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Supper clubs are lately becoming very popular in London with one popping up nearly every day from ones which are run by passionate amateur cooks through to seasoned professionals.

I was invited down by the owners of Fabulous 698B to enjoy a very unique experience which was not like any other supper club I have encountered. 

Fabulous 698B

Fabulous 698b was set up back in 2015 by experienced professional chefs Maja Pauling and Guillaume Jounot.  They offer a delicious and innovative menus with a cocktail on arrival and a few extra surprises throughout the evening.

They usually hold their supper clubs once a month at the Thrown art gallery, at their home or at another niche venue within London.

Eventually they are hoping to have their own permanent based restaurant this year or next. However they will still run it like a supper club with long tables for people to meet and socialise with strangers and enjoy fabulous food together.   

What is a Supper Club

A supper club or as some would like to say social dining experience is like dining at a restaurant but held in unique locations such as a persons house or an art gallery. You are also usually all sat at a long table so everyone who attends can socialise together and share food that is served up. Plus you also get to taste food you wouldn’t normally have in a restaurant.  This is a great way to try new flavours and dishes, and broaden your tasting palate as well as build up your confidence if you are a bit shy.

Socialising, food and being wowed  

We went along to Fabulous 698B back in May which was held within the Thrown art gallery. Upon entering me and Jason we were warmly welcomed by Maja and Guillaume.  

We were given a welcome drink which was of a strawberry & elderflower bellini. It was served in a unique crockery cup which can be bought from within the gallery. The drink was very refreshing and summery making me think of strawberry fields and of Summer holidays.

Fabulous 698b
Fabulous 698b

Eventually we was all guided to our seat for the night along a long table that sat 12 of us.

Fabulous 698b table setting

Once seated we learnt that there will be some filming and photography being taken throughout the night which will be used by EatWith who they sell their supper club nights through. Feeling a little bit nervous of the filming which was happening it thankfully did not ruin the night.

Fabulous food

Before the night of fabulous food could begin we firstly learnt that with all their dishes they only ever use seasonal British products and how they love to combine them together to create un-expecting flavours, so we all knew we were in for a gastronomic night.

We also learnt that all the courses throughout the night we will be served using many of the crockery which can be bought within the Thrown gallery which are made from various artists.

It was then onto the 6 course all of which served looked stunning and tasted fabulous.

For our hors d’oeuvres of the night we were served broad bean hummus, hazelnut, pickled red onions, crostini. Before tucking in we learnt that the hazelnuts they used was from Croatia as she had recently visited their to see her family and could not resist in buying these hazelnuts from a local farm. usually don’t like broad beans or hummus but this was absolutely delicious.  Was creamy and the crostini gave it that extra texture and crunch.  So refreshing. It tasted a little like very blitzed up peas.

Fabulous 698b

For starters we were served British tomatoes, Lancashire bomb, quails eggs, basil.  The tomatoes were all sorts of colours which made this dish very vibrant indeed. Also the tomatoes all seemed to taste slightly different and eating some cheese with the tomatoes gave the taste buds a whole new element making the tomatoes not taste as sweet but still very nice.  

Fabulous 698b

The starters we were served poached skate, peas & beans, crosnes, gooseberry, almond. The skate was flaky and the combination of the peas through the almonds gave this dish a real sweetness. 

Fabulous 698b

Next we was served flamed cod, rock samphire, asparagus, pumpkin seed & oil which was amazing. We learnt that the samphire they had foraged from their recent trip to Croatia so it was very fresh not shop bough. After watching Guillaume flame torch the cod I was excited to eat it and wow it did not disappoint as it literally fell apart and was so moist and the asparagus and samphire gave it that little acidity and saltiness making this for me a fish lovers dream of a dish.

Fabulous 698b cod

For mains it was braised beef feather blade, Jersey royals, spring onions, spinach, red wine reduction.  This dish had been cooked over night and with that the meat was rich and tense and fell apart. I have to say this has to be one of the best braised beef dishes I have ever had as the flavour was intense with the red wine reduction making it very moorish but also very rich so a small portion was only needed. 

Fabulous 698b

The most spectacular dish of the night though was their final dish of the night and that was their signature dessert of an Eton mess but with a massive twist.

Rocky type music came blaring out of the speakers and Maja and Guillaume came running in and made the dessert right in front of our eyes, which was a real explosion of food giving us a theatrical display like no other. With a squirt there, a throw here and a dollop there an Eton mess was made right in front of us by Maja and Guillaume whilst they were also dancing away to rocky music.  Seriously there was sauce flying everywhere and sparklers galore. I had to move my chair back as of the fear of getting splattered myself. 

Fabulous 698b eton mess
Fabulous 698b eton mess
Fabulous 698b eton mess

Once the sparklers had died down it was time for us all to divulge into the Eton mess with our spoons from the table. The Eton mess consisted of crunchy caramel, popping candy, cheesecakes, biscuits, jelly, banana cake, chocolate mousse, nuts, fruit and cream. The spread was elaborate and each element was a sweet lovers delight.  I especially loved the splattered cheesecake served on a very buttery biscuit.  It was creamy and buttery and was topped with a sweet strawberry sauce and juicy Summer fruits.

Fabulous 698b eton mess

It truly was a show-stopping finale and a great way to end the night!

Fabulous night

I have been to many supper clubs before but this truly is one of the best I have ever attended from the hosts to the food.

So if you are looking for an exquisite night run by lovely chefs and fabulous food then I highly recommend Fabulous 698B.


Each super club held by Fabulous 698B is different as their menus change every time to keep in keeping with seasonal British vegetables and fruits and to keep the menu fresh.  

Book Fabulous 698B next supper club via EatWith by clicking here.

Thank you to Maja and Guillaume for the invite. I had a fabulous time. All views are my own honest opinion.

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