Dinner is Coming – The throne will be mine

I, my Lord Steve and Ladies Charlotte and Ana of Love Pop Ups London we were cordially invited Dinner is Coming at The Vaults in Waterloo, London. We were there to join in the wedding festivities of King Jaffery Bearathon to whom he was marrying Margarine of Trywell.

Dinner is Coming

Dinner is Coming is an immersive dining supper club based on the ever so popular TV series Game of Thrones.

Laurence Pears (played King Jaffery Bearathon)
Liam Fleming (played Varicouse)
Janina Smith (played Kirsty Bannister)
Jake Hassam (played Jimmy)
Charlotte Newton John (Margarine of Trywell)
Georgia Clarke-Day (played Carly Easy)

Creative team:
Created by: Ami Stidolph & Sam Carrack
Set Design: Jessica Fox
Costume Design: Charlotte Diercks
Stage Manager: Hannah Wallis
Food Designers: Chavdar Todorov & Steven Estevez
Drink: Mimi Petley & George Calderwood
Composer: James Ringer-Beck
Sound Design: Daffyd Gough

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama based on a series of novels by George RR Martin. It is set in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and chronicles the violent struggles of the realm’s noble families for control of the Iron Throne. The families also face threats from the icy North and the eastern continent of Essos.

Read more about the long running popular TV series at https://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones

The wedding of King Jaffery Bearathon and Margarine of Trywell

It was the night of the marriage between the heir to the Several Kingdoms, Jaffery Bearathon, and Margarine, the beautiful daughter of the noble Trywell family.

I, Lord Steve and Ladies Charlotte and Anna of Love Pop Ups London were cordially invited to eat, drink, laugh and celebrate King Jaffery and Margarine nuptials to each other.

The wedding

Upon entering the tunnels of The Vaults and stepping through the doors to celebrate the wedding our bags are checked for gold and poisonous dragon’s blood. We were then told to be on our best behaviour as we are attending the most important function in the whole of Easteros: the wedding of King Jaffery and Margarine of the Trywell after all.

Upon waiting for the wedding to start we all sat on the throne before Jaffery arrived and imagined what it might be like to be Royalty. 

When King Jaffery entered within the room he came over to me and asked if I loved apples and bows in which I applied yes.  He then taught me how to shoot an apple off a peasants head which was amusing.  He then flirted with me and hastily left my side when his wife to be Margarine entered. Being a Royal was in my grasps, so near but so far. 

However the wedding did not go quite as planned as poor King Jaffery is sadly murdered, it is then up you to you to choose a Kingdom to take the rightful heir to the throne.

To which sigil are you truly loyal?

Because your loyalty will have some very real consequences to your dinner plans.

The reception or should I say wake

Ushered through to another room and taking our seat upon a large table fit for a royal wedding which is now a wake, we were all told NOT to leave as Dinner is Coming.

To determine which leader should take over the throne we are given wristbands corresponding to the different parties.

So whilst indulging on a scrumptious feast within The Vaults, we had to be prepared to tell lies, take risks and trust no one whilst we tried to get to the bottom of who killed poor Jaffery and whom should wear the crown.

I and my blogger friends kept changing our minds constantly in who to give our loyalty to, as after all one of Jaffery’s friends or family members had murdered him and the consequences could be dreadful. Also there was wine at stake as if you choose the new leader who had the most votes you will receive a glass of wine.

There was a vast mix of parodies from the popular TV show Game of Thrones with a vast mix of humour, plenty of characters to immersive with and a delicious feast plus not forgetting a murder to solve?

Personally I have never seen the show so to be honest I did not get all the jokes but none the less it was very amusing and the food was fabulous.  However my Ladies Charlotte and Anna kept me in the loop with the jokes I did not get.

Dinner is coming John

Throughout the wedding reception, sorry I mean now wake there was also an un-invited guest John Know from the North who was as stupid as he is handsome which was very amusing and the highlight of the night. Be warned though if you love Jon Snow character and actor from the Game of Thrones well I am sorry to disappoint as John Know is nothing like him.

Dinner is coming us and John

With so much humour and great improvisation by all any diner will come out feeling victorious.

The feast

The menu consisted of:

Wildfire Bouillon
Asparagus, lemon-verbena jelly, mint leaves, red radish and fava beans served with a bright green pea and wildwood garlic viscous bouillon

The King’s Feast
Lightly spices whole cauliflower, crowns of crispy chicken wings, mixed bean and sweet potato pie, show cooked whole lamb shoulder, roast burbank potatoes and egmont carrots and a salad of green courgette, butter lettuce, candy beetroot, peas, parsley and fresh pesto dressing

A Scarlet Ending
Red wine, cinnamon and star anise poached pear with sweet and sour cream

I loved the Wildfire Bouillon in fact this asparagus soup has to be one of the nicest soups I have ever had. It had a great flavour of asparagus with lovely cubes of lemon-verbena jelly, chopped mint leaves and red radish’s within it which worked all well together. Plus the soup had a beautiful bright green pea colour to it.

Now wow The King’s Feast was certainly a feast fit for a King. The spread from the cauliflower through to the chicken wings. I loved the lamb which flaked away and melted in the mouth but the chicken wings were certainly my favourite. As they were crispy and I could pretend I had gone back to medieval times and chew on my chicken wings.

The pudding which was named a Scarlet Ending was a delight. The pear was beautifully red and had been poached in red wine, cinnamon and star anise and came served with a sweet and sour cream which gave it that extra texture. It was the pear of my eye on the night.


From start to finish Dinner is Coming was a Royal triumph.

This was a fun night full of comedy and a delicious feast of food.

The food created by Chavdar Todorov and Steven Estevez I applauded for convincingly replicating a medieval feast laden with wine and meat. All of which was very scrummy.

The staging was also beautifully well put together as well as the costumes worn by the characters making you feel that you have actually stepped back into medieval times.

The performance throughout was well played with plenty of jokes thrown in.  Plus they kept all us diners guessing and being inquisitive in who might of killed poor Jaffery and all were great at canvassing us all members for their support and engaging with us in witty exchanges whilst keeping in character for our loyalty so they can get assigned as the new King or Queen.

Question though is will you leave Dinner is Coming with the right new heir sitting on the thrown?

Book Dinner is Coming

Dinner is Coming comes to an end of 14 July 2019
Held Tuesday – Sunday
Doors: 6.45pm
Show starts at: 7.30pm
Food served from: 8.30pm
Run time: 3 hours
Tickets: Start from £35 – £55
Ticket includes a feast fit for the Several Kingdoms

Suitable for Ages 18+
This show contains strong language, violence and dragons
Late comers shall not be admitted after 7.30pm
Entrance to Dinner is Coming is via our Leake Street entrance

Book via https://www.thevaults.london/dinner-is-coming

Thank you to Dinner is Coming for inviting me to King Jaffery’s wedding. All views are my own honest opinion.

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