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Supper Clubs are becoming more and more popular with so many popping up lately in London as well as all over the UK. The other night I had the pleasure of being invited down on a courtesy basis via Alexandra of Eat Me Supper Club.

Eat Me Supper Club

Passionate cook and author Alexandra Antonioni holds a variety of supper clubs throughout the year within her home in Camden along with her husband Imi bringing the opportunity to diners to taste such culinary delights as Asian food through to Italian food.

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More about Alexandra Antonioni

Alexandra decided after 30 years in the restaurant business on both sides of the pass and a successful food writer both in her own name and with 3* Michelin chef Marco Pierre White she decided to get behind the stove and launch Eat Me Supper Club which is named after her first ever published book.

Her aim is to bring guests together at sharing tables, making new friends, eating great food, trying new things, having fun and leaving with a full belly and a smile after.

Eat Me Supper Club culinary tour of South East Asia

I went along with my friend Steve to taste the delights of Asia on 9 March in the evening.

Upon entering their beautiful home in Camden we were greeted by Alexandra and Imi and given a welcome drink which was a very tasty sharp Kefir Lime, Ginger and Pineapple Bellini cocktail.

Sitting within their living room we got mingling with other guests and venturing out on the porch to their lovely spacious decked garden which they also hold supper club events in during the Summer months.

During this time of mingling we were given a cute small cup of Thai Lobster Broth and Coconut & Lemongrass. Was spicy and very tasty. In fact it is the best Amuse Bouche I have had in a long while. Alex certainly got the flavours spot on and not too thick either so it went down nicely.

Once everyone had arrived we were then taken into the dining area where there was two beautifully decorated tables awaiting us hungry diners.

As we was allowed to bring our own drink I bought along a large bottle of Beronia to share amongst other diners.

With drink flowing and a lot of laughter it was time for us to tuck into our first course.

Alexandra and co. busy preparing the Asian Tapas
Eat Me Supper Club starter
Asian Tapas

For our first course it was an Asian Tapas of Thair Laab Gai (lamb mince) in Lettuce wraps and a Som Tum style Slaw with Crispy Fried Garlic. Unfortunately there was supposed to be some Baby Back Ribs as well but Alex said they did not look very pleasant so she decided not to cook them. The Asian Tapas was nice though and so did not really matter that the ribs were missing.

Steve and me with the Chicken Curry dish
Eat Me Supper Club dinner
Chicken Curry

For our mains we were served Malaysian Perakanan Chicken Curry with freshly cooked Roti & Steamed Cardamom Rice served on a Banana Leaf with Crispy Friend Onions. The chicken curry was gorgeous with a little kick to it and the meat literally fell off the bone. The crispy fried onions gave it that extra little crunch.

Eat Me Supper Club dessert
Lime Tart

For pudding it was a Keffir Lime Tart with Passion Fruit and a Salted Caramel Crisp. The passion fruit and sharpness of the lime gave this tart a real freshness followed by a very refreshing sourness, which I love. The salted caramel crisp was yet another real treat of delight with it’s crunchiness and salty sweetness.


Before the night was over though we were greeted by another little surprise of a Digestif of a Coconut & Espresso Shot with handmade Coconut Cookies. I loved the Coconut Cookies soft and coconutty. The shot was interesting but I could not really taste the coconut in it just coffee but then I suppose eating the Coconut Cookie first most likely did not help to bring out the flavour.


Eat Me Supper Club is one of the nicest and most pleasant supper clubs I have ever went along to from the welcoming hosts to the gorgeous food. I highly recommend.

Book Eat Me Supper Club

To book to attend one of their future supper clubs click here to be directed to their Facebook page.

To see more images of past supper clubs by Eat Me click here to be directed to their Instagram site.

Thank you Eat Me Supper Club for an amazing culinary evening full of tasty Asian food. I was given this experience on a complimentary basis via Alexandra but all views are my own honest opinion.

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