Top 10 fun things to do in London

There are thousands of things to do in London from eating to watching a West End show however if you are looking for something that little bit different as a couple or with friends then I highly recommend any of these 10 fun quirky things to do in London. Many of these experiences are also perfect for birthday celebrations, stag & hen nights as well as a corporate event.

Arts & Crafts

The Paint Republic

  • Paint Republic

Get creative with The Paint Republic whilst having fun listening to music, having a drink in one hand and a paint brush in the other. Even the artistically challenged will be able to create a masterpiece to be proud of and take home.

Tickets cost £25.

Get arty and book your art class session click here.

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The Big London Bake

  • The Big London Bake us
  • The Big London Bake tent
  • The Big London Bake Regina
  • The Big London Bake Katie and Chelsea
  • The Big London Bake Haydy and Leanne
  • The Big London Bake Leanne and Haydy
  • The Big London Bake Chelsea and Katie
  • The Big London Bake Regina and me
  • The Big London Bake travelling home with tarts

Ready, set BAKE at The Big London Bake. Have you ever wanted to feel like what it would be to be a contestant on The Great British Bake Off? well The Big London Bake does just that. Ingredients and a recipe sheet are laid on top of your work stations and with just 90 minutes it is time to bake. There is a different bake to be taught and made each month from tarts to doughnuts. Questions is will you come away with a soggy bottom or will you be crowned the winner on the night?

Tickets cost from £35.

Get baking and book your cookery class session via clicking here.

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Dining Experiences


  • Bustronome bus
  • Bustronome top deck tables
  • Bustronome guide
  • Bustronome view
  • Bustronome fish
  • Bustronome asparagus
  • Bustronome cheese
  • Bustronome prawn
  • Bustronome meat
  • Bustronome chocolate dessert
  • Bustronome us ladies

If you love bus tours and food then Bustronome is the perfect combination. Step on board a Bustronome bus and you’ll discover London like never before. With an electronic touring guide pen in one hand a fork in the other you’ll be able to learn more about the historical sites you pass by selecting the image on the guide brochure you see whilst munching on fine dining dishes.

Tickets cost from £59.

Tour London whilst enjoying an exceptional cuisine click here.

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Cahoots Squiffy Picnic

  • Cahoots Squiffy Picnic menu
  • Cahoots Squiffy Picnic Joanne and Steve
  • Cahoots Squiffy Picnic
  • Cahoots Squiffy Picnic pies
  • Cahoots Squiffy Picnic
  • Cahoots Squiffy Picnic cocktails
  • Cahoots Squiffy Picnic cakes
  • Cahoots Squiffy Picnic entertainment

If you love picnics but hate dining with ants and flies then you will love Cahoots Squiffy Picnic which not only gives you an exceptional picnic filled with sausage rolls and Victorian sponge cake but you’ll also be entertained by Lois ‘Legs’ Laurelle who provides cabaret entertainment.

Tickets cost £46.

Open up a basket of delights and enjoy an afternoon within Cahoots by clicking here.

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Escape Room

Crystal Maze

crystal maze

Did you ever watch Crystal Maze back in the 80’s and ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a contestant?. Well now you can with Crystal Maze which is in the West End and Manchester. You’ll be able to take on challenges as a team within the Aztec Zone, Industrial Zone, Futuristic Zone and Medieval Zone before ending up in the dome to catch those all important gold tokens. How many crystals do you think you would be able to win?

Tickets cost from £54.99.

Take on the dome and have your golden moment via clicking here to book.

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Murder Mystery

Funicular Productions The Murder Express

  • Funicular Jane Devonshire
  • Funicular Productions Joanne, Haydy, Laura
  • Funicular Productions
  • Murder Express
  • Funicular Productions canape
  • Funicular Productions starter
  • Funicular Productions dinner
  • Murder Express
  • Murder Express us inside
  • Murder Express waiter
  • Murder Express Tilly and Waiter
  • Murder Express
  • Murder Express Chelsea
  • Murder Express menu
  • Murder Express meals

If you love murder mysteries then you will love this fun immersive dining experience brought to your by Funicular Productions. Whilst dining on a culinary menu designed by MasterChef past runner ups of winners a murder will unfold in front of your eyes. The question is who done it?

Tickets from £57.

Put on your detective hat and take yourself on a journey on the Murder Express via clicking here to book.

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Nautical Adventure

HotTug now called Skuna

  • HotTug
  • HotTug us
  • HotTug Katie
  • HotTug Regina and me
  • HotTug Kariss and Haydy
  • HotTug me and bloggers
  • HotTug me and bloggers ready with our Fentiman drinks
  • HotTug me with bloggers drinking Fentiman drinks
  • HotTug - me and bloggers
  • HotTug me

If you love HotTugs and boating then HotTug is for you. Sitting within a HotTug you can sail the canals of Canary Wharf or Islington whilst sitting in warm water, taking in the scenery and sipping on your drinks.

Plus they have recently acquired a new boat but this time instead of it being filled with water it has a BBQ on board. Sailing down the canals of Canary Wharf you’ll be able to sizzle a sausage or two and maybe even indulge on a juicy steak or if vegetarian barbecue an array of tasty vegetables.

Tickets cost £225 for a 75 minutes HotTug experience (seats 7)

Book a nautical adventure in a HotTug or their BBQ boat by clicking here book.

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  • GoBoat us bloggers
  • GoBoat
  • GoBoat us bloggers
  • GoBoat

Steer down the canals from Paddington to Camden and back with GoBoat and at the same time enjoy a picnic.

They have also recently opened up a new location where you can sail the canals of Kensington.

Tickets cost from £59.

Get boating and book via clicking here.

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Social Bingo


  • Dabbers food
  • Dabbers
  • Dabbers Steve and me
  • Dabbers
  • Dabbers final
  • Dabbers prizes
  • Dabbers

If you love bingo, games and music then you’ll love Dabbers, be warned this is not for old people. Within Dabbers you’ll party the night away whilst dabbing on your bingo cards hoping to win a toy dinosaur and sing to your hearts contempt as this is not your ordinary bingo this is social bingo. Question is will you get lucky and be able to scream BINGO!

Tickets cost from £10.

Get dabbing book via clicking here.

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Touring London


  • PediBus London
  • PediBus London Love Pop Ups London gang
  • PediBus me and Livi
  • PediBus London Me and Haydy
  • PediBus Tower of London

Step on-board a Pedibus and peddle the streets of London with friends whilst drinking with maybe a pint in your hand. Steered by a guide you’ll be able to take in the sights of London, burn off those calories and drink a pint or two on the way. If there is only two or four of you, you can always hire the Little Pedibus instead. It does not matter if you can’t ride a bike.

Tickets cost from £50.

Get peddling via clicking here.

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Which of those activities appealed to you?

Discover more fun activities or even where to eat within London via checking out the full list of places within London we have reviewed under the community tab for more ideas.

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