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Travelling into London via train today I was on a journey to venture back to the 1940s to dine on a hamper of classic British picnic delights along with some classic war time entertainment courtesy of Cahoots.


Inspired by true events that occurred in post-war Britain, The Captain of Cahoots has brought Soho’s illicit and nocturnal escapades from the era back to life.

Cahoots is a themed style old tube station with a cocktail bar which is set under the streets of Soho.

Guests will be transported back in time to post-war 1940s where they will be treated to dazzling cocktails, swing dancing and sing-alongs around an old piano in a highly themed nostalgic train station that, used to be an old air raid shelter.

They have a range of events which take place throughout the week, from live entertainment, swing music, a ‘Squiffy Picnic‘ and a ‘Cocktails, Cuppas & Cakes‘ afternoon delight.

Next stop Cahoots

Travelling into London on a very 21st century train I eventually arrive at Charing Cross where I then had to push and shove myself through the busy streets of London.  Upon arriving eventually to the vibrant Kingly Court, which is home to an array of restaurants such as Pizza Pilgrims, Rum Kitchen, The Detox Kitchen, Dirty Bones… the list goes on, it was time for me to travel back to time within London’s biggest secret of all Cahoots.

Journeying back into time

I and my friend Steve we were met by a stationmaster who then led us down to the depths of the underground via an old wooden escalator where we immediately were transported into post-war Britain.

We checked in our coats and bags at an old style ticket booth before being led by a waitress in old vintage style clothing to our table for the afternoon. 

Our table was very central to the stage and had a picnic hamper upon it which consisted of old classic sandwiches (smoked salmon with cucumber and horseradish with ham), breadsticks, a welcome cocktail and a paper aeroplane which made me think of those that fought for our country back in the day.

As soon as we had finished tucking into our delicious sarnies the whole place started to buzz with jazz and songs sung by Lois ‘Legs’ Laurelle who had been flown in all the way from 1940’s New York. All throughout the afternoon she gave full on cabaret performance with dancing, singing and plenty of cahoodling which certainly gave some men the cahoots, but in a good way.

Steve kept on also getting serenaded by her and Laurelle even gave him her heart, ok maybe not her heart but a Sweet Heart candy. 

In between songs we were presented our next picnic treat of pies and sausage rolls with the pastry being flaky, buttery and delicious along with the scrummy meaty warm meaty fillings. 

We also at this stage chose our next cocktail which was included in the price from a choice of three different ones.  I opted for a ‘Down the Apples and Pears’ which was fruity and sweet just how I like my cocktails.

After more swinging, interaction and singing followed on by a human choo choo train we then all got to tuck into a traditional classic Victorian Sponge cake, as there is no cake more British than that.  It was deliciously thick, light, fluffy and jamtastic.

It was then time to carry on with the rest of our journey as our time to carry on with our travel was ahead.  Upon walking back out onto the Streets of Soho all I could think was what a squiffy good time I had.

Peak show

Want a more visual image then watch this short video on what Squiffy Picnic is all about.


If you are looking for a good ol’ fashioned knees-up and an alternative to an afternoon tea then step back into time at Cahoots and enjoy a Squiffy Picnic and get on swinging those hips in this rip roaring afternoon to the sounds of the swinging 1940’s!

Everything was highly well themed from old tube seats, tube maps, wartime posters, old lampshades and old train maps along with explosive 40’s style entertainment which was top notch taking you back into time. 

I have done many different fun and quirky things within London and had many afternoon teas but this definitely is one of the best alternate lunch time experiences I have ever done within London.  I left feeling highly entertained, stuffed and very thankful to all those that served our country back in the 1940s, as England would not be what it is today without those that fought for King and country.

Start your day and choo choo on down to Cahoots and enjoy a banging picnic whilst being blown away by the explosive entertainment.

Book your trip to Cahoots

Cahoots is a brilliant place to visit for a quirky afternoon or an evening in London.  They host a wide range of events throughout the week, including live entertainment, swing music, ‘Squiffy Picnic’ which is held every Saturday afternoon from 1pm and a ‘Cocktails, Cuppas & Cakes’ afternoon on Sundays.

Click here to find our more or book your experience.

Thank you to Cahoots for the Squiffy Picnic. The picnic was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read the other community members blog. All his views are of his own honest opinion.

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