Stepping into Multiverse of the Chambers of Gingerline

Having been to previous Chambers of Flavours I was excited to see what their new chambers held this year.

I was luckily enough to be invited along with a friend where we took the multiverse of chambers.


Gingerline is a group of clandestine dining adventurers who have been creating nights of mystery and delicious dining along the East London Line since August 2010. From Crystal Palace to Canonbury they have taken immersive dining to the next level with adventures for London’s boldest and bravest diners-from a multi-room gin filled experience in New Cross, to a submarine mess hall in Shoreditch.

They originally started life as a single dimensional nomadic food fusion which has morphed into three distinct strands of flavoursome forays: Chambers of Flavour, Classic Gingerline and the most recent Flavourology.

Chambers of Flavours IIII

Returning for it’s fourth instalment following on from three solid years of sold out shows Chambers IIII hits London with even more unimaginable dining worlds.

Formerly known as The Chambers of Flavour, Chambers IIII is the fourth adventure through the multiverse, combining culinary creations with madcap storytelling. Ever-popular and always unexpected, each of these previous chapters has folded together art, performance, food, drink and design, transporting diners beyond their wildest dreams into magically imaginative alternative realities. Put simply, multi‐dimensional dining has punters traversing through different rooms, or parallel realities, enjoying a course of food in each… Which brings us onto the food! Chambers.

Tickets include a five flavoursome courses, a palate cleanser, a welcome drink plus 120 minutes of playful explorations through five dining dimensions. Produced by sister company Flavourology, the chefs serving up the goods for Gingerline pride themselves on their accessible and flavourful, fresh, feastly and fun menus, served up in mischievously interactive and creative manners. After two riotous hours, diners are welcome to stay on into the night at the intergalactic bar before returning, invigorated, to the real world.

Taking on the Chambers

On the day a few hours before we received a text message giving us directions of where the Chambers of Flavours can be found within Hoxton.

Upon arriving at the secret location within Hoxton I and my friend Steve we were taken on a journey through a multiverse of an endless array of different dimensions, six in total, and in each of them their was a story to be had and a meal to enjoy.

As the chambers are top secret and so are the dishes I can’t say much but be brave and take the adventure and get your taste buds tantalising and your mind blown.

At the end of journeying through the multi verse we ended up within a bigger bar area where there was past props from other Chamber of Flavours from the talking vegetables to giant lips.

So it got me thinking about my past favourite moments from past Gingerline Chamber of Flavours experiences I have encountered over the years through their multi dimensional travels.

  • One multiverse room I encountered a crash test dummy whom I married and then we were served along with others at our reception meal of hot vegetable soup from a car engine but alas our romance did not last long as the multiverse doors were closing and it was time to hop to another dimension.
  • I also boarded plane (a room made to look like the inside on a plane) where I sat within one of the seats ready for lift off whilst an air hostess which was a man dressed as a lady came out and gave us the ins and out of how she felt when it was time for lift off all whilst talking to the captain in a flirty manner on the phone, as you can imagine she said such things to the captain as faster faster, so funny.
  • Another time I dived into a ball pit which represented the sea and there was a fisherman in a boat at the other end of the room who told us of the great storm which was coming whilst reading us some sea stories. When the storm hit it was time for us to throw balls all over the place creating the storm.
  • Another great moment was when I and other fellow guests became contestants on a game show and had to guess what we was eating to win points from all the flavours. It really felt like we was on a real game show all being very competitive.

Discover the last Chamber of Flavours events via clicking here.


I love Gingerline and all their productions which I have experienced in the past however I was disappointed that the waiting area of the bar is reduced in size and there seemed to be not a great selection of non alcoholic drinks they just seemed to have flavoured tonic water.

As for the Chambers this time around it lacked something and was not as polished as past ones. Also the rooms seemed much smaller than past ones and it felt very hot within them. Plus I was not keen on the meals this time around however it is still in it’s preview stages I believe so hopefully improvements will be made.

Overall I don’t think this sequel was as brilliant as previous ones but still really good fun and if you are a first timer and you love immersive dining then you will love Chambers as it is like no other immersive dining experience.

Be brave, take the adventure, immerse yourself, eat and have fun.

Note: All photos above are from the bar at the end of the experience and props used from previous shows. There is also music and some entertainment in the larger bar from dancing to the tunes of DJ Steve to fancy dress fun.

Take on the multiverse

Location: Secret location in Hoxton.
Prices: Start from £55 + booking fee.
Times: Multiple arrival times from 5.30pm can be booked.
Included in cost of ticket: five courses of food, a welcome drink + 120 minutes of playful exploration through 5-dining dimensions. Plus access to the after party bar.

Click here to discover more and book.

Thank you to Gingerline for letting me come down along with another community member of Love Pop Ups London to experience a wild journey through the multiverse of Chambers IIII. This experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion. 

Click link below to read write ups by the other community member who joined me on the night plus ready other past write ups of other experiences I and others have experienced with Gingerline over the past few years.

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