD and save Huxley. The experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs from other community members whom joined me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion

Omescape London




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