Stuffed like a chicken – The Fox and The Coop

If you love craft beer and chicken then you will love The Fox and The Coop.

I was invited along to a special blogger event which East London Girl kindly invited me along to with drinks and food provided by The Fox and The Coop on a complimentary basis in return for exposure from all of us bloggers and Instagrammers who attended.

The Fox Coop group shot
Photo credit Ken

We all got to eat corn on the cob, fried pickles, zucchini fries, scotch eggs, chicken croquettes, chicken livers on toast, feta salads, cajun chicken salads, Coop burgers in a bun, Coop burgers in waffles, chicken & waffles, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, salted potato tots, corn salsa tots, and to top it all off banoffee waffles.

Firstly let me tell you a bit more about The Fox Coop

The Fox and The Coop

The Fox Coop

The Fox and The Coop is located in Paul Street in Shoreditch.

The Fox is a traditional East End corner pub which is famous for it’s craft beer bottle shop feel, pop-up food residency and extensive range of beers and London gin.

The pub is spread over three floors and has an outdoor roof terrace and all areas can be hired out for private.

The Fox is a great place to meet for a drink or a bite to eat with friends, family or colleagues.

The Coop within The Fox sell fried chicken burgers, waffles and salads created by culinary talents of Lewis Brewster and his team.

The Coop offers farm assured Suffolk chicken, marinated in coconut yogurt and soy milk then coated in their own recipe of gluten free seasoned flour before being fried for the perfect finish.

Food can be eaten in or taken away.

Blogger event

The Fox – Beer and more beer

Upon entering The Fox it was truly like a beer bottle shop like I mentioned earlier with it’s vast array of different brewed crafted beers on display in lovely wooden glass cabinets. It was difficult to choose what to drink out of the whole selection before heading on up to have an extravaganza feast of chicken.

I chose to try the Pogo by Wild Beer, Gunnamatta by the Yeasty Boys and a Juicy Pale by AHB.

All tasted delicious with Pogo having a lovely after taste of passion fruit and orange. The Gunnamatta having a subtle hint of earl grey and the Juicy Pale having a bitter fruity taste.

Discover more about the beers the sell via clicking here.

The Coop – I feel like chicken tonight

Onto the feast of the many dishes we got to eat on the night.

The Fox Coop feast

With such a spread it was really truly hard to decide what to have.

Warning photos of what I ate are to follow will leave you feeling hungry and craving chicken so scroll at your own risk.

Corn on the cob

The Fox Coop corn

Fried pickles

The Fox Coop pickles

Zucchini fries

The Fox Coop courgette

Scotch eggs

The Fox Coop eggs

Chicken croquettes

The Fox Coop chicken

Chicken livers on toast

The Fox Coop chicken liver

Feta salads

The Fox Coop salad

Cajun chicken salads

The Fox Coop salad and chicken

Coop burgers in a bun

The Fox Coop chicken burger

Coop burgers in waffles

The Fox Coop waffle chicken

Chicken & waffles

The Fox Coop chicken waffle

Chicken wings

Chicken nuggets

Salted potato tots

Corn salsa tots

The Fox Coop potato

Small plates of egg cup sauces

The Fox Coop sauces

Banoffee waffle

The Fox Coop banana waffle

All the food was absolutely finger licking delicious and let’s say we all felt stuffed like chickens afterwards.

My personal favourite dishes were the:

Zucchini fries as they were extremity chunky, fresh, covered in a light delicious batter and very juicy, just mouth watering.

The golden delicious chicken nuggets the chicken were cooked to perfection all coated in a lovely crunchy golden batter.

Salted potato tots were fluffy potato goodness of delight. Soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside.

As for dessert wow the banoffee waffle did not just look good but tasted heavenly with the sweet sauce, refreshing banana and tasty waffle.

View there whole menu by clicking here.

Chicken lickin good

I would definitely return to this chicken pop-up concept The Coop in The Fox if I am ever craving any chicken which has been cooked in batter as it truly was chicken licking good.

There is such a variety of chicken dishes to choose from such as fillets of chicken through to drumsticks so there is something for everyone.

However if you are looking for an unusual crafted beer then The Fox is certainly a great pub for one as they have a vast range from sweet to sour beers. You will be lost for choice with all the flavours on offer.

So if you are in the area of Shoreditch I highly recommend popping into The Fox for a craft beer or grab a bite to eat at The Coop for a eggcellent chicken meal.

Which dish would you opt for?

Cluck on down

28 Paul Street

Opening Times:
Monday to Wednesday: 12pm – 11pm 
Thursday: 12pm – 1am
Saturdays: 12pm – 12am 
Sunday: closed

To read more about The Fox and The Coop click here.

Thank you to East London Girl for the invite to indulge on a feast of chicken along with others. This was given to me on a complimentary basis. All views written are of my own honest opinion. 

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