A look back at April 2019 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during April 2019 on complimentary basis.

April 2019 a look back


Gingerline returns with their newest adventure The Grand Expedition. This time they will be taking diners up, up and away on a magical journey like no other whilst dining on a 5 course set menu.

For those who love food, theatre and immersive events.

Are you brave enough?

“Gingerline isn’t like any other dinner show I’ve ever been to, you are truly immersed in the performance throughout the whole thing.  This isn’t just watching a show while you eat, the food is part of the performance and you are completely immersed throughout.  It combines movement, dance, physical theatre, art and poetry for a truly unbelievable show that engages all the senses. Each part of the show is completely seamless and really allows the audience to be fully absorbed in every part of it as you take off on your grand expedition.”


I and some members of Love Pop ups London were invited along last month and this month over various dates to take a journey of wonder through Gingerline’s newest immersive dining adventure of food and theatre magic. Click here to read all our write ups.

Players Bingo

Players Bingo is played within Mecca Bingo halls in Camden every Thursday and Saturday where bingo goers can dab away to win some amazing prizes from money to a kayak all whilst listening to a live band and eating some amazing food from resident street food pop ups which change on a monthly basis.

Are you a bingo lover?

Players us

“Players Bingo is no any ordinary bingo experience, they have cleverly introduce live music, cabaret entertainment, all hosted in the traditional feeling of a bingo …a true mix of new and old perfectly complimentary.”


I and some members of Love Pop ups London we were invited down to their launch night where we dabbed and partied the night away. Click here to read all our write ups.


GoBoat London is situated in Paddington and is the only self-drive, powered boating experience in central London. I along with other members of Love Pop Ups London have had the opportunity on a numerous of occasions to be captain and sail down the canals of London.

GoBoat is powered by electric engines so no rowing required.  Each GoBoat can carry up to eight people. All boats have a long table so you can enjoy a picnic on-board whilst sailing down the canals of London creating a very fun and sociable atmosphere. There boats serve as a breathing space in the city away from the hustle and bustle of busy London.  GoBoat is certainly the perfect experience for any social occasion.

How would you love to be captain of a GoBoat?

“Picture this: cruising through the peaceful blue green waters on a lovely boat, wildlife spotting, people watching, and all the while laughing and merry-making under the summer sky, a drink in hand. Oh! And you are your own captain too!”


Some members of Love Pop Ups London were invited down to take a ride down the canals from Paddington to Camden and back in a GoBoat whilst enjoying a picnic and drink. Click here to read all our write ups.


Bustronome is a stylish way to tour London whilst dining on food.

On board a high-end double decker guests can take in panoramic views and enjoy a high quality 6 course meal whilst learning about London’s famous monuments.

How would you love a tour London whilst dining on a 6 course culinary meal?

“In between each course, we took so many photos of the sights, learnt so many facts about London and had impeccable service.”


I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we got to experience a tour like no other around London whilst dining on a gourmet 6 course meal. Read all our blogs via clicking here.

Roof East

Roof East is open all this Summer and brings guests an array of street food to enjoy, fun games, rooftop yoga and even more fun all on a roof.

Question is which will you play first?

“Roof East is filled with fun games for you and your crew such as crazy golf, batting cages, curling and even VR foosball. I tried out this last one which I was sceptical of, because how could VR make it any better? Seconds into strapping on the VR headset and looking down at the playing field, I was completely sold on the idea. ”


Some members of Love Pop ups London were invited to their launch night to enjoy the many games and food which they have to offer. To read all their write ups click here.


Dabbers is UK’s first contemporary venue purposefully designed to celebrate the beloved game of bingo.

Dabbers does not just provide your normal game of bingo as there will be music, comedians, glorious prizes, show stopping performers and plenty of hidden tricks within their game of bingo.

Will you love to dab the night away at Dabbers?




This month and last month I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London got invited along to Dabbers to enjoy a game of bingo and the food which they have to offer. Read all their blogs via clicking here.

Crystal Maze

Crystal Maze LIVE Experience gives players an ultimate team challenge, with it’s interactive, frenetic and very silly tests from your mental to your physical abilities.

You’ll get to run around four different zones Industrial, Futuristic, Medieval and Aztec and play around 8 games in total from an array of 32 incredible games. In each zone, your skills will be tested, mysteries to solve and mental challenges to face and physical challenges. All of these being against the clock. The more challenges you complete successfully, the more Crystals you’ll win for your team and more importantly you’ll have more time in the dome.

What is your strength physical, mental, mystery or skill?



Various community members of Love Pop Ups London got the opportunity to take on Crystal Maze. Read all their write ups via clicking here.

Eleven98 Hackney

Aidan of Eleven98 Hackney loves to bring social fine dining using foraged, grown and locally sourced food from within Hackney.

So if you are looking for a supper club with a difference then this is one to attend. You will leave happy and thinking of ways you can change the way you eat and source your food.

What foraged food do you love the most?

Eleven98 Hackney



This month another blogger was invited by Eleven98 Hackney to experience his culinary delights which are all made out of foraged or locally bought food. Read my write up from last month and others from this month via clicking here.


WeFiFo is provides a range of amazing supperclub’s across the UK to experience and enjoy.  WeFiFo is all about connecting home chefs, supper club hosts and event organisers with hungry people.

With WeFiFo you can either attend one of the many supperclubs and enjoy the amazing food cooked by the cook on the night or you can either host an event yourself.

“Tonight’s supper club was put on by professional chef Suzanne James who runs the nights as a charity to give trainees the experience of the culinary world. The evening started with a lovely welcome drink using Aperol which is one of my favourite spirits. The drink of summer, perfect was to start the night!”


A community member of Love Pop Ups London was invited down to enjoy a night full of vegetarian delights. Read his write up and about other past WeFiFo supper club experiences by other via clicking here.

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