Scott’s Apothecary will light up your evening with their Soy Candle making class

Ever wanted to learn how to make candles and perfumes? then you will love Scott’s Apothecary classes which certainly will light up anyone’s evening.

I plus a few other Love Pop Up London community members were invited down on a complimentary basis to learn all about candle and perfume making.

Scott’s Apothecary

Alice started as a registered Nutritional Practitioner and chef with a lifelong interest in essential oils. Having for years made her own beauty and cleaning products at home using the incredible scents and natural therapeutic properties of essential oils, Alice now offers workshops teaching people how to do it yourself. 

Alice provides a number of workshops in where you can learn about the use of essential oils and how to make your very own natural soy wax candles, perfume, beauty or cleaning products.

All ingredients used within her workshops are natural, cruelty free and organic where possible.

Scott’s Apothecary Soy Candle & Therapeutic Perfume Workshop lit up my night

Stepping off at Clapham station and with a 10 minute walk through some windy roads passing residential homes I soon found Alice Scott’s Apothecary workshop which is set within her husband’s offices in a block of offices.

Stepping through her husband’s office within her workshop instantly I was hit by smells of a variety of essential oils. I was surprised to see exactly how many essential oils were also sitting upon the table.

Plus around the room there was a selection of homemade candles and other products by Alice on display which could be purchased.

At each place set at the table there consisted flasks, container for candle, roll on perfume bottle and an essential information page plus an area for note taking to help us create our own unique candle and perfume.

After acquainting ourselves with each other within the class with a tipple of fizz (or tea) and an introduction by Alice we soon got learning all about essential oils, smelling and choosing our desired smells for our candle and perfume.

Alice started off with explaining how all essential oils work and what to keep in mind when creating your own scent blend. In fact the first hour of the two hour workshop, we got to find out all about essential oils, how they are made and which ones are used for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes and so much more.

Sniff here and a sniff there

As there was so many essential oils (herbs, citrus, fruity, floral, woody & spicy) to sniff, every so often it was advised to sniff a jar of coffee beans which was provided on the table to clear your nostrils to reset the receptors within our nose. I thought this was odd but trust me surprisingly it worked and my nose was back into action after each sniff of the coffee beans.

Did you know that each oil has different effects on the body and can help with certain moods?

For example if you are looking for scents to help calm and sedate then woody floral notes (such as patchouli, frankincense, cedarwood and pine) or floral notes (such as lavender and orange) will help.

If looking for scents to help renew and restore your mood then grapefruit and sweet orange with lemongrass, rosemary and bergamot is recommended.

To help with tiredness lavender is a great scent to use to help sleep at night.

After a sniff here and a sniff there it was then time to choose up to five of our best scents. Top, middle and base notes were advised to be included.

I however was struggling as I had seven scents that I loved so with the help of Alice she helped me make them all work together in harmony by advising me how many drops of each I should use to create a sweet smelling citrussy and floral scent in which I desired. With the workshop kept to a small group of up to eight people, Alice had time for everyone giving her full attention and assistance when needed.

My chosen scents for my candle in the end were rose, geramine, lavender, grapefruit, mandarin, lemongrass and may change.

Alice advised how many drops of each should be used to combine all the scents together.

So with 50 drops of rose, 50 geramine, 40 lavender, 40 grapefruit, 50 mandarin, 25 lemongrass and 30 may chang into my flask my concoction was ready and time to stir together. It was then in with the melted wax prepared by Alice with another stir before pouring into my candle container. The wax used is pure soy wax, making the candles 100% natural and vegan friendly and with no synthetic ingredients.

Everyone’s candle smelled quite different, with individually selected oils, with mine giving me hits of floral and citrussy notes.

It was then time to let the candles sit to harden up. As it was quite a warm day Alice put them on the window ledge to get a breeze.

In the meantime we all then started to decide which scents we would like for our roll-on therapeutic perfume. It was advised to choose three but I instead of me selecting my smells this time around I asked Alice for advice as I wanted a floral perfume which would help with sleep. So Alice advised me that a combination of lavender, chamomile and rosewood using 6 drops each would work really well and help create me my own special sleep potion.

Lavender helps calm the mind and reduces anxiety, chamomile aids in sleep and is also good for calming with rosewood good to reduce anxiety and stress.

Each of them individually smelt amazing but when combined it was even more dreamy. Then finally with two drops of victim E (a natural preservative plus good for skin) it was time to mix and pour into my mini roll on perfume flask then topped it up with almond oil.

Only time will tell now if this sleep potion of mine will work?

By the end of our perfume making our candles now were almost set but still not quite so Alice advised not to light until 24 hours time until completely set. Also we was advised after lighting any candle that you should let it burn for at least an hour before blowing out so the wax melts over the whole surface of the candle otherwise if you blow out too early your candle will start to create a well and thus you won’t get the whole use of your candle. The candles we made will get 35-40 hours worth of burning time and our candles will hold the scent for a long time due to the essential oils and wax we have used. So I will be able to enjoy my floral / citrus scent wafting through my home for many months on end as I only tend to only use candles when I want to freshen up my living room. Plus the beauty about the candle is that is comes with a lid so when I am not using my candle I will be able to lock in the oils, preventing them from evaporating and stopping dust build when I am not using my candle.

My final sweet smelling creations.

Geeta, I and Bianca we were very happy with our candles and perfumes with each of us having a very different smell each.

What smells do you prefer herbs, citrus, fruity, floral, woody & spicy?

Make at home

I highly recommend attending Alice workshop on candle and perfume making and any of her other classes.

If you would like to make them at home after having a class and interested in now in making your own fragrant candles or perfume then here is a list of places which Alice recommends for those essential items you may need.

Candle making

Wax and wicks –
Livemoor for wax and Livemoor for wicks 

1kg will make around 4 x 200ml candles.
Candles should use about 6-8% essential oil to wax. Use a higher % of 12ml for 180ml wax to ensure your candle had a good smell throw.
For wax you need 1.5 x amount of wax flakes per container to make the right amount of melted wax for your container.
When picking essential oils look for those that have the Latin name on the front and tell you exactly what is in the bottle if it is a blend (e.g if it says floral blend and has perfume on the back it is not a pure essential oil blend). Always smell testers if possible to see if you like it. 

Essential oils
Livemoor essential oils

Candle containers
Alice says you can use so many materials from old tins, strong glass, ceramics, china or anything non porous. 

Alternatively you can buy jars by G Baldwins in Elephant and Castle who sells great amber jars.  


Quality essential oils
Quin Essence
Mateia Armatica

Note: always check with the company if you are taking any medication or have a medical condition before using essential oils on the body.  Plus if pregnant be warned as some essential oils can cause contraptions.

Brightened up my night

Scott’s Apothecary was a sweet smelling delight. Not only did I come away learning about how to make candles and perfumes from home but also the benefits certain oils can help with.

Alice was a pleasure and great teacher having time for everyone within the class and taking us through step by step in an easy and fun manner.

The whole candle and perfume making class costs usually £49 which I feel is great value for money for not only do you get an intimate class, you learn about how different smells can effect different moods, make your own candle to takeaway as well as a perfume.

I highly recommend to anyone if you have always wanted to learn how to make candles or perfumes or even as an alternate gift to give to a friend, family member or colleague.

Book with Scott’s Apothecary

Discover more and book one of the many masterclasses via Scott’s Apothecary by clicking here.

Plantation Wharf,
SW11 3TU

Thank you to Scott’s Apothecary for the invite. All views are my own honest opinion.

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