D-Day 75 god bless all

Today is the 75th anniversary to mark the heroic efforts from all those that fought in World War II.

At present in London Bridge train station on the main concourse commuters can gaze at a full-size replica of a World War II Spitfire.

However be quick as it is only there till 9 June.


D-Day, June 6, 1944, marked the beginning of operation overlord, when allied forces started their sea, air and land campaign in northern France.

On that day, more than 150,000 US, British and Canadian troops landed on the beach in Normandy, France, battling Nazi troops to gain a foothold in Europe. At the time, D-Day was the largest seaborne invasion in military history and a pivotal event in WWII.

Today’s anniversary has been commemorated in the US and Europe with special ceremonies and events.

The Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire is a replica which can be seen within London Bridge train station for a short time for those all to take a moment to think back to those that fought in World War II. It is on loan from the Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

The spitfire is also a reminder that The Southern Railway, as it was then known, had it’s own war effort back home. The railway evacuated civilians from London, brought troops back from Dunkirk, and transported military supplies.

Ian Hanson, stations director for Network Rail’s south east route, said:

“The Railway played a vital role during the Second World War, including transporting troops and equipment to the front lines ready for the D-Day operations.

It’s fantastic to be able to help Imperial War Museums mark this important anniversary by hosting this Spitfire and a great surprise which we’re sure will thrill our passengers too.”

John Delaney, the head of Second World War from Imperial War Museums, said:

“It is such a thrill to display our replica Spitfire in the public space of London Bridge.

This is an unprecedented and unique way to mark 75 years since D-Day and share our historic collection from IWM Duxford with a new audience.

It is particularly fitting that the aircraft is so near to HMS Belfast, which played a significant role on D-Day, highlighting the air and sea-borne elements of the invasion to liberate Europe.”

Did you know:

  • Spitfire are known as the aircraft who won the Battle of Britain
  • Spitfire were equipped with 20mm cannons, machine guns and bomb racks.
  • After D-Day Spitfires provided fresh beer for the trips of Normandy. Which Westerham Brewery in Kent supplied beer in barrels that were strapped to the bomb racks.

Taking a moment to reflect

Before rushing back off home from London Bridge train station I took a moment to step back and gaze on the awe inspiring spitfire and to think of all those that fought for our country.

There was even a free newspaper to learn more about the landings.

Plus there was even a few digital screens which you could watch to learn more about D-Day.

Such a touching heart warming pop up.

Remembrance Pop Up

The Spitfire popped up in London Bridge 31 May to mark the anniversary of 6 June 1944.

It will be leaving the station on 9 June to return to the Imperial War Museum.

If you miss the Spitfire you can always make a visit to see it at the Imperial War Museum in Cambridgeshire.


There is also many more ways to reflect back to 1944 of the D-Day landings from Imperial War Museum in Kennington, HMS Belfast and Churchill War Rooms.

God bless you all.

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