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Ever wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of London? then DNA VR offers adventurers a chance to jump into a virtual world of their own choosing to escape your normal everyday life.

I was invited down along with some other community members of Love Pop Ups London to take our minds away from everyday life for an hour which we got to fly around within a futuristic time period to shooting zombies in a desert.


DNA VR is the first and biggest Virtual Reality arcade to hit London in 2018.  They provide a number of well known single player and multiplayer titles and unique team VR Experiences for up to 10 players.  They are also the only venue in UK to provide unique Free-Roam experiences Depth of Osiris and Space Station Tiberia.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

It is the use of computer technology which creates simulated environments. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience.  Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds whilst wearing a VR headset.

VR experiences at DNA VR

Currently they provide over 50 different type VR games from shooting to flying. They also have a variety of non-gaming titles such as Google Earth VR, Tilt Brush, etc. with more to follow.  

Plus they also have three different VR Escape Rooms tailored experiences designed for groups of 3-6 players.

Entering the world of VR

Upon arriving we were greeted by Andrew who gave us a short introduction of how the games work, we then were taken to individual game playing booths.

There are 10 booths in total which makes it fun for large groups who are seeking something fun to do in London.  Everyone can play together in certain games or alternatively you can select a multiple array of games throughout your time slot to play from playing music to shooting zombies perhaps.

We got kitted up with a HTC Vive VR headset, headphones and given hand held controllers each before all our minds were transported to another world.

Taking our minds out of this world

Firstly we all agreed to all play a multi-player game together of SkyFront.


It was all out war with each other in this whilst we all tried to gain the most kills. 

I kept getting shot so I kept re-spawning here and there throughout the world of SkyFront.  It was like flying throughout a futuristic world of flying cars, floating buildings, elaborate sky scrapers etc.  After a while I got bored of dying and re-spawning so I swapped games and opted to play Arizona Sunshine.

Arizona Sunshine

I confronted zombies and had to survive wondering through the land of Arizona by shooting zombies in the head, as we all know that is the only way to kill a zombie. 

I loved this game but I love zombies and anything horror related. It was extremely fun and slightly scary. I particularly loved looking around and in abandoned tents, cars, bins etc for extra ammo to help me save myself from zombies.  I even got so immersed at one stage I was stepping back and started to swing my arms everywhere telling the zombies to stay back.   

However I only played two games on the night for approximately 15 minutes as I was conscious as some people from my community were not in a booth as not enough booths as there was 13 of us on the night and there are only 10 booths. So I gave up my spot for another member of the Love Pop Ups London team so they could play instead of me. 

It was funny though sitting back and watching everyone else having fun swinging their hands everywhere, communicating with each and laughing at points.  Which led me wondering which games they might be playing.

Luckily I could discover who was playing what as there was a number of screens to watch which each person was playing.

The two games I did briefly play were super fun and I wish I could of spent more time in the world of Arizona.

Discover more

Life as we know it

After our slot of an hour was up and we all had returned to earth it was time for a sweet treat.

So I provided everyone with a donut which was provided by Donut Bouquets on a gifted basis. 

Credit photo: Donut Bouquets

The donut I chose was a strawberry flavoured one. It was delicious with the dough being fluffy and the strawberry icing being deliciously sweet. Donut Bouquets is certainly a great alternate gift idea for those who love donuts.

A donut bouquet of 8 donuts cost £34.99 and a bouquet with 12 costs £44.99.

Click here to discover more donut bouquets.

Loving VR

The whole experience was a lot of fun and one I highly recommend if your not a gamer or are a gamer. I love the fact that you can duck and dive from one game to another taking your mind on a numerous of adventures from getting creative with art or even trying to survive an apocalypse. No matter what you are into there is a lot of different genres for everyone for any age.

VR is also becoming ever so popular these days and DNA VR certainly do meet all requirements with their state of art VR equipment through to their vast range of games for all ages.

I highly recommend getting your ass to DNA VR and take your mind on an adventure.

Taking the escape

Prices range from

Perfect for single players, couples or groups.

Click here to book.

Thank you DNA VR for inviting me and some others for letting us take our minds into the world of VR. The whole experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

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