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Remember those childhood years when your mum used to feed you saying here comes the choo choo train? Well you can now actually take it one step further and experience eating on an old Victoria tube carriage with

I went along with some other members of Love Pop Ups London on a complimentary basis in return for some honest blogs about this supperclub which has recently undertaken new management.

If you love supperclubs and trains this is what is.

Set with The Pump House Museum about technology, transport and industrial history which is a Grade II listed former Victorian waste water pumping station diners will be able to enjoy a culinary feast on an original 1968 Victoria Line tube carriage.  To discover more about The Pump House Museum click here.

Head chef Beatriz Maldonado Carreño (Bea) who originally hails from Bogotá Colombia will cook diners wonderful food.  She has been cooking for over 10 years most recently as part of the team at Corazón Soho, a fantastic restaurant.

Four courses will be served on the night along with a few surprises plus there is a wine list which has a reasonable choice.


Bookings can be made via Eatwith.  This is the world’s largest community for authentic food experiences in over 130 countries from a dinner party in an elegant Paris home, to an Italian feast with a Roman family, to a cooking class in Tokyo, as they select local hosts with travellers seeking unique, immersive experiences. Whether they’re home-cooks, food-lovers, MasterChefs, or Michelin-starred chefs, their hosts all share one special ingredient: a passion for bringing people together through food.

Choo choo all the way

When I arrived at The Pump House Museum I was firstly faced with a large old steam train which made me think how lovely for those that ever travelled this way rather than the electronic ones which we have now. I bet the steam trains hardly ever broke down or delayed due to a leave on the railing as the service we have now is appalling say the least.

All aboard

Once passing the old steam engine I then reached my destination the and yes it was a real old tube carriage that has been converted into a supperclub.

Unfortunately the the main carriage doors do not open so we all had to enter via the back of the carriage door.

Once stepping inside the carriage it took me back thinking about those days I used to travel on these old style carriages.

There was also vintage posters, adverts, tube maps and no smoking signs keeping it real.

Before we could get this culinary journey started we had to wait for other commuters sorry diners so here is me waiting.

We were all sat on a long communal table with 14 others where Nick then introduced himself and got all of us to introduce ourselves to each other as this is a supperclub after all and about mingling not just eating.

Once acquainted it was on with our supperclub journey.

Gravy train

Meeting schedule we were first served some lovely fresh homemade bread and butter.

Next stop Amuse Bouche (Brown lentils, Colombian chorizo crumb)

I am not keen on lentils I must admit so I was thankful it was a small portion but to be honest these ones tasted quite nice I think it was due to the chorizo crust which added flavour and a crunch.

Next stop first course Variations of Corn (Guasca cream, chilli oil, corn flowers)

I love corn and I was quite concerned how this dish was going to be but I was highly surprised in the different ways the corn was served. It all tasted great from the creamy creamed corn through to the baby fried crunchy corn pieces.

Next stop Fish Course Tiradito de Salmon Nikkei (Salmon, tamarind ponzi, spring onion, radishes, coriander)

This salmon dish was very tasty.  It consisted of salmon slices served in a tamarind sauce which led you thinking you was eating perhaps sushi. Certainly made a change from a caper dressing.

Next stop was mains which was Aji de Gallina (Roasted chicken, yellow chilli, beetroot, sweet potato, pickled carrots)

The chicken was cooked to perfection as very succulent. It was served along with a mix of vegetables which added to the whole dish making me want more.

Next quick stop a pre-dessert of Lime and Ginger Granita

Zesty and refreshing cleansing the palette.

End of the line was dessert a Merengon de Gianabsna (Guanabana cream, meringue, Andean berry sorbet and coulis)

I think the fruity sorbet ice cream, jelly and the Guanabana cream within the meringue nest worked really well giving you plenty of textures and sweetness from all elements. A mouth tingling sensation.

Make the grade

This was a stationery commute food journey of delight. The commuters sorry I mean diners were all so lovely and the food was amazing.

So if you love anything to do with trains, mingling with strangers and food you will not be disappointed that you boarded this train.  There were no delays on this train.

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To discover more click here

To book click here

Prices are priced at £40 per person

Menu changes according to what’s in season

Thanks to for letting me and some other members of Love Pop Ups London board the culinary journey of delight. The experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs from other community members whom joined me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion

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