Come along kiddie winkies there is candy to be had at Spun Candy

Candy, candy, we all scream for candy and that is certainly what you will get when you attend a Spun Candy masterclass.

I and Bianca we were gifted an experience through Spun Candy to learn the art of candy making in which we attended their Lollipop Masterclasses.

Spun Candy

Spun Candy are producers of handmade hard rock candy and confectionery.

Since opening in London 2013 they have developed hundreds of designs and flavours of confectionery. Their product range is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries and growing due to customer demands and global trends.

All their candy is 100% Vegetarian, contains natural flavours, gelatine and gluten free.

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As well as being able to buy candy within their store they also hold a number of masterclasses within their kitchens which you will get to handmark your own creations whilst being tutored and learning the art, history and science behind the confectionery.

Spun Candy fun

Upon stepping through the doors of Spun Candy the smell of sugar hit my nostrils immediately as the air was full of sweetness and from that moment I just knew it was going to be a sugary delight for the next hour.

Before starting the Lollipop Candy class it was time to have a little explore around the shop.

I loved all the different candy which were displayed from lollipops in celebration of Pride through to flowers. However what really got my attention was the candy faces on display as there was such an array such like the Genie from London’s West End Aladdin, Gordon Ramsay, Donald Trump and so many more famous faces.

This is probably the nearest I would get to licking Gordon’s face.

They even had some lollipops in celebration of this month’s Pride celebrations in London.

They even have a wall of fame within the class area of celebrities such as Phillip Schofield holding up his candy face next to his own face.

Lollipop Masterclass time

Upon entering the kitchen area we were warmly welcomed by the candy experts Emma and Poppy.

We were given an apron, safety gloves and a welcome drink. Upon introductions it was time to get stuck in and learn all about the art of candy making. We got to learn the history and science of candy from methods, techniques and the ingredients used.

It was then on with learning all about how to create the British candy of colour and delight. Firstly 4 kilos of sugar, 2 kilos of glucose and water is boiled to 155c, which is 55c hotter than boiled water from a kettle to make the basis of candy.

Emma and Poppy then explained about flavourings and added a liquid which consisted of orange lemon, peach, passion fruit, watermelon, apples, blueberries and raspberries. The smell was amazing and thus making the flavour Tutti Fruiti which in Italian means all the fruits.

The sugar mixture then was poured in between two railings on a cold surface table which they then started to add different colours to make different colours of candy. Spun Candy is known for using natural ingredients. Four colours were created from white, yellow, blue and red.

The white was made using Titanium Dioxide which is a natural mineral plus sour salt was added, the yellow was out of turmeric, the blue our of food colouring (thankfully not butterfly wings in which we was told is used by lots of confectionery companies) and the red beetroot (again thankfully not beetles as was told red colouring is usually made via crushing beetles).

They then tested it like a cake by dipping a metal scraper into the mixture and if it came away cleanly the sugar was done. They then bang with scrapers against the metal railings to loosen away the candy mixture before removing the railings completely.

Poppy then divided the colours by cutting each away with scissors. Each colour was then scraped together in effect kneading it and she also created some additional colours by mixing some colours together to make green, orange and purple.

The white candy though was kneaded in a different way as this is the main base for the candy structure. Emma placed on a hook and stretched over and over in fact 120 times to make the perfect white candy base which will in time make the candy larger, airier, shiner and chewier.

Each individual colour was rolled out like sausages and flatted into rectangles and then joined together making a rainbow effect.

Once the white candy was ready this was also rolled into a sausage shape but a much larger and thicker one as this was the base of the candy after all. The rainbow coloured sheet was then wrapped around the white candy.

Emma then showed us how to make some different shapes such as:

the twister

a butterfly

and the classic lollipop.

It was then our turn. It was not as easy as what they made it look with the candy keep sticking to the matt.

It definitely looked easier when Emma and Poppy was demonstrating but the sugar kept sticking to the mat as I was taking too long as when working with sugar it is best to work quickly with it.

I created some twisters, a heart and a few normal classic round lollipops. Bianca done twisters, classic round lollipops and a butterfly.

Even though my creations were not perfect it was such a fun class and definitely took me thinking about my childhood.

“There is candy to be had kiddie winkies”

After we was given a certificate to knowledge that we are now candy makers just like Willy Wonka.

Apart from the classes they also sell candy within their shop an array of candy shaped candy from roses to moustaches as well as classic confectionery such as honeycomb.


Sugary delight

I loved every moment within Spun Candy and certainly is a different kind of cookery school I have ever done and one that will be in my memory forever.

So if you love sugar just as much as me and love being arty then I highly recommend Spun Candy. I would recommend as an alternate date night experience to impress your partner, or have fun with a group of friends, or celebrate your birthday in style, or celebrate your last days of being single by holding your hen / stag party at Spun Candy and create a candy face out of the face of the people who getting wed.

If you ever do end up booking one of the materclasses within Spun Candy you will not be disappointed however you might leave a bit sugar overloaded.

Which candy shape would you make?

A sweet treat

London Spitalfields,
58 Wentworth Street,
E1 7AL


Thank you Spun Candy for a sugary delightful hour of creating rainbow Lollipops. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are of our honest opinion.

Click link below to read the other write up from Bianca who attended the class with me.

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