Pizza to die for – Lost Boys Pizza

Get your fangs into a delicious dark pizza at Lost Boys Pizza as they are to die for. 

Why are they black you might ask? well that is because their pizzas are made via infusing charcoal into the dough giving it a signature black colour.

I had the pleasure of attending Lost Boys Pizza launch party in Camden where I was lucky enough to bite into them, suck on signature cocktails and absinthe served from by Croque Monsieur which is located within their crypt.

Lost Boys Pizza - restaurant

Lost Boys Pizza

Lost Boys Pizza are famous for being the world’s only vampire themed pizzeria who serve pizzas made by infusing charcoal within the pizza dough.

Alex Fisher and Peter Crozier-Clucas first launched their first pizzeria back in June 2018 in Archway and now they have opened a second in Camden.

They serve signature black charcoal pizza, killer cocktails, play 80’s soundtracks upstairs and downstairs customers can even learn and enjoy about absinthe at their Croque Monsieur bar.

Lost Boys Pizza - outside me

Lost Boys Pizza launch party

Staking out pizza

Upon entering the lair of Lost Boys Pizza I came face to face with an original cloak worn by Christopher Lee who played Dracula in the movie Dracula has Risen from the Grave. The costume was hired from a fancy dress, TV and film costume specialist Angels Fancy Dress.

Lost Boys Pizza - costume

Upon having my moment with Christopher Lee’s cloak and wishing he was in it I then headed and sat down at one of the wooden tables along a pale blue wall which had drawings of vampires all over drawn by local artist Isabella Far. The wall also featured the menu listing all dishes which are pun-laden.  The ceiling is also adorned with black and white comic book pages depicting images from the movie The Lost Boys which was a vampire movie which came out back in the 80’s.

Lost Boys Pizza - menu
Lost Boys Pizza - comic

Opposite the line of tables is a bar where numerous signature cocktails can be ordered.

Lost Boys Pizza - bar

Pizza to die for

It was now time for pizza. This is the chef and Alex the owner.

Lost Boys Pizza - kitchen

The pizza’s surprisingly even though black and looked burnt (which it was not) was fresh and delicious with a subtle smoky and earthy taste topped with toppings you know but obviously not as you as expect, as they are all served on the Lost Boys signature black charcoal dough.

Blood-thirsty vegans can also enjoy a range of dedicated toppings and dips while those with a sweet tooth can sink their fangs into vegan and gluten free brownies or cheesecake.

On the night I got to sample four different charcoal pizza’s which were as follows

Santa Carla (veggie)
Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh tomato, fresh basil

Lost Boys Pizza - pizza Santa Carla

This pizza was just like a normal Margarita pizza but much more cheesier with the mozzarella being ever so stringy, thick and the dough being dark.  The dough even though black surprisingly did not taste that much different to a normal white based dough.  

Kale All Vampires 10 (vegan)
Kale, cherry tomatoes, caramelised shallots, lemon zest, oregano

Lost Boys Pizza - pizza Kale All Vampires

This vegan topped pizza was amazing.  I would never of thought that kale and lemon would ever work on a pizza but it really did work and left me craving for more of this tangy flavoursome vegan pizza.  If you have never tried vegetables on a pizza before minus the cheese I highly recommend.

Fangs For the Memories 10
Chorizo, peppers, onions, chillis

Lost Boys Pizza - pizza Fangs for The Memories

If you love chorizo and spice then you’ll love this pizza as it sure will not disappoint.  

Ready Pizza One
Smoked ham, red chillie, Lost Boys spicy green pineapple relish

Lost Boys Pizza - pizza Ready Pizza One

This pizza was not one that I personally liked nor did my friends who I went with as it was too over powering and the ham looked like skin and did not taste that great but then maybe they wanted it to look like skin as this is a vampires pizzeria after all.  

Dough Balls
Balls of dough served with a spicy tomato sauce 

Lost Boys Pizza - dough balls

These were dark black soft dough balls of delight with a crunchy outside all served with a fresh tasting tomato spicy sauce making them bloody tasty. Disappointingly to vampires not blood.

Sucking on cocktails

Accompanying our pizza we tried three of their signature creations which were all full of flavour.

Lost Boys Pizza - drink

Lychee & Grapefruit sling
Jinro, lemon, lychee, sparkling water

Looking for a sour and sharp hit? then this citrus fruity drink is certainly one to wake up your taste buds.

Pineapple & Safe Daiquiri
Appletons VX Rum, Pimepappe, Safe sugar, lime

Sweet and tangy a great drink if you love pineapple.

Wild Kidz Old Fashioned
Four Roses, Cherry Cola reduction, Averna bitters, Lemon hydrosol

If you love cherry coke then you’ll love this drink which is a mix of flavours. 

Drinking in the Crypt with Croque Monsieur

Heading down the iron staircase, into the dark crypt, where vampires might reside I saw some tables with fountain jars of green-tinged absinthe upon them with church pews to sit on.

Dotted around the crypt was also a number of Art Deco prints on the walls, different hats to wear and an array of extensive brand of reversed engineered liquids to more traditional names, meaning guests will be able to enjoy absinthe in its purest forms, as well as in delicious and approachable cocktails.

There was also yet another costume which was originally worn by Gary Oldman out of the movie Bram Stokers Dracula.

Lost Boys Pizza - costume

After taking in the surroundings and thankfully no vampires were lurking or sleeping down in this crypt I then got to learn and ty some absinthe. 

Lost Boys Pizza - me and absinthe

Absinthe is a potent green liquid and taste very much like liquorice.  We had a mini masterclass which we learnt the history of absinthe.  Did you know that absinthe was illegal in America for quite a long time until it became legal in 2007.

We got to swirl, sniff and drink the absinthe in it’s form before adding some water to it making it a cloudy and changing the flavour to a more subtle drink to drink. I highly recommend if you love liquorice.

I never got to try any of the cocktails made with absinthe but they have a vast array from using chocolate to champagne.

However the added fun element about this bar is not just that it just sells anything which is mixed with absinthe but it is compulsory to wear one of the many hats from the wall and swapping with others throughout your experience making it a fun unique bar.

Discover more

During the year Lost Boys Pizza hold various events from Vampire Yoga to Cinema nights for those who are looking for something a little different. 

Would you be brave enough to head down into the crypt and meditate or watch a movie?

Costume memorabilia on the night

Both costumes were hired out especially for the launch night which was supplied by Angels Fancy Dress.

Angels are costumiers and have been established since 1840 and provides an array of costumes to the TV and film industry. They boast a warehouse containing more than five million costumes on around eight miles of hanging rails which can be hired and even bought.

So if you are looking for a great costume to wear or memorabilia to show off at your next party then look into Angels Fancy Dress.


Lost Boys Pizza - eating

I was dubious that I would not like the pizza because of it looking burnt and having charcoal infused within the dough but surprisingly it was fangtastic.

The pizzas as mentioned before were all full of flavour and were frightfully delicious. I especially loved getting my teeth into the Santa Carla one as the cheese was thick, stringy and mouthwatering.

You can totally count on these pizzas as all their pizzas are to die for. With so many different types of pizzas, signature cocktails, absinthe and a mix of 80’s nostalgia you truly will feel lost in what to order and get your fangs into.

I souly recommend Lost Boys Pizzeria.

Lost Boys Pizza - Steve, Alex and me

Dine at Lost Boys Pizza

Lost Boys Pizza in Archway
141 Junction Road, London N19 5PX

Lost Boys Pizza in Camden
245 Eversholt Street, London NW1 1BA

Click here to see the menu.

Find out more about Lost Boys Pizza by clicking here.

Thanks to Lost Boys Pizza for inviting me and another of Love Pop Ups London community down to the get our fangs into their charcoal pizzas at their launch party in Camden. The experience was given to us on a complimentary basis but all views are of my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the blogs from the other community member who joined me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

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