Could I be better than Hermione in the School of Magic at London Escaped

I love magic and have always been fascinated about how magicians make things disappear or appear with a flip here and snap there. So I was excited when I got the opportunity courtesy of London Escaped to test my magic skills within their School of Magic which is designed for children.

London Escaped

London Escaped provides fans of escape rooms very atmospheric games filled with technology.

At present they have six games Prisoner, Da Vinci, Vampire Slayer, School of Magic, White Walker and Wizards Cup with a new one on the way.

Like all other escape rooms the mission is to hunt for items, find clues, solve puzzles and to beat escape within 60 minutes.

Magician for an hour

The Gift Of Immortality For Many Centuries Has Been The Subject Of Research And Aspirations Of Gifted Wizards. But This Gift Can Turn Into A Curse If It Falls Into The Wrong Hands. Order Of The Serpent Managed To Restore The Secret Of Alchemist Stone And The Dark Lord Is About To Rise And Gain Unprecedented Power. The Wise And Brave Students Are Now The Only Hope For The School Of Magic. The Conspirators Will Return In Just An Hour – Will You Dare To Take The Risk And Escape In Time With The Alchemist Stone?

Katie our joyful host who was friendly, welcoming and energetic showed us to the room and explained to us that we only have 60 minutes to prevent the Dark Lord from rising via learning and conjuring magical spells.

After being cloaked and given a magical wand of our choice it was time for us to start to learn, solve puzzles and perform some magic.

Stepping into the room it did feel slightly like I had entered perhaps a classroom of where Harry Potter or Hermione might study. There is an owl in a corner, flags for different houses, and many magical spell binding books. Looking through the room it soon came quite clear what puzzles needed solving from a puzzle type game through to a chess game. With all the puzzles designed for children it was not that difficult to work out but was still super fun. The only thing we did not know which we had to do to solve another puzzle within the second room was to find some crystals that helped stop from Dark Lord from rising but our host told us and then the hunt was on for the hidden crystals.

Within 40 minutes we escaped saving the world from the Dark Lord rising.


This room even though designed for children and not really adults was still very fun and even though the puzzles are easy sometimes I did stand back scratching my head trying to think what would a child do to crack it as I did get a bit stumped at times.

The only negative for me about this escape room was that the second room could only be accessed via crawling through a hole which opens within the fire place. As I was wearing smart clothes I did not want to crawl down on my knees so the games master of London Escaped had to come and open the door and walk me to the exit door and enter the second room that way. I wish that there was perhaps an alternate way from the first room into the second. Plus there was a lack of puzzles in the second room.

The best thing for me about the room was using our magical wands which made it feel like I was actually performing magic.

I would highly recommend if you have young children around 12 years old who loves puzzles and magic as they will love this game I am sure.

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Thank you to London Escaped for the invite. All views are my own honest opinion.

Click below to be redirected to read what the other community member who joint me in stopping the Dark Lord. All their views are of their own honest opinions.

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