Chillin n Grillin on a Skuna BBQ Boat

Love BBQ’s? then you’ll love Skuna BBQ Boats. Sail down the waters of Canary Wharf and enjoy grilling meat whilst taking in the views of Canary Wharf.

I was invited on a courtesy basis by Tommo along with some other community members of Love Pop Ups London to enjoy a trip on their new BBQ Boats.


Skuna formally was known as HotTug UK but recently they have changed their name to reflect from where they originally saw the Hot Tubs and to welcome their new BBQ Boats.

Tommo and Jack are the owners of Skuna and they all brought the unique experience of hot tugging down the waters of London when they saw and fell in love with the Hot Tugs in Holland which are designed by Frank de Bruijn. So after a fund raising campaign and exceeding their target they then opened their business here in London back in July 2017.

Hot Tubs


Hot Tubs hold up to 1,800 litres of water and the water is kept warm by the wood-fire burner at 38 degrees so no matter what time of the month it is you will never feel cold.   Each Hot Tub is powered by a quiet electric motor and can move up to speeds of 3 miles per hour. The whole experience lasts 90 minutes (15 minutes tutorial and 75 minutes sailing in the Hot Tub).  Each Hot Tub holds a maximum of 7 people.  You can also take drinks on board with you. 

BBQ Boats

Hire your very own BBQ Boat for 1hr 45 minutes out on the water. Their BBQ Boats hold groups of up to 8-10 people and all you need to do is bring is your food, drink (and for those warmer days, your sun cream!). They provide all the essential BBQ equipment (plates, cutlery, napkins and cups are also available for £1 pp).

Perfect for birthday celebrations, corporate events, family days out or just a fun get together with friends, their BBQ boats operate 7 days a week, daytime and evening, from the historic West India Quay dock at Canary Wharf. All from only £15 per person.

Chillin n Grillin

Upon arriving at Skuna within Canary Wharf I noticed straight away that they now have a new hut for changing within if you are going to be doing sailing down in a Hot Tub as swimwear is required. I have done this before in both locations within Canary Wharf and Angel but this time I was here to take a trip in their new BBQ Boats which is the first day of opening to the public.

Upon seeing the BBQ Boat I was impressed by the size and happy to hear that the BBQ was a gas BBQ and not coals so thankfully creates hardly any smoke.

Boarding the boat we was told someone had to be the dedicated captain as unlike the Hot Tub changing of captains is not wise due to the fact their is a hot BBQ on board.

So Jason took the job of being Captain.

Once we were all sitting down and given health & safety instructions by Tommo and told that we can only sail up to the yellow buoys.

We all got on cooking our food on the BBQ before setting off down the waters of Canary Wharf.

Everyone all bought along an array of BBQ food from such supermarket stores as Marks & Spencers.

I bought along though some game meat from Wild and Game who sent me burgers and sausages on a courtesy basis.

Wild and Game are a non-profit organisation and their main aim is to introduce the British public the great taste of game meat. Game is low-fat and low-cholesterol. They only ever select only the highest quality ingredients to go into their recipes, from pies to pasties. When ordering with Wild and Game the meat will come frozen but even after defrosting and cooking the quality and freshness of the meat is still intact. Once we cooked the burgers and sausages and bit into them they were amazing, tasted fresh like they had never been frozen and each had so much flavour.

My favourite was though the Beef and Pheasant burgers.

Plus Shona made some homemade lamb kebabs (top of BBQ photo) which she got the recipe from Joe Wicks paid plan which were absolutely delicious, garlicky, sweet and ever so moorish.

We all had a go at barbecuing whilst Jason sailed us down the canals of Canary Wharf whilst the sun set.

On one occasion an eagle eyed seagull started to watch us and he nearly became barbecue meat.

Just chillin, grillin n eatin together.

After 1hr 45 minutes it was time to pack up and head on home via train. Hope that was not my train.

The whole experience was a great one and one that I will never forget.


The BBQ Boat is a great way to chill with family or friends along the waters of West India Quay in Canary Wharf.

There is plenty of room on the boat and the BBQ is gas powered the food cooks quickly so within 15 minutes you will be chilling and eating together whilst taking in the views.

When we went there it was 8 of us which I felt was the perfect size as we had room for our bags full of food and drink. I think the maximum 10 people would be too many so I would advise sticking under 8 as to not to become to squashy.

So if you are looking for that extra special birthday treat, needing unique corporate idea, seeking a family day out or just looking for something different and fun to do within London then I highly recommend Skuna BBQ Boat.

Book a BBQ Boat

BBQ Boats operate 7 days a week from the historic West India Quay Dock at Canary Wharf. You will get 1hr and 45 minutes on the boat. Prices start from £150 per person and can hold up to 10 people in total.

Plus don’t forget your BBQ food and some drinks. Maybe make your own homemade kebabs? or failing that buy some food from local nearby shops and supermarkets.

Click here to book.

Thank you to Skuna Boats for the BBQ Boat experience we loved chillin n grillin down the waters of Canary Wharf. All views are my own honest opinion.

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