A look back at February 2019 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during February 2019 on complimentary basis.

February 2019 a look back

Bowie Experience

The Bowie Experience is touring the UK this year starting at Preston and finishing in Bournemouth.

Bowie Experience will brings it’s audiences a breathtaking concert in which is a celebration of music from the world’s greatest pop icon David Bowie. A show that is certainly a must see for all Bowie fans as this production promises an unforgettable journey of sound and vision, featuring all the hits from A to Ziggy.

For one night only the Bowie Experience played in Hackney London bringing fans classics from the Late David Bowie.

So if you would love to sing along to this tribute act full of Bowie songs then check out their website via clicking here for a listing of the others venues the Bowie Experience will be played.

“I’ve seen quite a few Bowie tribute shows now. The others may have the voice nailed, but the Bowie Experience certainly put on a much bigger show with a lot more costume changes with such attention to detail, and a larger band full of some seriously talented musicians who, between the 7 of them, play an array different instruments, including guitar (acoustic & electric), keyboard, saxophone, and even recorder!”


Some members of Love Pop ups London were luckily enough to be invited along to rock on down to the music of Bowie. To read their write ups click here.

Las Banderas

Located in the heart of Soho, Las Banderas provides diners fantastic Latin food and wine. They offer their diners a delicious choice of jamón & tapas, fabulous wines & cocktails and beers to match.

Great for anyone looking for tapas style brunch.

“When the dishes were brought out I was pleasantly surprised at the absolutely massive portions of food on each plate. And when I took my first bite, I was equally pleased with how flavoursome and tasty everything was.”


Various community members of Love Pop Ups London got the opportunity courtesy of Las Banderas to experience their newest brunch option. Read all their blogs via clicking here.

PopUp Painting

PopUp Painting events are not art classes, but art entertainment experiences, giving people the opportunity to try something new and unleash their creative energy in an informal and friendly environment. Using popular and iconic pieces of artwork as inspiration for their events with their artists providing step by step guidance for budding artists.

Each class usually lats two and a half hours, which includes a break (drink and dry time).  Budding artists paint on canvas, using desktop easels and acrylic paints. At the end of the evening everyone is allowed to take home their completed canvass.

If you are looking for fun art class then pop up painting is a must.

PopUp Painting us

“The class is 2 hours long and I loved every minute of it! Getting lost in painting no matter how good or bad you are is one of the most therapeutic things you can do.”


I and another member of Love Pop ups London we were invited along to brush and stroke our way through 2 hours of artastic fun. To read their write ups click here.

Firebrand Pizzas

Firebrand pizzas are different to any other pizzeria as all their dough is made out of sourdough using Caputo flour from Naples and are all left to prove for 72 hours. Their pizzas are then baked in wood fire burners at 400c cooking pizzas within 90 seconds.

Eating this pizza will make you feel like you have just jumped out of London into Naples.

“There were plenty of veggie pizza options on the menu and after much deliberation, I went for the aubergine, courgette, mushroom, peppers, on a base topped with tomato and mozzarella. The toppings were all great and had been grilled prior to topping the pizza so they were cooked thoroughly. The base was exactly how I like them; thin and crispy.”


Some members of Love Pop ups London were invited along to rock to the music of the late David Bowie. To read their write ups click here.

Yen Burgers

Yen Nguyen brings a brand new concept of premium Asian-influenced burgers to London with a classic British twist.

This Asian inspired restaurant is a must for anyone who loves burgers with a difference.

“The 100% wagyu beef patty was juicy, definitely on the pinker side of medium rare, and fell apart perfectly in my mouth with the first bite. Thick, chunky pickles and crisp red onion gave a complimentary crunch, and the peppery leaves added some great texture.”


Various community members of Love Pop Ups London got the opportunity courtesy of Yen Burgers to go along over a number of different dates to enjoy their Asian inspired burgers and signature cocktails. Read all their blogs via clicking here.

Bompas and Parr: Lost Lagoon

Bompas and Parr will take adventurers on a journey like no other to meet and party with Captain Morgan in their latest pop up Lost Lagoon.

Question is do you want to be a buccaneer and be treated to a bounty of of grog.

Bompas and Parr Lost Lagoon me and Steve

“I was designated as the captain, and I took this seriously, directing which way for my crew to paddle, and even took over to help out from time to time.”


I and another member of Love Pop ups London we was recruited to be a buccaneer and help Captain Morgan gather ingredients for cocktails for his party. To read our write ups click here.

The Big London Bake

Ever wanted to know what it might be like to participate in The Great British BakeOff well know you can. As at The Big London Bake you can cook and compete against others without the pressure of Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood.

Each baker will be provided with all the key ingredients for the ultimate baking extravaganza which lasts 90 minutes. Whisking, rolling, drizzling, customising, creating will you be crowned the winner of The Big London Bake.

Certain nights throughout the year The Big London Bake turns matchmaker providing exclusive speed dating nights for singletons aged 25 to 35. Learning skills from the same brilliant head bakers, in the same fantastic tent in Tooting, but with added love on certain nights.

Question is will you come leaving with a soggy bottom or a date?

“After a short welcome and explanation, we immediately went to task! This month’s challenge is an adaptation of the classic Battenberg cake. We were given a two-sided recipe card with all the instructions on it, and each station was set up with already weighed out and prepared ingedients, the oven was also warmed up to the correct heat setting. All we had to do was throw the correct ingredients together, choose our colours and flavours, and get baking! The whole team of host and kitchen helpers were all super engaged, helpful, and very friendly, going around to everyone to make sure we all knew what we needed to do.”


Quite a number of members of Love Pop ups London have been invited throughout 2018 and this year to bake their best cake in this Bake Off style fun cookery class. To read all their write ups from last year and this year click here.

Air China

Air China came to London for two days to celebrate the year of the pig and showcase about their airline.

According to the Chinese horoscope the pig represents luck, overall good fortune, wealth, honesty, general prosperity, symbolising a hard working, a peace-loving person, a truthful, generous, indulgent, patient, reliable, trusting, sincere, giving, sociable person with a large sense of humour and understanding.

Guests got to adventure through this pop up exploring the many delights which China has to offer whilst learning about Air China airline and showered with luck.

Air China Land of Luck - Me and my panda

“After ascending the bridge I was then faced with a magical wishing tree where I hung my wish.  I know I should not say my wish but my wish is to work in a B2B events company, so here’s wishing.  It is said the higher up you tie your wish the more chances of it becoming true.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I had the pleasure of experience Air China’s pop up to see what delights China could offer travellers who are thinking to adventuring to China. To read my write up click here.


Within DNA VR you’ll be put into another world via their virtual reality gaming.

Whether you would love to conquer Mount Everest, travel to the Moon or simply survive a Zombie Apocalypse, there will never be a dull moment at DNA VR as there is over 50 games to play from multiplayer to single player games.

Question is where will you take your mind?

“Beat Sabre is quite simple yet fun and addictive. Each controller becomes a light sabre in the VR world and you have to beat away various blocks flying towards you to the beat of the music too. You also have to dodge large flying monoliths and avoic hitting bombs tucked behind the flying blocks.”


I and some other members of Love Pop ups London we were invited to take our minds within a VR world. To read all our write ups click here.

Cookery School

Cookery School in Portland Street just of Regents Street in London provide a number of classes and courses for budding cooks or bakers wanting to learn that little more.

Cookery School popped up in London 2003 which is founded by Rosalind Rathouse. She loves teaching students how to cook food with confidence using her principle-led teaching approach that provides sustainable learning.

Cookery School is about learning how to cook and been sustainable. They provide a number of different varied classes and courses throughout the year from sausage making to cake baking.

So if you are looking for a great class with a fun atmosphere then Cookery School is a must for any keen cook or baker.

The whole day was infused with the tutors expertise and experience. Ghalid did not just explain to us different techniques but he made the class fun and made everyone feel at ease.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I was invited down to bake some cakes courtesy of Cookery School thankfully there was no soggy bottoms. To read my write up click here.

clueQuest: CQ ORIGENES

clueQuest have many escape rooms that has a on-going story from the first room to the last. There used to be three but now they have four with their latest game cQ ORIGENES.

Within this game it is up to all agents to stop the Professor from breaching the firewall, it was up to us to access Mr Q’s old base. The only way in, though however, was for us to be shrunk down to the size of a mouse with the help of the Shrink’o’Mat with just 60 minutes to counteract the cyber attack and secure the mainframe before the Shrink’o’Mat’s effect wears off and things get messy.

Will you be brave enough to help stop the Professor?

“As usual clueQuest has created a room full of diverse and inventive puzzles. Perfect if you like a challenge with their combination of linear and non-linear puzzles.”


I and some other members of Love Pop ups London we were invited down to help save the firewall from being corrupt by the Professor. Read al our write ups via clicking here.

Back to Roots

Back to Roots will take diner on a culinary 7 course journey of plant based food all which have been sourced locally.

A vegetarians delight pop up delight.

“I had such an amazing experience! The chefs, the explanations of the food, and the food itself were quite an experience! I could feel the love and thought that went into each of these dishes and I really appreciate it. Also, as a vegetarian, it was really exciting to have a fully vegetarian tasting menu!”


A member of Love Pop ups London was invited along to taste the culinary delights which Back to Roots had to offer. To read her write up click here.

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