DYCE let’s you create your own ice cream creation

DYCE is one of London’s newest ice cream bars to open within Marylebone James Street on 2 August with it’s pretty in pink interior and eye catching ice cream creations by diners.

I was invited on down on a complimentary basis to create my very own DYCE ice cream creation.


Founder Chef Zahra Khan opened her doors last year to Feya, this year she brings DYCE.

Zahra has taken her life-long passion for food and created a concept that plays around the elements of exciting yet elegant insta-worthy treats bringing a modern and electric vibe. 

She loves cakes and ice cream and wants to blossom every person’s dream that enters her little world of DYCE. ​​

The fun starts with customers choosing a bespoke menu of creatively-topped doughnuts, brownies and cookies as a base. DYCE offers various exhilarating gelato flavours paired with a delicious mash-up of toppings to create a personalised experience for all, including vegan and gluten-free alternatives.

For those who are not seeking ice cream alternatively a milkshake or refreshing brew of organic bubble tea, including the option for fruit or milk tea can be enjoyed with DYCE.

DYCE’s passion and goal is to create a fun, unique and memorable experience for everyone. 

Ice cream time

Stepping into DYCE I was firstly captured by it’s eye-catching and trendy interior being very pink amongst other pastel colours that dawned the walls.

Photo credit: DYCE

It was like being encapsulated in a melting ice cream. The lush décor included cosy seating with pods, a melting ice cream floor, walls covered with concave mirrors shaped like bubbles representing the invigorating bubble tea.

Upon looking over the menu and not knowing what to choose I eventually decided to opt my base a doughnut, for my ice cream vanilla then topped with butterscotch pieces and caramel popcorn along with a macaron from the extras listing.

The vanilla ice cream was creamy and tasted good along with the crunchy popcorn and buttery butterscotch pieces. The macaron was a delight being a little chewy but crunchy at the same time.

However I was not keen on my doughnut base I felt it was quite doughy and not airy at all so I did not eat my doughnut. Apart from that I was impressed by the way my dessert looked making it very instagramable and all the other ingredients tasted lovely.

My husband Jason who came along with me opted for a brownie for his base, strawberry ice cream followed on by toppings of popcorn and chocolate chips and as an added extra the golden cone to represent a unicorn horn. His ice cream I loved as it was very strawberry in flavour, his brownie was a chocolate delight and all his toppings had the perfect flavour and crunch to them. It also was very colourful making it really instagrammable and standing out from the pink interior within DYCE.

To quench my thirst I opted for a watermelon juice. This was ok but not a drink I would personally opt for again.


The dessert bar is very instagramable but with it being ever so pretty in pink it was hard to get photos without anyone being in shot.

The ice cream itself is nice and creamy and I loved the idea of designing my own ice cream with a number of bases and toppings to choose from but I feel with there being so many other parlours out and around in London DYCE would not be my first choice only because I felt the venue was slightly too small and crammed with people plus I have had better ice cream elsewhere. However I am not saying I did not enjoy it as I did and I would recommend to anyone who has not visited DYCE to do so as it is pretty, instagramable and a joy to create your own unique creations.

Head to DYCE

27 James Street

Opening hours: Monday–Sunday from 11am–11pm.

Discover more via their website.

Thank you to DYCE for the invite. All views are my own honest opinion.

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