James Bond not required as I Agent Pink took on the bad guys and saved the world – Colab Theatre, Spy City

Ever wondered what it would be like to be James Bond and save humanity? Well Colab Theatre’s latest immersive production Spy City gives everyone the opportunity to be a spy.

I was invited on a courtesy basis and attended along with Bianca another community member of Love Pop Ups London to save the world.

Colab Theatre

COLAB is an Immersive Theatre company. They create completely new worlds and experiences to tell you a story.

Using authentic immersive theatre they enable you to engage in stories as much or as little as you’d like.

Utilising buildings and locations around London and the UK they bring the untapped world around us alive using old, new and borrowed stories. 

They strive to create experiences you will never forget.

Spy City

14 June – 1 September

Spy City is their latest production which let’s you become a spy just like James Bond for two hours.

Collect secret packages, chase enemy agents, uncover your true identity and escape capture.   

This is an intimate, action packed three-part performance which takes place in London Bridge. Starting off within an exclusive spy members bar, new signed agents will firstly discover your true identity before you begin your new life as an elite agent. From here you will go on an undercover mission around London Bridge, collecting secret packages, chasing enemies, finding the baddies lair to break into, rescue your fellow agents and see if you are brave enough to save the world from destruction – this is the ultimate spy experience.

I am not James Bond I am Agent Pink

I want to be like James Bond just for the day.

Gearing up for this interactive, heart-racing experience of the year with Spy City, I was thrust into a world of action.

Upon arriving at London Bridge I headed to the secret location where firstly before being allowed to enter the Amber bar which is a private members bar for secret agents I had to answer some personal questions via my mobile from have I ever lied to who do I completely trust with my life?

Thankfully me and Bianca both passed and showed them we are worthy of being an agent so we both headed on down to the basement where the secret Amber Bar is.  

We were greeted by Agent Hugo who was an agent but also managing the bar and he provided us with a few drinks and told us to wait for further instructions about our mission.

Ordering a beer, shaken not stirred, me and Bianca discussed what mission could be in store for us. We did not have to wait that long until we were shortly greeted by an undercover agent and we were told to head on up and see the nurse first.

After getting a check over by the nurse it soon became apparent that not all was as it seemed as we were in danger and it was up to us to save ourselves.

Eventually another agent came to our rescue and led us through the streets of London Bridge seeking out bad guys and breaking into the baddies hideout, where the action got very intense. Within inside the building things got more intense as the rooms were small and was very dark inside. We headed to the CCTV room to access the situation and we noticed that there was two security guards.

Our mission was to disarm four switches and recover the device that will destroy the world. With my heart going ten to the dozen it was up to me and Bianca to turn off the switches whilst avoiding the guards and dodging through lasers to save someone or was this a trap?

Without giving too much more away all I can say is if you really want to know what it’s like to be a spy then, Colab’s Theatre Spy City is a must as I took to the streets of London Bridge, broke into a safe house, sneaked within a building avoiding security guards, decoded locks, took on a laser maze, got caught, was nearly killed, escaped and saved the world. The whole experience was absolutely heart pounding from the start to the finish.

With the fate of the world now being in our hands the question was to destroy or not destroy the device?

We survived

Think Secret Cinema, minus the cinema bit. Through CoLab Spy City you will feel like you really have taken on a undercover mission.

This has to be the most intense immersive adventure I have ever done and I really did feel like I had become a spy for those few hours. So if you love James Bond and like the idea of becoming a spy I would highly recommend this. For me personally as you are in small groups and in my case just me and my friend I felt it was more personal and interactive and better value for money rather than paying high rates in which you would for Secret Cinema’s latest production of Casino Royale.

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Become a spy

Location: London Bridge
Cost: £28
Book via https://www.colabtheatre.co.uk/

Thank you to Colab for the invite I and Bianca another community member of Love Pop Ups London we loved it even though we both feel like our blood pressure has escalated. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read the write up from Bianca plus other write ups from other past productions by Colab Theatre in which I and others had had the pleasure of experiencing.

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