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Growing fast ‘paint and sip’ events are the all-new way to socialise with friends on a night out.

Only recently I attended another painting class in which I learnt how to paint the London landscape and with me not painting a serious piece of artwork since school but only maybe the odd stick man with my niece I was prepared to grab a paintbrush and take things seriously, well slightly.  I loved the class so much and was quite impressed with my piece of art at the end of it.

This time around I was invited down on a complimentary basis via Paint Republic to try out one of their fun ‘paint and sip’ classes.  I went along with my friend Laura to one of their classes to paint flowers. Why flowers? well I love flowers and have always felt inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s art work of his famous painting of sunflowers.

So the challenge was on could I be the next Vincent van Gogh?

Paint Republic

Inspired by ‘paint and sip’ companies in the US and Canada, The Paint Republic offer events that give people from all abilities the chance to get creative and express themselves in a non-judgemental, relaxed and fun environment.

Growing fast and in demand, ‘paint and sip’ events are now the all-new way to socialise with friends on a night out.

Their concept is simple book a ticket online, turn up to the venue 15 minutes before to secure your seat, grab a drink, order some food, don on your apron and get ready to paint.

They hold public, corporate and private painting classes within an array of venues across the UK.

No experience is necessary and all materials are provided at their classes.

What is Paint and Sip

An art class that sees people socialising, drinking, listening to music and of course learning how to paint via an artist.

Brush on canvas

Me and Laura headed to The Stane Street Syndicate pub where Paint Republic was holding the class. Our professional art teacher for the night was Kate Macrae whom taught us all how to paint this stunning piece of art of flowers.

Arriving 15 minutes early and choosing our seat for the night we grabbed a drink from the bar, donned on our apron, then sat down to socialise and party as this is not an ordinary paint class!

Kate helped us all unleash our creativity by a step-by-step guide on how to paint the displayed picture of flowers all whilst being encouraged to relax and just enjoy.

So dipping our brush into paint it was time to get arty.

With a splat here, brush there and dollop here my painting was complete after just two hours. I had a piece of art worthy of hanging up on my wall at home, OK maybe not quite!

However thankfully free-styling was encouraged during the class so to try and rectify my epic fail of a painting I added some butterflies and other insects to my art work which made me feel a lot better about the picture.

Here is mine and Laura’s final pieces of art.

OK in all honesty my painting might not be a Vincent van Gogh and I might as well call myself Joanne la What but never less the whole experience was fun, full of laughs, and very relaxing.  The whole class really is a great way to take anyone’s mind off any worries they may have in life and certainly a great way to relax the brain.

For the first time in a long while I really felt lost in an activity, I barely even glanced at my phone which is a mighty feat as I am always on it organising future events or opportunities for community members or answering community members questions.

It was a real pleasure to be able to try my hand yet again at painting and was even nicer to see that no one was judgemental as this is all about having fun and releasing your inner creativity for any levels of artists.

Even though I may not be the next Vincent van Gogh I really enjoyed the whole experience. So the question is would I go again? Most definitely!


Paint Republic is a great way to chill, socialise and release your inner creativity.

So if you love painting, learning, socialising, listening to music and generally just having fun then you will love this fun ‘paint and sip’ art class.

Public Republic events

For any Public Republic events no experience is necessary and all materials are provided. Food and drink is not included in the ticket price (unless specified) and can be bought from the bar. Public events are for adults only and is strictly for over 18’s.

Check out their upcoming events via clicking here.

Thank you Paint Republic for a arty time. I was given this experience on a complimentary basis but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to read Laura’s blog. Her view is of her own honest opinion.

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