Up, up and away – Gingerline The Grand Expedition

Gingerline is back and this time they are taking dining adventures up, up and away with their latest adventure of The Grand Expedition.

Gingerline are known for their immersive events which I and some others of Love Pop Ups London have had the pleasure of enjoying on a number of occasions. Click here to read about the other adventures we have taken with Gingerline.

This time I was invited on a complimentary basis from Gingerline to take on their latest adventure of The Grand Expedition along with a plus 1 whom which I took Steve.


Gingerline was founded back in 2010 and provides special pop up immersive dining experiences.

Gingerline – their original nomadic theatrical supper club, pops up in various secret locations along the East London Line.

The Chambers of Flavour – is a multi-dimensional dining Machine which catapults brave diners through a tongue-tangling taste adventure, hidden away in a top secret London location, closely guarded by our egghead engineers.

Flavourology – creates multi-sensory dining experiences strictly for brave brands and daring hosts. Harnessing Gingerline’s pedigree for story telling and mischief making, our Institute is filled with designers, performers, chefs and technicians poised to conjure awe-inspiring food-centric dining experiences into reality.

No matter which Gingerline style event diners attend you will always be guaranteed an experience full of performance, food, drink and design, taking intrepid diners on an absurdist adventure like no other.

Gingerline The Grand Expedition

Gingerline loves to keep things hush hush as to give all diners a surprise of delight and wonder on the night so I can’t reveal too much at this stage as it is still running.

Up, up and away

However I can let you all know that adventurers will enjoy a 180 minute multi-media experience.

On the day ticket holders will receive a text by 4 pm letting upcoming adventurers the location of where The Grand Expedition will be happening. So with this it was then on with our journey to adventure what delights Gingerline will be giving us this time around.

All we knew was that The Grand Expedition will be something to do with flight and clouds as which is portrayed in their advert and posts over their social media channels. Plus diners attending were recommended to don on an aviator hat and googles, but only if you wanted.

Upon entering Gingerline’s newest show me and Steve were immersed by a theatrical set which portrayed landscapes of clouds and more taking us up, up and away through a magical adventure of eccentric storytelling, dance and a five course feast by Gingerline’s Flavourology team.

As I mentioned this is all very top secret at present whilst it is running so everyone is sworn to secrecy, to keep it a secret for now.

So all I can say at present is that the brainchild of Gingerline founders and food fanatics Suzannah Montfort and Kerry Adamson will take diners on a whirl wind through a journey of surrealism, hilarity, story time, fusion of animation, creative sets and of course delicious food! 

“Based on the most analogue of pastimes: pop-up books and bedtime stories, the tales they tell and the dreams they can induce. It’s designed for grown-ups but inspired by the adventures we dreamed of having as children.”

Gingerline founders

NOTE: When Gingerline The Grand Expedition has flown away out of London I will update this blog and post about the experience we enjoyed from the immersive elements to the food which we got to enjoy, but for now you’ll have to wait.

Back to earth

So if you love food, immersive events and would love to take your mind back to your childhood of when your parents used to read you stories taking your mind onto a magical journey of delight then Gingerline does just that.

Book your adventure  

Tickets include a welcome drink on arrival, a five course set menu and a 180 minute multi-media experience including an elaborate set design, dance, story telling, interactivity and immersive performance. 

Tickets are currently SOLD OUT however a new batch of tickets will be released on 4th February 2019 at midday via this link.

Discover more about Gingerline and their past events via clicking here.

Thank you Gingerline for inviting me and another of Love Pop Ups London to take an adventure of wonder and delight. This experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

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