A look back at July 2019 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during July 2019 on a complimentary basis.

July 2019 a look back


Do you love the colour pink? do you love food? do you love Shisha? then you will love Rumours Mayfair.

There is a variety of food to be had within Rumours Mayfair from Steak to Sticky Toffee Pudding but apart from food they also sell fabulous creative cocktails.

Food, cocktails or a Shisha?

Rumours Mayfair

“The charred broccoli with the whipped feta was exceptional though, as the creaminess of the feta offset the charred juiciness of the broccoli beautifully. The broccoli was tender with a slight al dente crunch, while the feta was smooth and crumbly, pairing well with the chilli sauce that was lovingly ladled over the kale salad.”

Ana of Faded Springs

Me and others of Love Pop ups London we had the pleasure in attending on a courtesy basis to enjoy a three course meal within Rumours Mayfair. Click here to read all our write ups.

The Big London Bake

Ever wanted to know what it might be like to participate in The Great British BakeOff well know you can. As at The Big London Bake you can cook and compete against others without the pressure of Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood.

Each baker will be provided with all the key ingredients for the ultimate baking extravaganza which lasts 90 minutes. Whisking, rolling, drizzling, customising, creating will you be crowned the winner of The Big London Bake.

Certain nights throughout the year The Big London Bake turns matchmaker providing exclusive speed dating nights for singletons aged 25 to 35. Learning skills from the same brilliant head bakers, in the same fantastic tent in Tooting, but with added love on certain nights.

Question is will you come leaving with a soggy bottom or a date?

“Our task was to make summer inspired marshmallow cones. On paper a simple technical challenge with detailed instructions. What could possibly go wrong? The ovens are on, the materials are provided. Let’s do this!”

Shanine of BuffetBitch

Quite a number of members of Love Pop ups London have been invited throughout 2018 & 2019 to bake their best cake within The Big London Bake tent. To read all our write ups from last year and this year click here.

Trinity Buoy Wharf

If you love Jazz nights then you will love Trinity Buoy Wharf. Every Wednesday is Jazz Wednesdays at Trinity Buoy Wharf! with film screenings and dance performances.

This July Trinity Buoy Wharf bought to the stage Live! Mishka Adams & Beto Caletti.

Are you a jazz lover?

“Had a lovely evening at trinity boy wharf. One of the best gigs I’ve been to in a while! The voices of Mishka Adams and Beto Caletti were so angelic and they played effortlessly for over two hours beautiful tunes from South America. The chemistry between them was amazing.”


Some members of Love Pop ups London had the pleasure in attending a night full of Jazz at Trinity Buoy Wharf. Click here to read all our write ups.

Turtle Bay UK

Love Caribbean food then head of down to Turtle Bay in Camden or one of their other 42 establishments. At Turtle Bay UK you can sit back, relax and enjoy Caribbean vibes whilst sipping on rum, or even a cocktail and munching on either a their Caribbean style brunch, jerk or soul food or those with sweet tooth’s in us a dessert. You will come out feeling as though you have just been to the Caribbean.

This July they held a special Rum Masterclass to celebrate their Summer Sound Clash tour which will be touring the UK over various Turtle Bay locations bringing rum masterclasses and DJ battles.

Question is with so many rums to choose at Turtle Bay which will end up being your favourite?

Turtle Bay us

“If Pusser’s is gunpowder strength, then Wray and Nephew’s white overproof rum takes this to the next level. At 63% abv it’s not something to be drunk lightly, however once your mouth has acclimatised to the strength, I found it incredibly smooth. One to drink on it’s own if you dare!”

Katie of Whats Katie Doing

I and some other members of Love Pop ups London we had the pleasure in enjoying a Rum Masterclass whilst enjoying the sounds of the Summer Sound Clash. Click here to read all our write ups.

Made in Hackney

Made in Hackney want to teach cooks about how to cook great 100% plant based food with their seasonal, plant based programs which covers everything from basic cookery skills to sugar free baking, preserving, composting, foraging and making your own cosmetics. Perfect for vegans.

A member of the community this July had the opportunity to learn how to cook some incredible plant based dishes.

Made in Hackney offers so many plant based classes from cheese to vegan dinner ideas what will you end up choosing to learn?

“In front of us were displayed some beautifully fresh and seasonal organic greens, vibrant vegetables, herbs and various pots of stocks and sauces gently simmering away.”

Geeta of Yellow Shoes Orange Umbrella

I cooked with Made in Hackney last year on how to make vegan cheese. This July a member learnt how to cook plant based dishes. To read all our write ups from last year and this year click here.

Spun Candy

Candy, candy, candy is what Spun Candy is all about. It you love candy then you can purchase candy within Spun Candy or you can learn how to make candy be it a classic lollipop or a face of yourself.

There is so many masterclasses to choose from at Spun Candy the question is what will you choose to do?

Spun Candy me and Bianca

“Spun has a cute, colourful shop front right around the corner from Spitalfields market. The whole shop just smells like childhood memories and sugary goodness. Their shop front displays a selection of their large face, animal, and spiral lollipops, their famous sugar roses, and of course lots and lots of beautiful hard candy! So many colours and flavours to choose from at the pick and mix bar, and all their lovely masterpieces to look at.”

Bianca of Shiny Life

I and another member of Love Pop ups London we had the pleasure in attending a masterclass on how to make the classic rainbow lollipop at Spun Candy. Click here to read all our write ups.

Whisk Dessert Bar

Do you love desserts then you will love this short pop up which is in Angel, London. The desserts are changed on a regular basis to keep with fresh seasonal ingredients. All their desserts will give anyone’s taste buds a delight.

Which type of dessert do you love best fruity, nutty or chocolatey?

Whisk Dessert Bar me and Bianca

“This dish was so tangy and sweet and the biscuit gave it that extra texture and the custard cream cut away the sharpness. It was a dessert marriage as every element complimented each other very well. Plus I loved the look of the dessert with it’s bright purply red colour and the lovely yellow of the custard.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I visited last month with a member of Love Pop Ups London and I returned again this month with and another member to indulge in new seasonal created desserts by Whisk Dessert Bar. Click here to read all our write ups.


Within Hilton Hotel in Tower Bridge resides TwoRuba which is a lovely restaurant to sit back and enjoy a creative signature cocktails, provide delicious nibbles and has a ball pit for kids and adults a like to play in.

What would you do in a ball pit?

TwoRuba ball pit and us

“Did you know that Two Ruba, also have a ripple cocktail machine, what is that you might ask? Well it’s a selection of foam cocktails which they can help you impressed your special guest with a picture of their or yours face on the cocktail..now how’s that for impressive?”

Joice of Jojo Explorer

I and a group of members from Love Pop Ups London we visited TwoRuba to enjoy an array of nibbles and the ball pit. Click here to read all our write ups.

Immercity: The Unholy Marriage of Slice and Sweetly

Love murder mysteries then you’ll love Immercity latest immersive theatre production The Unholy Marriage of Slice and Sweetly.

The wedding of East End gangster, Jim Slice, in July 1955 is remembered for two things: the Slice family’s notorious reputation and the fatal stabbing of the priest before the ceremony could start. Despite numerous allegations and suspicions, the murder of Reverend Gris was never solved. They are calling people to step back in time, to that fateful day, and investigate the truth behind a close knit community torn apart by World War Two, rebuilding life from the rubble. Uncover a seething pit of family in-fighting, war-time secrets, blackmail, smuggling, and, of course, murder.

What happened at this wedding, who murdered the vicar and why?

“The characters were fleshed out and well acted. You are able to interact with them in the second half of the show, asking them whatever you like and these guys never missed a beat!”

Steve of Never Fear New

I and another member of Love Pop Ups London we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Slice and Sweetly where we helped put the Reverend soul to rest. I and other members have also attended past productions with ImmerCity last year and this year. Click here to read all our write ups.

Lagunitas Beer Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen did you hear that Lagunitas Beer Circus rolled into town on 20 July bringing not just beer to London but many spectacular performers from aerialists to sideshows.  This was a whirling frenzy of freaktacular Beer Circus.  Don’t miss the next one when it rolls back into London.

If you could be a circus performer what would you choose to be?

“It is a fun filled spectacle with all sorts of entertainment, jaw dropping aerialists and acts so weird and wacky that I couldn’t look away! There are opportunities for games to win prizes (including ring toss, slingshot and face splotch), dress up, face painting and mingling with the actors/performers who are a hoot!”


Read all the community members blogs / reviews who had the pleasure of attending by clicking here.


If you love immersive theatre and gastronomic food then you will love Gingerline.  Gingerline returns with Chamber IIII taking more travellers on a magical multi dimensional journey. 

Immerse yourself and take the journey, what will you discover?

“Formerly known as The Chambers of Flavour, Chambers IIII is the fourth adventure through the multiverse, combining culinary creations with madcap storytelling.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

Read mine and another the other members write up about the new Chambers IIII via clicking here. Discover more about past other adventures I and others have taken by clicking here.

Banquet of Hoshena

Banquet of Hoshena brings diners an innovative dining concept which brings illusionary and a feast for all senses. You’ll be transported to an imaginary land where flavours and emotions are intrinsically linked and Kings & Queens, fairies and volcanoes come alive on the table.  

​This is a one-of-a-kind dining experience which takes diners on a journey through a mystical land known as Hoshena. As the dinner starts and the lights dim, the Queen of Hoshena tells guests of a once-green and luscious kingdom that has banished bad emotions, such as anger, sadness and fear and as a result, removed love, happiness and courage leaving the land bare, dark and empty.

During the show, you’ll dine on five courses accompanied by wine and cocktail pairings with the food perfectly corresponding with the story. Accompanying the menu are clever props, sounds, illusions and scents, allowing guests to whisper their fears into a pouch, light a magic candle and create confusion with dry ice.

Which emotion would you like to experience the most?

The Banquet of Hoshena



I was invited the other month but this month a few other members of Love Pop Ups London took the journey through Hoshena whilst dining on exceptional food. Click here to read all our write ups.


Skuna (formally know as HotTug UK) provides two nautical experiences a Hot Tub and BBQ boats.

This July I and other members we had the opportunity of sailing down the waters of Canary Wharf on their brand new BBQ boating experience.

Question is what would you cook whilst sailing down the waters of Canary Wharf?

“The boats seat up to 10 and would be a really great thing to do with a special group of friends, colleagues or family.  The hire price is also quite reasonable as if there was 10 of you, it would work out around £20-25 each, for the 90 minute hire- which also seemed to last a really long time! The BBQ is gas, and therefore doesn’t omit unnecessary heat, and it cooked the food really quickly! My first experience with a gas BBQ and I’d say it was a big success. We were all impressed with the speed.”

Clare of of Loving Living London

I and other community members we sailed down the waters of Canary Wharf cooking up a storm within a BBQ boat. Read all our write ups via clicking here. Plus last year and this year we enjoyed a ride within their Hot Tubs which all our write ups can be found via clicking here.

Eleven98 Hackney

Aidan of Eleven98 Hackney loves to bring social fine dining using foraged, grown and locally sourced food from within Hackney.

So if you are looking for a supper club with a difference then this is one to attend. You will leave happy and thinking of ways you can change the way you eat and source your food.

Eleven98 will inspire you to grow your own vegetables at home. If you did what vegetables would you grow?

“The first course we had was a little surprise as it was a brand new addition that wasn’t actually on the menu. It was an incredible melting hake croquette that had been seasoned with celery salt and served with a celery leaf emulsion, pickled celery and a julienne of young celery leaf all from celery grown by Adian in his garden.”

Haydy of Squibb Vicious

I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we got to experience culinary classic delights over different dates at Eleven98 supper club. Read all their write ups via clicking here.


At Mauderne Baking School you can learn how to make macaroons or pastry by professional bakers, Maud (founder of Mauderne), Massy or Matteo.

They want to bring happiness to people and enable everyone the success of being a master by sharing all their secrets and tips from which they have learnt from working in professional kitchens.

Learn how to make macarons or choux pastry with professionals within a small intimate group of not more than 12 people.

Will you leave being a master macaron maker or choux pastry expert?

Mauderne Baking Class me, Maud and Geeta

“Once all piped, I chose my best 8 and placed them in my classy looking box making them look even more professional and as if I had bought them from a shop.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I and another member of Love Pop ups London we had the pleasure in attending a macaroon masterclass with Maudern where we made the most beautiful macaroons. Click here to read our write ups.


VIVI is one of London’s newest and most exciting restaurants to launch in the heart of London’s West End this year. Serving traditional British cuisine with modern flair, VIVI is open all day for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, pre-theatre meals, and dinner.

This July a group of us went along and enjoyed a good old traditional afternoon tea full of sandwiches, scones and cakes, glorious cakes.

What is your favourite type of cake?

VIVI afternoon tea us

“For my tea selection to accompany my cakes I chose the triple mint which did not just look amazing with it’s tea leaves inside a glass clear teapot but the smell was immense. It made me feel like I was sitting in a field full of fresh mint and the taste was sublime pure mintiness.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I and other community members of Love Pop Ups London we got to experience a afternoon tea full of sweet treats at VIVI. Read all our write ups via clicking here.



Valenttes provide natural and organic products for the home from candles to hand creams all free from chemicals and toxins.

Want to have your home smelling gorgeous or your skin feel amazing then Valenttes products are a must as they are great for your well-being.

Which smell would you opt for?


“I loved all their products from the look to the smell. Each product felt and looked good and the beauty about the products for me as well is that they are all environmentally friendly.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I got to enjoy luxury products by Valentte at home. Read my write up via clicking here.


Nick and Louise started teapigs back in November 2006 with one mission to get the nation drinking real tea again. Within their teas they use high quality real tea. By quality they mean using whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices and whole flowers creating a top quality flavour.

All their temple teabags are biodegradable mesh bag that gives the whole leaves lots of room to infuse. They use triangle style teabags as whole leaf tea just doesn’t work in regular paper teabags. Plus all their teas are dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

With so many flavours within their range and with so many winning a Great Taste award which one appeals to you the most from their collection of teas?  


“This tea certainly did put me in a happy buzzing mood after and made me just want to go out into the world and do something crazy like bungee jumping as the tea certainly did take my tastebuds on an adventure as they went wild with a zing.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I got to enjoy a selection of teas which help with certain moods from teapigs mood-o-meter range all which were so delicious, refreshing and caffeine free. Read my write up via clicking here.

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