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Salty Studio which is a supper club invited me down to their latest culinary inspired supper club event which was a series on Secret Urban Suppers. I attended the Kreuzberg, Berlin one along with my friend Joice.

Salty Studio

Salty Studio is founded by Maud de Rohan Willner. She loves events, and loves to bring unforgettable uplifting experiences to diners. Her idea is that if you combine all five senses in an experience, you will remember it very strongly.

Supper club events

Finding unique and unusual spaces, she creates experiences from around them. Think bookstores, parks and many more. For example an indoor garden could become Alice in Wonderland’s magical kingdom, a classroom could become a time loop back into childhood, a tearoom could become a scene from a book and so on…

With all her supper club events being generally a one-off unique event with limited spaces (10 to 20 seats) it is recommended to book asap.

So keep an eye on her calendar for upcoming unique events!

Private catering

People who are seeking a unique catering experience Maud can cater for it be it for an event, opening, pop up, weddings, party or corporate party. She will analyse your brand and create a bespoke multisensorial experience for all your guests leaving them with one which they will never forget. She will investigate each sensorial aspect of your brand, and interpret them through food in a unique way which will leave guests with an experience they will always remember.

Salty Studio takes us on a sensual journey

Upon entering Salty Studio the most amazing smells wafted up our nostrils making us hungry, we were visually stunned by the beautifully presented table.

Throughout the culinary journey we listened to German music, enjoyed visually stunning dishes plus enjoyed facts and stories about Kreuzberg, Berlin which was read by Maud before every dish transporting our minds.

Salty Studio Tables

Secret Urban Supper through Kreuzberg, Berlin

Set on the colourful graffiti-ed table cloth was a menu, candles and a bag full of sweets and vegetable seeds.

Salty Studio Menu

As at supper clubs all diners sit together so once we all acquainted ourselves with each other it was on with our culinary journey.

A culinary journey through Kreuzberg

Salty Studio Maud

Maud firstly introduces herself and reads us out some interesting facts and stories about Kreuzberg.

“Kreuzberg is often described as consisting of two distinctive parts: the SO 36, home to many immigrants; and SW 61, roughly coterminous with the old postal codes for the two areas in West Berlin.

Kreuzberg has emerged from its history as one of the poorest quarters in Berlin in the late 1970s, during which it was an isolated section of West Berlin to one of Berlin’s cultural centers in the middle of the now reunified city, known around the world for its alternative scene and counterculture.

Except for its northernmost part, the quarter Friedrichstadt (established in the end of the 17th century), today’s “Kreuzberg” was a very rural place until well into the 19th century.

Starting in the late 1960s, increasing numbers of students, artists, and immigrants began moving to Kreuzberg. Enclosed by the Berlin Wall on three sides, the area became famous for its alternative lifestyle and its squatters, especially the SO 36 part of Kreuzberg.”

We were then served drinks of Club-Mate with Rhum which is one of Germany’s favourite beverages.

Salty Studio Club Mate
Salty Studio Club Mate

It was then onto the culinary journey of food.

Savoury 1: On the Page

Salty Studio Turkish Pastry

This Turkish Pastry served on a book made it very visually stunning.

Before we began to eat our Turkish Pastry Maud read out to us some further information about the pastry.

“Kreuzberg is home to a large Turkish community, and every Tuesday and Friday the area comes to life with the community’s character. As vendors set up shop along the canal for the city’s largest Turkish market, stretching between Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

Berlin is a cultural metropolis bursting with energy, parties and plenty of events. However, sometimes the best weekends are spent curled up in one of the city’s cosy cafes, unwinding with a great book.

This dish was lovely with it’s crispy, flaky, buttery pastry. It was filled with just the right amount of cheesy Feta which was a dream. I have never eaten a Turkish Pastry before so I can’t compare it to one but if I was ever in Berlin or saw it on a menu anywhere I would certainly order one as it was delicious and I am craving for another.

Savoury 2: Graffiti Ravioli

Salty Studio Ravioli

This natural coloured pasta with ricotta filling came served on a photo frame which looked like a piece of 3D edible art.

Before we began to tuck into our ravioli we was read out another interesting fact about Kreuzberg.

“From barely legible tags to bona fide spray paint masterpieces, Kreuzberg is absolutely covered in graffiti and street art. Creations by ambitious amateurs can be found alongside works from well-known names like Victor Ash, Blu, El Bocho and ROA. The temporary nature of these urban graphics – constantly being scrubbed out, covered up, added to, or otherwise altered – means that even locals are kept on their toes by the ever-changing facades of Kreuzberg’s buildings.”

The Graffiti Ravioli was a ricotta filled ravioli. It tasted just how ravioli should taste but these gems were more company than any other ravioli ricotta dish I have eaten before so it made it one of the best ravioli’s I have ever eaten as I just love ricotta.

Savoury 3: Old Market Hall

Salty Studio Curryworst

A gourmet curryworst served in a street food basket gave this sausage dish led me thinking about street food markets in Berlin.

Maud then read out another interesting fact.

“Kreuzberg is the home of street food. Berlin’s favourite kebab? In Kreuzberg. The legendary currywurst? In Kreuzberg. The mother of all street food markets? Of course, in Kreuzberg!

What used to be just something to fill you up is now part of Berlin’s hip foodie scene. Today’s take-away snacks are exotic, made from regional ingredients and guaranteed to be freshly made. The market hosts regular events and street food markets, including the popular, Street Food Thursdays, which encompass Berlin’s street food experts.”

I am not a lover of sausage but I must admit I loved the gourmet sausage served in tomato sauce, it was delicious.

Sweet 1: Kreuzberg Live

Salty Studio Concert Tickets

This sweet was concert tickets made with natural fruit leathers which Joice is holding up. It made me think if I was going to attend a concert / gig in Germany which would I attend? For me it would have to be either a David Hasselhoff or a Right Said Fred gig as I am a fan of these singers plus they are always holding gigs in Germany.

Why was concert tickets served though you might ask? Well Maud explained further.

“Kreuzberg is a music scene and has historically been home to Berlin’s punk rock movement as well as other alternative subcultures in Germany. The SO36 club remains a fixture on the Berlin music scene. It was originally focused on punk music and in the 1970s was often frequented by Iggy Pop and David Bowie. In a city notorious for its nightlife, SO36 remains one of Berlin’s most well-known party destinations.”

It was then onto eating our concert tickets. So thinking of David Hasselhoff and Richard of Right Said Fred running through my mind I chewed on the fruity concert tickets which were very tasty.

Sweet 2: Micro-Utopians

Salty Studio Pound Cake
Salty Studio Tea

This was a secret final sweet which we only discovered what it was on the night and it was a pound cake in a shape of a pyramid served with edible flowers.

Why a pound cake though?

“The cornmeal pound cake with saffron symbolises the abolition of money. Perhaps in the future we might go back to the most basic currencies with crops, seeds and spices such as corn which was one of the most basic currencies and a basic food in many countries as well as saffron which is one of the most expensive spices in the world, which are the two extremes.
The edible flower mix illustrates an ideal of acceptance of multiculturalism and inter religious living.”

The pyramid pound cake was sticky, sweet and came served with glass tubes of green tea which is a natural umami taste, nor sweet nor savoury.

The End

The whole experience really did take my senses thinking about my past visits to Berlin.

Salty Studio me and Joice

Me and Joice loved it.

I personally have been to many supper clubs in the past and this one really did not disappoint as it was so different to any other supper clubs I have attended from start to finish. It was a true culinary delight.

If you love being stunned, stories and food then I highly recommend booking one of Salty Studio’s upcoming supper club nights.

Book your culinary adventure with Salty Studio

I attended the Secret Urban Supper Series which takes diners on a exploration through neighbourhoods around the world which is held in a secret location in Hackney.

Brooklyn, New York – 20th January
Hackney, London – 23rd January
Kreuzberg, Berlin – 24th January
Mile End, Montréal – 30th January
Le Marais, Paris – 31st January

To discover or learn about other upcoming events with Salty Studios click here.

Thank you Salty Studio for letting me enjoy the delights of an Secret Urban Supper on Berlin. This experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

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