A look back at December 2018 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during December 2018.

December 2018 a look back

Pasta n Play

Pasta n Play is a cookery school run by Vicky who is an Italian cookery tutor who wants to spread her passion of good and healthy food to Londoners.

At Pasta n Play you’ll find a warm welcome even if you don’t know how to fry an egg. 

All her classes are suitable for kids and adults and a great way to socialise, have fun and learn how to make pasta. 

Pasta n Play

“Vicky really does show it can easily be done from scratch at home and how it does not take that long to make and cook.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I had a personal invite to learn how to make pasta tortellini. Read my full blog by clicking here.

Dinner Time Story

This is a magical 6 course immersive visual dining experience which brings diners many delights and surprises along the epic 2 hour food journey which is narrated by Le Petit Chef.

Dinner Time Ashely and Ana

“In India you come alive under the scent of a thousand spices, gobbling cauliflower gobi panacotta with devilish hunger and in the Himalayas you are amazed by pink grapefruit and lychee sorbet, served with dry ice, as you pour water into the bowl and watch the steam cloud your aperitif with scientific wonder. “

Ana De Jesus

Some other community members of Love Pop Ups London was personally invited down to enjoy a dining immersive experience at their newest location. Read their blogs via clicking here and read other community members blogs from past opportunities.

Supperclub Tube

This is a supperclub set within inside an old tube carriage in where you can enjoy a 4 course dinner whilst mingling with other supperclub diners. This is a one of a kind supperclub.

supperclub tube us

“We kicked off the food with an Amuse Bouch that was crafted from Brown Lentils and Columbian Chorizo Crumbs. I’ve never really eaten lentils much but these made think about actually ordering them when I’m out and see them on the menu! They had so much more flavour than I expected!”


Read all the blogs / reviews from us who had the pleasure in dining on this old choo choo train carriage by clicking here.

A Lad in Soho

After a successful run last year of Snow White And The Seven Poofs this year Simon Gross brings A Lad in Soho to London which is a take on Aladdin.

You’ll be able to wish along with Aladdin and others shouting out such words as “it’s behind you” or perhaps “it’s up your anus” at this is an adult panto after all with a difference.

A Lad in Soho cast

“With the play being bigger bolder, camper and ruder than ever before you won’t be disappointed!”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

Read my blog about this fun festive adult panto via clicking here.

Karma Sanctum – Wild Heart restaurant

Karma Group is an award-winning international travel and lifestyle brand which offers extraordinary experiences and exclusive curated entertainment.

Karma Group is created for five-star travellers who understand that reaching their destination is only the start of their journey. With family, with friends, with just the two of you, or simply on your own, they will provide all guests with an extraordinary stay.

Within Karma Sanctum Hotel in London resides Wild Heart restaurant in where diners can enjoy British cuisine with a philosophy which reflects the electricity and colour of Soho.

Karma Sanctum Wild Heart Turkey

“Normally I would not eat in a hotel but Karma Sanctum Hotel has definitely changed my mind and thoughts on hotel restaurants as their Christmas Menu food did not only taste good but the portions were most certainly more than generous and not skimpy at all.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I had the pleasure of having a Christmas 3 course festive meal cooked for me. Read my blog via clicking here.

Tamashii London 

Tamashii is a pop up restaurant in London’s Kings Cross which is a fusion of Asian and Chinese food curated by Chef Wei.

Chef Wei has over 35 years of experience, including 18 months at Hakkasan with Tamashii being his first pop up restaurant.

With Ramen, Teppanyaki as well as Thai Green Curry and Pad Thai, the menu includes exquisite dishes to suit all palates.

“Japanese cuisine is all about precision, detail, and respecting the ingredients so as to be in harmony with nature.  This is reflected in the menu and most of the dishes are very healthy, as well as delicious!”


Read all our blogs / reviews from us who attended to sample many dishes which Tamashii has to offer. Click here.

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