A look back at January 2019 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during January 2019 on complimentary basis.

January 2019 a look back

Lost Boys Pizza

Lost Boys Pizza are famous for being the world’s only vampire themed pizzeria who serve pizzas made by infusing charcoal within the pizza dough.

Alex Fisher and Peter Crozier-Clucas first launched their first pizzeria back in June 2018 in Archway and now they have opened a second in Camden.

They serve signature black charcoal pizza, killer cocktails, play 80’s soundtracks upstairs and downstairs customers can even learn and enjoy about absinthe at their Croque Monsieur bar.

The perfect eatery for any vampire who just loves to sink their teeth into charcoal pizzas covered with bloody tomato sauce.

Lost Boys Pizza - Steve, Alex and me

“I was dubious that I would not like the pizza because of it looking burnt and having charcoal infused within the dough but surprisingly it was fangtastic.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I was personally invited down to attend their launch event with another. Read our blogs by clicking here.

The Real Greek

The Real Greek is a Mediterranean restaurant who serve a delicious and healthy diet of the Eastern Mediterranean, where people have a passion for food, family and life. All the flavours and the variety found in Greek food can be traced back to ancient times.

So if you love are looking for Greek food then the The Real Greek is the place to go.

The Real Greek - Vegan Plate

“This is a dish full of chunky white giant beans which are cooked in a tomato and garlic sauce. The beans were tender and the sauce was fresh and delicious and obviously full of tomato flavour.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I was personally invited down to experience a Vegan set lunch during Veganuary month. Read my blog by clicking here.

BuckBuck Games

BuckBuck Games takes escape room enthusiasts and lovers of immersive theatre through a game of curiosity within the upstairs of the Owl & Hitchhiker in Holloway.

Combining immersive theatre, escape rooms and murder mystery together guests will compete, cooperate, trade, bribe and blackmail their way whilst meeting curious characters and discover clues whilst hunting for the smoking caterpillar.

Great company for anyone who loves fun immersive experiences.


“Part immersive and interactive theatre (very good acting skills) part puzzle solving, it is great for team building or just fun with friends.”


I and some members of Love Pop ups London was invited down to help hunt for smoking caterpillar with BuckBuck Games on numerous dates. To read our write ups click here.

Bite Me Burger

Bite Me Burgers is a fast food eatery where you can order a range of mini burgers plus a variety of delicious milkshakes. So if you fancy more than one burger with different flavours then Bite Me Burger is the go to place to pop into be it for a single, duo, triple or quad box of burgers.

This burger joint is most certainly the place to go if you are looking for a variety of burgers to sample at once.

Bite Me Burger shop

“The best thing about mini burgers is you can fit even more into your meal! And Bite Me Burger’s menu gives you plenty to choose from.”


Two groups of members of Love Pop Ups London on different dates were invited down courtesy of Andrew this January to enjoy some mini burgers. Get their links to all their write ups via clicking here.

AIM Escape

AIM Escape provides escape room fans a number a number of different high tech games making all players feel very immersed with their extreme challenges, complex narratives and realistic sets and props.

With each AIM Escape Room tells a unique and complex story.  Solve mysteries and unravel plots in order to earn your freedom within 60 minutes whatever room you enter.

A great choice of escape rooms for families and adults.


“Just like the movie, the scene is set as the morning after a turbo-charged stag party.  A hotel room filled with empty bottles, underwear, handcuffs, and a huge wedding cake, makes up London’s most debaucherous escape room. ”


Read all our blogs from us members who had the pleasure to play their adult theme game Hangover. We was cordially invited by the management. Read all our write ups via clicking here.

Gingerline : The Grand Expedition

Gingerline put on immersive dining experiences throughout the year from their classic Gingerline, Chamber of Flavours, and Flavourology private events taking all diners on an epic culinary immersive adventure.

So if you love food, theatre, surprises and immersive experiences then you will love Gingerline.

“Upon entering Gingerline’s newest show me and Steve were immersed by a theatrical set which portrayed landscapes of clouds and more taking us up, up and away through a magical adventure of eccentric storytelling, dance and a five course feast.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

Courtesy of Gingerline I and another of Love Pop Ups London we were invited down to their latest adventure The Grand Expedition. Read our write ups via clicking here.

Pasta Evangilist

Pasta Evangelists loves giving customers great pasta. They can send you fresh Italian pasta dishes to your door to cook at home our you can attend one of their cookery classes and learn yourself in how to make fresh pasta or even attend one of their supperclubs.

Pasta Evangelists specialises in bringing interesting and new recipes from the 20 regions of Italy, including lesser-known specialities such as pesto trapanese from Trapani, salsa di noce from Genova, malloreddus from Sardegna, pici cacio e pepe from Rome.

So if you are looking for great fresh high quality pasta to cook at home, want to learn how to make pasta or even enjoy a night out then I highly recommend Pasta Evangelists.

Pasta Evangelists me

“Firstly we had to make our own egg based pasta dough which Carmela taught us through step by step.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I and another member of the Love Pop Ups London community we were invited down courtesy of Pasta Evangilist to learn how to make rainbow psata. Read our blogs via clicking here.

Las Bandaras

Located in the heart of Soho, Las Bandaras provide diners fantastic Latin food and wine. They offer their diners a delicious choice of jamón & tapas, fabulous wines & cocktails and beers to match.

Great for anyone looking for tapas.

“I would definitely recommend Las Banderas for those seeking a more alternative brunch, or those who are lovers of Spanish cuisine.  The restaurant boasts beautiful interiors and pride themselves on the quality of their food.”


Various community members of Love Pop Ups London got the opportunity courtesy of Las Bandaras to experience their newest brunch option. Read all their blogs via clicking here.

Yen Burgers

Yen Nguyen brings a brand new concept of premium Asian-influenced burgers to London with a classic British twist.

This Asian inspired restaurant is a must for anyone who loves burgers with a difference.

“While none of their burgers are vegan, the two veggie burgers can easily be made vegan plus they offer plenty of sides that are vegan friendly including vegetable gyozas”


Various community members of Love Pop Ups London got the opportunity courtesy of Yen Burgers to go along over a number of different dates to enjoy their Asian inspired burgers and signature cocktails. Read all their blogs via clicking here.


Venerdi is an Italian restaurant who focuses on providing authentic Italian food. Diners will be greeted by the aroma of the “old world Italian cooking” and fresh Mediterranean ingredients whilst watching chef’s cook in an open kitchen.

Certainly a fantastic restaurant for those looking for a great Italian meal with a buzzing atmosphere.

Venerdi Me, Katie and Joice

“All three dishes all had their special features, the Tricolore was was fresh the mozzarella smooth and the colours a visual pleasure. The Arancini was crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, and the Misto Fritto was a lightly batter seafood platter with a garlic mayo dip … We finished all of our starters with no problems at all, greedy us? no, just delicious food.”


I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we were invited down courtesy of Venerdi to sample different Italian dishes. Read all our blogs via clicking here.

Secret Theatre

Secret Theatre provides productions based on movies taking audiences into an immersive world.

This time Secret Theatre bring back to London their latest show Trial TV on a triple homicide which has been committed.

Great for anyone who loves immersive theatre.

Secret Theatre Steve, Rip Love and me

“The whole Trial TV is full of twists and turns with surprise witnesses and evidence making you change your mind about if Dr Lassiter was innocent or guilty.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I and another of Love Pop Ups London got the opportunity courtesy of Secret Theatre to attend their latest production. We also in the past have attended other productions. Read all our blogs via clicking here.


Dabbers is the UK’s first contemporary venue purposefully designed to celebrate the beloved game of bingo. However Dabbers does not just provide your normal game of bingo as there is music, comedians, glorious prizes, show stopping performers and plenty of hidden tricks within their game of bingo.

Bingo lovers who are looking for a bit of added excitement to their night of bingo will love this cabaret style venue.

“The prizes on offer were definitely more gimmicky than your standard game of bingo usually has up for grabs, but to be honest, it really didn’t matter one bit! We were all just as competitive trying to win a candle holder made out of a candle as we would have been for any cash prize! ”


Various community members of Love Pop Ups London got to attend Dabbers special press night via the management to enjoy a night of cabaret, canapes and bingo. Plus in February I and some others of the community will be attending one of their regular bingo nights. Read all write ups via clicking here.

Salty Studio

Salty Studio brings unique flavours to diners at their pop ups events through London making you use all your five senses during their unique dining concept.

A supper club experience for those that are looking for something a little different and fun.

Salty Studio Tables

“Upon entering Salty Studio the most amazing smells wafted up our nostrils making us hungry, we were visually stunned by the beautifully presented table.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I attended with another community member of Love Pop Ups London to take my senses on a culinary journey of wonder and delight courtesy of Maud who runs Salty Studio. Read our write ups via clicking here.

Sea Life London

Sea Life London provides guests an opportunity to discover over 500 species of creatures which swim within our worlds oceans during the day from sharks through to penguins over a number of different themed zones.

Throughout the year they hold special events such as Adult Lates which can be purchased through Merlin Events where you can take a leisurely stroll through the aquarium without children to gaze on these magnificent creatures. Note though the penguin enclosure wont be accessible at night.

Sea Life us

“There are so many species to see here, the underwater wonderland is so rich and fascinating. I loved walking around and taking some time viewing each and every fish tank for quite a while, finding all the different species and design elements.”


I and others community members of Love Pop Ups London we was invited down courtesy of Merlin Events to explore the depths of Sea Life London during a Adults Late evening event. Read all our blogs and enjoy a vlog created by Summertime Raw via clicking here.

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