JimJams 83% Less Sugar Spread Snack

I recently was told that I am on the verge of becoming a diabetic so lately I have had to change what I eat in a big way and one of the main things I had to cut from my diet was sugar so that meant cutting out my daily treat of munching on a chocolate bar or two.

So when I received an email to taste and review JimJams newest product of Milk Chocolate Dippers which is a healthier chocolate snack I could not resist. JimJams milk chocolate is 83% less sugar than a normal chocolate spread.

Did you know that most chocolate spreads contain the equivalent of up to 56 cubes of sugar in one standard jar?


Kellie and Kevin wanted an alternative healthier treat for their children and so it became their mission to create a chocolate spread that tasted fantastic yet contained a lot less sugar than leading brands (83% less sugar to be precise!) and so JimJams was born.

Click here to discover recipes that can be made from their chocolate spread and click here to watch videos of them and their children Evie & Jack making delicious treats.

Milk Chocolate Dippers

Photo credit: JimJams

Brand new this autumn JimJams family are launching their brand new product of Milk Chocolate Dippers which contain no added sugar.

They are the perfect size snack which comprises of a dozen mini bread sticks accompanied by their signature no added sugar milk chocolate spread.

  • The milk chocolate spread is SugarWise certified
  • Naturally sourced sweetener maltitol is kinder on your teeth
  • High in fibre
  • School compliant so suitable for lunch boxes
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Sustainable palm oil RSPO certified 
JimJams Milk Chocolate Spread facts
Photo credit: JimJams
JimJams Milk Chocolate Spread facts
Photo credit: JimJams

Enjoying my JimJams in my Jim Jams

Me in my jim jams with my JimJams Milk Chocolate Dippers

Relaxing in my jim jams after having dinner I decided to enjoy my JimJams Milk Chocolate Dippers for my dessert.

Peeling back the top of the Milk Chocolate Dippers container I instantly had a waft of chocolate and biscuit hit me and I was excited as I have not had chocolate for quite a few weeks.

There are a dozen mini breadsticks within the tub accompanied with the No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate spread.

I read that they use maltitol for their chocolate which is nearly half the calories of normal sugar, and is tooth friendly, making it ideal for kids

The chocolate was a dream, it had a lovely consistency, not too runny but yet not too thick making it easy to scoop the chocolate around my bread stick. It had a lovely milk chocolate taste. The bread sticks were also great as they had a nice real crunch to them and a great biscuit taste.


I would highly recommend JimJam Milk Chocolate Dippers as the quality of the product was delicious and the packaging was also very good.

I will be looking at buying these in the future for a treat every now and then and with the knowledge knowing that it contains 83% less sugar I know it won’t be affecting my blood glucose too much.

JimJams buy now

Discover and order all of JimJams products via clicking here.

Alternatively JimJams chocolate spreads can be purchased from any of these retailers:

Sainsburys, Morrisons, Ocado, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, Booths, Grape Tree, Sweet Victory or Publix

Thank you to JimJams for the treat delight of milk chocolate dippers. All views are my own honest opinion.

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