The Banquet of Hoshena – a magical innovative dining journey

The Banquet of Hoshena takes diners through a magical feast full of illusions all whilst being taken on a story telling journey of the kingdom of Hoshena.

The Banquet of Hoshena

From the creators of Dinner Time Story they now have bought to London a new innovative dining concept entitled Banquet of Hoshena which transports guests to an imaginary land where flavours and emotions are intrinsically linked, and Kings, Queens, fairies and volcanoes come alive on the table.

The Banquet of Hoshena is an innovative dining concept full of illusionary and diners will be taken on a story telling journey of the once lush green kingdom which has banished bad emotions, such as anger, sadness and fear and as a result, removed love, happiness and courage leaving the land bare, dark and empty.

Using cutting edge 3D visual technology, image mapping, experiential props and effective storytelling through flavours, ingredients, sights, sounds and tastes, Dinner Time Story’s latest dining experience takes guests on an immersive journey to restore the Kingdom of Hoshena to it’s former glory.

During the show, guests will dine on five courses accompanied by wine and cocktail pairings and the food offering will perfectly correspond with the storyline, with each dish representing an emotion. Accompanying the menu are clever props, sounds, illusions and scents, allowing guests to whisper their fears into a pouch, light a magic candle and create confusion with dry ice.

The concept was created by Nadine Beshir, in collaboration with the multimedia British artists Davy & Kristin McGuire from Studio McGuire. Along with a talented team of music composers, writers and graphic designers. Studio McGuire helped make this unique vision of dining through storytelling into an original

Feasting through Banquet of Hoshena

I was invited down along with my husband Jason to take a journey through the kingdom of Hoshena and experience many emotions from beginning to the end from fear, anger, sadness to love.

WARNING: If you are attending The Banquet of Hoshena and you don’t want to ruin the surprises which happen during the evening then I would recommend not to read my blog until you have been as to not spoil the surprises.

Upon heading through the doors of Banquet of Hoshena I knew I was in for a real treat as I had attended Dinner Time Stories last year which was a magical innovative dining experience like no other.  Read my blog on Dinner Time Stories via

The Banquet of Hoshena table

We sat at a table for four but thankfully we just had the table to ourselves that night.  Sitting at a table and looking at the frame set aside our table and wondering what will happen and seeing many props on the table I was getting excited for the story telling to commence. 

It all started with lights down and the tables lighting up as we were magically now all transported to the imaginary land of Hoshena where we learned via the Queen about the King the kingdom.

Upon our five course journey we saw Kings & Queens, fairies and volcanoes which all came alive on our table all with the use of cutting edge 3D visual technology, image mapping, and props. Accompanying the dishes were clever props, sounds, illusions and scents, allowing guests to whisper their fears into a pouch, light a magic candle and create confusion with dry ice.​

Each course was paired with a curated drink and the dishes all worked well with each dish representing an emotion.

Upon our journey which was narrated by the Queen of the King we learned about how the kingdom and nation was at stake, as King had made some poor decisions which effected the land, and emotions throughout but thankfully everything ends with a happy ever after.

Food fit for a Queen or King

The Amuse Bouche was served on a floating plate which spun around making these balls of delights even more tempting to reach out and grab. They were filled with a lovely mix of mushrooms and rice and were coated in a light crunchy tasting coating. The subtle sweet tasting date and tamarind sauce worked really well with the balls of delight. I loved the refreshing drink that came served along side.

The lentil soup was a pleasant surprise I am not keen on lentils but I must admit this was delicious as was not overpowering in taste and the crunchy bread which came with the soup was a real treat. I especially loved reaching for the bread sticks which were sitting within a cup in a middle of mist.

The Banquet of Hoshena burger

As this dish represented anger there were volcanoes and fire being projected onto the table and story told by the Queen.

This burger came served within a charcoal bun and a selection of garnishes so diners can season your burger as hot as you like. The drink was a sweet and citrussy I loved it.

The table came to live with Lilly pads and fish making this dish looking even more indulging.

The fish was a beautifully piece of cooked salmon which sat on a bed of cucumber, apple and was given a mini jug of lime juice sauce to pour over the fish which all worked perfectly well. For me this was the best dish on the night but then I love fish. The drink was a nice glass of wine which was not too sweet and not dry.

Fairies flew around all happy and flowers blossoming everywhere as this was a happy ending and what a great was to end it with a duo of choclate desserts. The dairy free chocolate cake tasted amazing, light and airy and the vegan chocolate sorbet was a real treat. The drink which was paired with it I did not personally like as it was quite strong and I am not keen on rum.

Which emotionally story would you love to learn more via the Queen on the night?


This was an immersive and innovative dining concept which combined art, technology, gastronomy, choreographed and magical props all of which was delivered to a high scale.

If you love innovative dining, magic and quality food with a slight twist then I highly recommend this magical feast which is fit for a Queen or King.


At Westfield Shopping Centre till 7 August

Tickets cost £85 – £110 ; Apr 12 – Aug 7

To book click here or email

Thank you to The Banquet of Hoshena for the invite. The write up is my own honest opinion.

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