Treats Club brings to Old Street sweet homemade doughnuts

Love doughnuts? then you will love Treats Club doughnuts which are all lovingly homemade, sold online and at markets. For a short time Treat Club has popped up at Old Street Roundabout where you will be able to indulge on many different sweet doughnuts.

I was gifted two doughnuts to taste and dazzle up with many of the toppings on offer.

Treats Club

Treats Club are a premium dessert specialist who specialise in doughnuts and ice cream.

Founder of Treats Club
Photo credit: Treats Club

Female owned and run by black girl magic, they have built a brand which focuses on quality over everything. Launched in November 2018 at Chatsworth Road Market, they have been bringing Londoners joy with her doughnuts (and now ice cream!) ever since.

All their doughnuts are made and baked at home even their jams, toppings and sauces.

“Treats Club is the greatest labour of love I have ever embarked on and I can whole-hardheartedly say I eat, sleep, breathe flavours and recipes…. Constantly dreaming up ways to bring you the greatest possible creations I can think of.”

Founder of Treats Club

Pop Up Old Street Roundabout

Treats Club Dessert Bar Old Street

For a limited time you will be able to purchase Treats Club doughnuts from their first ever pop up which is situated at Old Street Roundabout but hurry as only there until 23 August.

Flavours of the doughnuts will vary every week, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every taste imaginable with flavours such as dairy cornflakes milk soft serve or the vegan biscoff caramel brownie doughnut. Some of their doughnuts are also suitable for vegans.

Sweet Treat Delight

Upon finding Treats Club in Old Street station (entrance / exit to the roundabout) I had a sweetness smell waft up my nose and the image of Homer Simpson eating doughnuts came to my mind ” Mmmmmm…doughnuts”.

At Treats Club stand you can either opt for doughnuts or soft serve so I opted for a raspberry doughnut and a peanut butter one. Unfortunately the soft serve option was not available on the day I visited.

Treats Club

Plus you can dazzle your doughnut or soft serve up with a selection of toppings.

Treats Club toppings

For my raspberry doughnut I made it fit for a unicorn and dazzled it up with some coloured cereal.

Treats Club donut
Treats Club doughnut

The doughnut was a sweet delight. The icing was not too thick and tasted just like raspberries. The actual doughnut was heavenly as it was not doughy like some brands I have tasted and very airy and fluffy making each bite a sweet joy. Plus my topping of the coloured cereal gave it a real crunch.

Banya No.1 doughnut

For my peanut butter doughnut I opted for caramel sauce to give it that extra sweetness. Once again the icing was not too thick and tasted amazing, and the nutty topping gave it a real crunch.

Even though I loved both my doughnuts and was happy to discover both fell under their vegan range I was most impressed by the peanut butter one. As it was so nutty in flavour, sticky and sweet.

Doughnut time verdict

So if you are looking for a sweet treat I can highly recommend Treats Doughnuts.

Treats Club me and my doughnut

Grab one maybe for breakfast on your way to work or buy one for a friend, family member or colleague as a sweet treat.

Whatever you decide though you will not be disappointed as they are so fluffy, sweet and look amazing.

They are my new best doughnuts within London and I certainly will be looking to buy more if I ever visit one of the two markets they sell at, or be it at their next pop up or even on-line.

Buy Treats Club doughnuts

Discover more about Treats Club via clicking here.

Looking for a Treats Club doughnut they can be found or ordered via:

Pop Up at Old Street Rounadabout (till 23 August)

Old Street Roundabout (a.k.a. Old Street Station)

Opening times: 7.30am – 7pm Monday to Friday, 12 noon – 6pm


Saturday’s at Lloyd Park Market in Walthamstow
Sunday’s at Chatsworth Road Market in Homerton

Order on-line

All their doughnuts can be ordered and delivered to your home or office any day / time of the week (as long as 24 hours notice is given).

Menu and price list click here.

Email or call 07873 128 689

Order more than 1 box and a combined discount can be arranged.

FREE delivery across Essex and a small £5 delivery change for East and South London. £10 for North and West London.

Thank you to Treats Club for the sweet complimentary doughnuts. All views are my own honest opinion.

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