KitchenAid Experience Store – How to use and cook with plant based food

I am not one for vegetables and so when I was invited via KitchenAid London to attend one of their cookery courses of my choice, I chose to learn about plant based food to see if I could actually enjoy a meal made out of vegetables entirely with no meat or fish and I must admit I was presently surprised and impressed.


Firstly let me tell you a bit more about KitchenAid. They were founded back in 1886 by Josephine Cochrane she revolutionized the world of cooking.  She patented an invention that would in time become the dishwasher as we know it today. Nine of her incredible machines were exhibited, sold and used in restaurants. Some found a place in respected luxury hotels. Driven by the desire to popularise her invention, Joséphine adapted a model for household use just before her death in 1913.

From revolutionary inventions then took birth in 1919 with the first mixer and this is how the brand KitchenAid was born.

Almost a century ago, Ohio engineer Herbert Johnson invented another miraculous machine that was going to revolutionise the lives of cooking experts and gourmets: The H5, the first household eggbeater.

While testing the eggbeater one of the company directors unknowingly invented the brand name KitchenAid when she exclaimed: “I don’t care what you call it, it’s the best kitchen aid I’ve ever had” and with that KitchenAid name was born.

Over the years, inspired by the professional world, the brand has never stopped inventing and improving innovative solutions for gourmets and cooks.

KitchenAid appliances provides Professional Performance, Artisan Quality and have an Iconic Design.

Read more about KitchenAid’s history via clicking here.

The KitchenAid Experience Store

The KitchenAid Experience Store is stylishly arranged over two floors, letting kitchen designers, budding bakers and serious chefs alike discover more about KitchenAid. Not only are KitchenAid’s famous small appliances on display but also the recently launched range of major appliances which offer a perfectly balanced mix of iconic design and professional performance.

The whole space has a fully functioning demonstration kitchen as well as a cookery school at the back which holds a rolling schedule of events, offer budding cooks the opportunity to experience professional results which KitchenAid appliances can produce within their London store situated in Wigmore Street.

Converting to a vegetarian for the day

Upon arriving at the KitchenAid Experience Store the first thing I and anyone would notice is their super-sized version of the iconic KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer which takes pride of place in the stores window. I wonder how many cakes it would make?

KitchenAid shop

Upon entering I notice the grand space which consisted of a long worktop where cookery demos take place, many workstations at the back for the cookery classes, a wall full of KithenAid appliances as well as a wall filed with an array of coloured mixers which can be purchased within the store.

Upon checking in and signing a health and safety waiver it was time for me and my blogger friend Shona who joined me on the experience to start learning and cooking with plant based food.

Learning how to cook plant based food at KitchenAid Experience Store

Meeting Lisa the teacher for the day we all sat around the workstation where we learnt what we were going to be making today and a bit about why plant based food is good for us.

Lisa then went on to teach us all about plant based brownies which contains no real chocolate. Surprisingly they are made out of black beans. We did not make these ourselves but we got taught them by a simple step by step demo. She used one of KitchenAid stylish food processors. Learn more about their food processors via clicking here. We then had the pleasure in tasting Lisa’s pre-made gooey plant based brownies after.

They looked like real brownies and were a gooey delight. They tasted a little like a chocolate brownie but more of bananas and coconut. Still they were nice but I would not personally make these as if I am going to want a brownie I will want a proper rich indulgent chocolate brownie as I crave sweetness.

Next we learnt how to make pasta.

However as none of us were vegan Lisa decided to teach us how to make egg based pasta instead.

KitchenAid pasta

Instead of making the dough with our hands we used the KitchenAid mixer which made the process a lot faster and easier rather than kneading for a good half hour or more. So within a few minutes and a little kneading the dough was ready to chill for 30 minutes. Discover more about these time saving stand mixers via clicking here. Plus in celebration of their 100 years they have a special limited edition mixer called Queen of Hearts. It has a Artisan 4.8L bowl, tilt-head stand mixer and is a passion red and has a trimband which consist hundreds of miniature hearts. It’s a modern take on their iconic look.

Whilst the dough was chilling in the fridge we got taught how to make a lovely Red Pepper Pesto to accompany our pasta once made and cooked. Mainly using the KitchenAid blender it was literally made and done in front of our very eyes by Lisa within minutes.

We then went on and took our pasta out of the fridge and took a chunk in stages to flatten and put through the pasta machine. Always remember it is best to fold over three times so once placed through the machine at setting 1 fold over and put through again, then fold and put through again then finally one last fold and put through again. Then you can start to increase the dial on the pasta machine in stages which will make your pasta thinner and thinner.

Also if you wanted you can add basil leaves within your pasta. You can either use these as lasagna layers but as we was making tagliatelle we replaced and attached another pasta attachment to the KitchenAid mixer and made tagliatelle using the KitchenAid pasta horse to hang our pasta onto to dry a little before being cooked. you can though take some pasta home uncooked if you desired just make sure to add plenty of semolina to your pasta so it doesn’t get stuck together.

Whilst we waited for the pasta to dry we went over to the demo workstation and Lisa talked us through in how to make two different flat breads from a pizza based one to a sweet potato one.

She then showed us how to make an avocado mash to be served on top of the flatbreads which was very easy with a smash and stir.

We then went to our workstations and made our own flatbreads.

Once made we popped them into the KitchenAid oven which is multi functional and can be used as a steam oven. Learn more about the many different types of ovens KitchenAid sell via clicking here. Whilst cooking we made our avocado mash. Remember though as using chillies in this mash don’t rub your eyes after as they will sting as I found out.

The flatbreads did not take long to cook and in within approx 10 minutes we were eating freshly cooked flatbreads along with our spicy refreshing avocado mash. I am not keen on flatbreads usually but I must admit they both tasted amazing. The pizza based was fluffy and light and the sweet potato one even though denser it tasted amazing with a subtle sweetness coming through. The avocado mash made both breads even more a delight though it was like having a pizza without cheese but avocado goodness instead.

Once we had finished eating our flatbreads we were served up our pasta which had been cooking on a KitchenAid hob. Discover more about their hobs via clicking here. It came served with the lovely red pepper pesto Lisa made earlier.

I forget how amazing fresh pasta can taste and how quick and easy it is to make. I do prefer Lisa’s way in doing it in the mixer in how we were taught as I think I have been put off in past because of the kneading required but with this technique you don’t need to. The beauty of fresh pasta as well is you can cut to the size you want, thickness and only takes minutes to cook.

With our bellies full it was time for me and Shona to leave with our goodie bag full of recipes from all their classes, recipe stand, anniversary pen, spatula and information about their other upcoming cookery classes. However before that a quick photo with the lovely teacher for the day Lisa.

KitchenAid oven, stand mixer and utensils

During the cooking course we used KitchenAid multi function ovens, stand mixers and various kitchen utensils.

KitchenAid multi function oven

The Twelix Artisan Oven gives three different cooking options in just one appliances: pure steam, steam assisted, and convection. Thanks to the pure steam feature you can enjoy savouring mouth-watering vegetables and even seafood cooked in a natural, healthy way.

This technology optimises airflow and heat distribution within the oven, reducing pre-heating and cooking times and guaranteeing that the air circulates uniformly and your dishes are properly and evenly cooked.
Cooking with the Twelix Artisan Oven will be a piece of cake, but also cleaning it: the Pyrolitic function save your time and effort.

Learn more via clicking here.

Stand Mixer

The stand mixer is so much more than just mixing as there is a number of attachments to be added to the mixer from pasta making machines to attachments to make sausages.

Discover all attachments via clicking here.

Plus at present there is two special KitchenAid Stand mixers available to buy from the Raspberry Ice stand mixer with all profits going to cancer research

and the 100 year birthday celebration stand mixer called Queen of Hearts.


KitchenAid has a vast array of utensils.

Discover and learn about them all via clicking here.


So if you are looking for a novice workshop which will widen your plant based diet with no need of meat and dairy then these delicious recipes are a sure way to change anyone’s mind, perhaps even me.

Even though I went on a complimentary basis as a blogger I think at £95 is a great price considering you are there for half day (10:30 – 14:30), what you learn, cook and eat. The demos and instructions by Lisa were all told very clearly and she was on hand if you required any assistance.

This was a real treat and a cookery class that I highly recommend to all and I for one will be recommending to my family and friends.

Plus I have been to many cookery schools before and this one is my new favourite.

Do something different

Instead of going along to a restaurant why not attend a cookery class instead to have fun, learn and make your own dishes which in return you can recreate at home and share your knowledge and new cooking skills with your friends and family.

Book a class via clicking

Thank you to KitchenAid Experience Store for letting me (Joanne) and another community member of Love Pop Ups London come down to learn how to make plant based food.  This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read the other bloggers honest opinion. 

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