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Secret Theatre brings back Trial TV but this time it is about a triple homicide. I was invited on a complimentary basis to report about the trial. 

*Warning there are some spoilers throughout my blog so if you want Secret Theatres latest production to remain a secret stop now.*  

Secret Theatre

Secret Theatre provides productions based on movies taking audiences into an immersive world.

Secret Studio Lab have travelled the world with very unique and immersive Secret Theatre Projects that have entertained a global audience with intimate experiences.

Their very first ever performance was in 2008 of Edward Scissorhands within an abandoned factory in New York. From then on they have grown and grown staging many productions all over the world from a courtroom and crime scenes in Town Hall Hotel London, Romeo and Juliet with a twist on an Island in the Docklands in London, Reservoir Dogs in a warehouse and Se7en Deadly Sins and they are just a few of the amazing productions that they have had.

This time Secret Theatre bring back to London their latest show Trial TV on a triple homicide which has been committed.

Secret Theatre Trial TV

It’s the year 2024 and murder trials are now aired on TV with the audience cast as jurors within the court having the casting vote of what happens to the accusers.

This game show type Trial TV court visits a case on a triple homicide, where we get to explore through a reconstructed crime scene during the show’s free form opening segment and get to vote in a court room if the accused is innocent or guilty.

A serial killer has been on the loose. The police think they have their man. The making of a murderer. A notorious, dangerous psychopath.

But is he guilty?

The real question though is what will you decide on the night and what will the outcome be?

Innocent or Guilty?

Set in a secret location in London when I arrived I was greeted by the presenter of Trial TV Rip Love.

He explained how Dr Lassiter who has been released early after just serving 10 years of his 25 year stint has been yet again arrested for a homicide and all this within his first night of release. However Dr Clarence Lassiter denies the killings.

Before Trial TV aired we jurors got to investigate through a blood-splattered multi-storey hotel suite eyeing up details and noting down any significant evidence from the police.

Also I gathered some further information from Rupert Grove the Defence for Dr Lassiter before heading to court with all my evidence and verdict in hand.

Upon entering court we were all asked by the judge to swear an oath. She was strong and commanding giving us all a little fear so don’t talk through court or use your mobile otherwise you will be thrown out of court.

The whole Trial TV is full of twists and turns with surprise witnesses and evidence making you change your mind about if Dr Lassiter was innocent or guilty.

With the police, journalist, solicitors, witnesses and judge all playing out their roles really well the star of the show for me was the accused Dr Lassiter who puts on a very good Hannibal Lecter impression.

Are you brave enough to immerse yourself in the trial of the century?


This was truly an interesting immersive show full of twists and turns.

It really did feel like we were in a real life court and investigated a real life crime scene which we got to freely roam whilst we got dripped fed plot points from characters and information on boards.

The only down side to this great production for me personally was that we jurors did not get to ask the witnesses or suspect any questions of our own during the court.  The only time we got to question people was during the time we was looking around the murder scene and collating are evidence together before entering court.

However the actors all played out their roles really well making it feel like we were sentencing a real life criminal in a real court case trial which was hosted by a TV presenter which had all that razzle dazzle showbiz.

So if you love thrillers, investigating and court cases I highly recommend this Silence of the Lambs inspired immersive show.


Peter Picton – Dr Clarence Lassiter  
Monty Jones (TV Presenter) – Rip Love  
Rekha John-Cheriyan  – Judge Jones  
Nicholas McBride (Defence) – Rupert Grove  
Patrizia Petrassi (Prosecution) – Susan Lloyd 
Harry Oram (Journalist) – Patrick Sanderson  
Ged Forrest – DCI Benson 
Jessica Alonso –  Melissa Nelson  
Lisa Moorish – Glenda Evans  
Tracy Bargate – Eva Martin 
Nanna Juansen – Stage Manager 

Directed by Richard Crawford 
Written and Assisted Direction by Tom Syms 

Book with Secret Theatre

The first run of shows sold out in record time but new dates have been added for March and are on sale now.

If you would like to discover more about Secret Theatre click here.

Thank you Secret Theatre for letting me (Joanne) and another of Love Pop Ups London come down judge Dr Lassiter. This experience was complimentary from Secret Theatre but all views are my own honest opinion.

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