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I have always wanted to learn how to make multi coloured style pasta so when I got invited along to Pasta Evangelists latest masterclass to learn how to make rainbow pasta it was like being gifted a pot of gold.

Pasta Evangelists

Who are Pasta Evangelists?

Pasta Evangelists was founded in 2017 and is led by MD & Founder Alessandro Savelli, an Anglo-Italian entrepreneur.  Co-founders include Chairman James McArthur, former CEO at Harrods and CEO of Anya Hindmarch, as well as COO Chris Rennoldson, who enjoyed a long career in the city before training as a chef at Leith’s School of Food & Wine.

Pasta Evangelists can deliver insulated boxes of fresh artisanal pasta dishes across the U.K. providing people five-star pasta dishes which can be cooked within five minutes bringing the taste of Italy to homes.

Pasta Evangelists has won and been backed by some of the biggest names in British food. Great British Bake Off star Prue Leith CBE, Sunday Times food critic Giles Coren and Masterchef critic William Sitwell have all been part of the business from the beginning, as co-founders and official Pasta Evangelists.

Delivered through the letterbox each box includes freshly hand-made pasta, an authentic Italian sauce, garnishes, and instructions on how to prepare the dish in minutes.

Pasta Evangelists chefs use only the finest seasonal ingredients and Italian produce. All the pastas and the sauces are hand-made in London.

Pasta Evangelists specialises in bringing interesting and new recipes from the 20 regions of Italy, including lesser-known specialities such as pesto trapanese from Trapani, salsa di noce from Genova, malloreddus from Sardegna, pici cacio e pepe from Rome.

Pasta Evangelists Rainbow Pasta Masterclass

I have always wanted to make rainbow pasta so to learn it was a dream come true.

Heading on the train to the other side of the rainbow I went along to attend Pasta Evangelists rainbow pasta making masterclass which is being held at Enoteca Rabezzana in Farringdon which is a wine bar and tapas restaurant who serve traditional Italian dishes and desserts.

Firstly I met up with another blogger from my group Beth before entering through the doors of Enoteca Rabezzana. When we entered the restaurant we were greeted by Antonia Pasta Evangelists Operations & Marketing member who explained to us about the class and welcomed all of us chefs for the afternoon by handing us a glass of wine each.

After acquainting ourselves with everyone at the class it was time to head to the workstation which sat a number of boards with flour and eggs, pasta making equipment and some aperitivo for us to munch on whilst having some pasta fun. It was now time to make beautiful colour-infused pasta.

Learning with Carmela

Carmela Sereno Hayes of Carmela’s Kitchen firstly introduced herself. She is from South of Italy and loves teaching people how to make pasta the Italian way. She is aexperienced pastaia (specialist pasta maker) skilled in making beautiful pasta shapes in a kaleidoscope of colours. She also has a number of books out but ‘A Passion for Pasta’ is her latest book which was released back in May 2017 and has 100 regional recipes of pasta and sauces within it to cook, a pasta lovers dream. You’ll discover relatively unknown pasta dishes, filled pasta, unfilled pasta and of course how to make her rainbow coloured pasta. This book can be ordered via clicking here.

She took us step by step through how to firstly make plain ordinary egg pasta, how to make coloured pasta which was already pre-done by her and showed and taught us how to make many various pasta shapes.

Pasta making

Firstly we had to make our own egg based pasta dough which Carmela taught us through step by step.

Did you know that egg pasta originated from North of Italy?

Using 100 grams of 00 flour we cracked one large egg into a well of flour. Mixing with our hands until we got a ball of dough it was then time to knead until it become silky and soft approximately 5 minutes.

Wrap in clingfilm, flatten a little and rest.

Carmela then told us how she made each of the prepared coloured pasta dough.

The red pasta dough is made by using a cooked beetroot, 00 flour and one large egg.

The green pasta dough is made 240 grams spinach and 00 flour and blitzing in a food processor for 3 minutes until it represents fine bread crumbs.

The blue dough is made out of a Japanese flower called the Butterfly Pea Flower which is used by Japanese to make tea. By placing the flower in hot water you’ll be able to get a blue colour liquid from it. The longer you leave to soak in the water the darker the colour will become. Tipping 300 grams of Semola on the board she then adds 150 ml liquid to it and mixes together.

Note: She recommends never to chill your dough if you are making pasta to cook on the day. You can however place in the fridge your dough if you are wanting to use the next day or two. However she warned the longer you leave dough in the fridge the darker the colour will become because of moisture. She does not recommend freezing as dough is so quick to make literally 10 minutes she does not see the purpose.

When it comes to flattening through the pasta machines it is important you flour your dough well otherwise it will get stuck in the pasta machine. Flatten out with hands before placing through the machine.

Starting with the first setting envelope the dough at least six times to give it elasticity. Twice on setting two and twice again on the third setting without folding this time.

Carmela repeated this process with her pre-made coloured dough.

Then we was taught how to layer our plain egg pasta dough with the coloured dough. By making strips of tagliatelle with the coloured dough place the strips in any order you like to make your dough look like a rainbow.

Once combined together it is advised to leave for 15 minutes before cutting if you have time.


Now time to make a variety of pasta shapes from our coloured dough.

Initially we were only going to be taught two different types of pasta shapes however we got lucky as Carmela decided show us three different pasta shapes all which originated from Emilia-Romagna in Italy.

Did you know that there are in fact 642 different pasta shapes but about 200 have got two or three different names.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20190119_150647-1024x576.jpg

Farfalle is a shape of a bow. Using cut out square shaped pasta put your finger in middle one at each end and pinch together then you will have a bow tie.

Tortellini is said that the shape came about many years ago as the King who peeped through the peep hole of a naked tempress fell in love with her instantly because of her belly button. He then asked his chef to make pasta which looks like Princess Maria’s belly button. To make Tortellini hold the two corners at the top, turn over then then invert two corners together then you have Tortellini.

Garganelli is a tube shaped pasta and it resembles penne but there are two big differences as penne is extruded, so there is no seam. Place a square piece of pasta on a special board with the decorative side down then placing a stick at the end and rolling the pasta around the stick you then will have a your tube shaped pasta Garganelli.  Pasta can be dried at room temperature usually takes 2 days just cover with a clean tea towel and dust with semolia.

Alternatively watch how the pasta shapes where made by Carmela.

Once we made our pasta shapes it was time to head off home but look at the treasure trove of rainbow pasta shapes me and Beth made.

Heading off home

At the end of the masterclass we were all handed a box by Pasta Evangelists to store our pasta in which we have made.

Plus we were given some tomato sauce to accommodate our creations later when we cook it at home.

Cooking at home

I have cooked using Pasta Evangelists products before at home but ones which they made and sent me through the post. Read more about the products which I was sent and cooked via clicking the link below:

Anyway this was the first time I got to cook my own pasta which I had learnt courtesy of Pasta Evangelists by Carmela.

Since travelling home my pasta had now got a little harder like how pasta normally is. So on with a pan of salted water, we was recommended to add 10 grams of salt per litre of water. Once boiling it was in with the rainbow pasta.

After about 2 minutes it was cooked to perfection and still held it’s colour.

It tasted delicious along with the tangy tomato sauce.


The 2 hour masterclass was a real treasure as I learnt how to make rainbow pasta in many different ways which was not just informative but also extremely fun. I never would of thought it was that easy to make rainbow coloured pasta and how quick it is. It certainly has given me food for thought in not buying pre-packed dried pasta from supermarkets.

I also feel even though I never paid to attend this magical class on this occasion I think that £45 is a bargain as you learn so much.

So if you love pasta as much as I do and love cooking then I highly recommend a masterclass with Pasta Evangelists as this has been the best pasta making masterclass I have ever done.

However if making pasta does not appeal to you but you would love to taste real Italian fresh pasta within your home then I highly recommend ordering pasta direct from Pasta Evangelist which can be delivered straight to your door. All you have to do is pop the ingredients in a pan, cook for approximately 5 minutes and there you have it a freshly cooked pasta meal.

Discover with Pasta Evangelists

Advanced booking is highly recommended if you want to do any of Pasta Evangelists masterclasses as they tend to get booked up quickly.

Click here to find out more about Pasta Evangelists and to book up to one of their upcoming events.

Thank you to Pasta Evangelists for letting me (Joanne) and another community member of Love Pop Ups London come down to learn how to make rainbow pasta.  This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read all the other bloggers honest opinion. 


  1. lovepopupslondon says:

    You should book a class with Pasta Evangelists as it truly was an amazing experience. I have done quite a few pasta classes in the past and this is most certainly my best one to date.

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