A look back at August 2019 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during August 2019 on a complimentary basis.

August 2019 a look back

VIVI (now shut down)

VIVI is one of London’s newest and most exciting restaurants to launch in the heart of London’s West End this year. Serving traditional British cuisine with modern flair, VIVI is open all day for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, pre-theatre meals, and dinner.

This August and back in July some of us enjoyed an afternoon tea full of delicate sandwiches, tasty scones and scrummy cakes along with tasty herbal tea.

What is your favourite type of sandwich?

VIVI Bethm Katie and Laura

“Yes, everyone gets their own! I love this, as other afternoon teas I’ve been to expect you to share and then you always have the tough decision of who gets what or you attempt to cut everything in half equally and end up with a big old plate of mess. This saves all of the trouble and means that you can sample everything on every tier, and trust me, you won’t be leaving feeling hungry still.”


Some community members of Love Pop Ups London got to experience an afternoon tea full of sweet treats at VIVI plus back in July. Read all their write ups and past members write ups from other past visits via clicking here.

Khao Supperclub

Khao supperdclub presents an evening of homemade Indian food. Each dish brings explores exciting flavours by combining time-honoured methods with everyday ingredients.

What is your favourite Indian dish?


“After attending this supper club, I have come out with a new found appreciation for Gujarati food. It also made me realise that in spite of having a huge Gujarati population in London, I am yet to see this type of cuisine represented in mainstream London restaurants. There is definitely a need in the market for this sort of neo-nostaligic homely food.”


Some community members of Love Pop ups London had the pleasure in enjoying the Indian culinary delights at Khao Supperclub. Click here to read their write ups.

London Dungeon

Learn and discover all about the gruesome and ghastly things that happened in London back in the past through a 90 minutes immersive walking tour.

Question is will you be brave enough to step through the dungeons?

London Dungeons us

“I particularly enjoyed the Sweeny Todd performance – a unique experience which required us to circle round a room and peer through the slats of a wooden wall to watch what was going on. Flickering lights and atmospheric music helped build the tension, along with a somewhat limited view – seeing things out the corner of my eye or the slow stalk of the character around the room really had me on edge.”


I and others community members of Love Pop ups London we took our brave souls through London Dungeons and survived. Click here to read our write ups.


TUPI which is located at the Heart of Peckham Rye & Elephant and Castle, brings together Europe and South America dishes with a menu that’s healthy and indulgent, regardless if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, gluten or dairy free, there is enough choice and diversity to satisfy anyone’s craving. ​

Which cuisine do you love?

Tupi us

“I chose the Muqueca which is a Brazilian seafood stew, and it was delicious, the stew was filled with prawns, mussels, scampi and fish, in a tomato and coconut and lime sauce with a hint of chillies to give it a slight kick.”


I and other community members of Love Pop ups London we had the pleasure of munching on an array of food at TUPI. Click here to read all our write ups.

London Escaped

Love escape rooms then you will love London Escaped which consist of a number of varied escape rooms all under one roof. This August we faced our fears of coming face to face with a sleeping vampire within Vampire Slayer, took on the White Walker and performed spells within the School of Magic.

Are you up for the challenge?

“White Walker was my absolute favourite, a beautifully designed room that’s suitable for two to three players and has great tech elements in it.”


I and other community members of Love Pop ups London we took on the challenges and escaped. Click here to read all our write ups.

Chicago Blues Brothers

Award-winning Chicago Blues Brothers visited The Savoy theatre on 4 August 2019 and gave me and another community member an experience full of love, music and laughter.

The Chicago Blues Brothers are the world’s leading tribute to the legendary Blues Brothers. Celebrating over 30 years of the Blues Brothers phenomenon giving theatre goes over 2 hours of the greatest Blues, Motown & Soul songs from both of The Blues Brothers movies along with some laughs!

Chicago Blues Brothers

“Me and my friend Bianca we were all partied out by the end of the night but wow The Chicago Blues Brothers was a joy and a musical riot, bringing the coolest, funkiest soul, blues and Motown music to the stage.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I and Bianca a community member of Love Pop ups London we had the pleasure in going along to party the night away with the sounds of the Chicago Blues Brothers within the Savoy. Click here to read all our write ups.

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Love jazz then head on down to Trinity Buoy Wharf where every Wednesday there is Jazz to be enjoyed.

Are you a jazz lover?

“We brought our drinks in from the relaxing deck chairs by the Thames, to be seated for the special start of the Jazz nights. To top of a thoroughly spectacular evening, the Grand Union jazz band serenaded us and really captured a delightful evening.”


A number of community members over August and back in July all had the pleasure of enjoying the sounds of jazz at Trinity Buoy Wharf which they all loved. Click here to read all our write ups.

Modern Fables

Love escape rooms which are a bit mysterious and creepy then step within inside Modern Fables who are award winning and help find out what happened to Lavina in The Escapist or discover yourself in Hypersomnia.

This August we took on Hypersomnia which is Modern Fables newest game.

Are you brave enough for the challenge?

Modern Fables us

“From the first seconds of our arrival we were immersed in the game thanks to the authentic interior and our wonderful game master. The storyline was intriguing: I loved the idea of exploring different parallel universes / possible alternative lives.”


I and other community members of Love Pop ups London we slept awoke and survived. Click here to read all our write ups.

Catch Me

Enjoy fast food by Michelin-starred Club Gascon at his newest restaurant Catch Me which opened June 2019 and tuck into an array of seafood dishes.

Club Gascon chef patron Pascal Aussignac and head chef Julien Carlon have created a menu with lots of variety which offers such dishes as smoked haddock mini doughnuts and mullet carpaccio using seafood from our British shores.

Do you love seafood?

CatchMe me and Steve with our food

“My main of salmon and pasta was alright. I loved the salmon which was fresh and moist which was a treat as usually when places cook salmon they usually tend to overcook but the thing that let this dish down for me was the long hard pasta which was served with it.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I and Steve a community member of Love Pop ups London we had the pleasure of enjoying the seafood delights of Catch Me. Click here to read all our write ups.

Banya No.1

Forget your normal spa head on down to Banya No.1 Russian Spa and enjoy their signature treatment of a parenie or sit within a Russian steam sauna, enjoy a plunge in the cold plunge pool, enjoy a hot stone treatment or chill in their R & R and sip tea and eat traditional food.

We went along and was treated to a spa treatment like no other Parenie where we was slapped with leaves. Yes leaves!

What is your favourite spa treatment? ?

Banya No.1 reception us ladies

“This is an invigorating thermal treatment which forms part of your spa experience. It uses venik – leafy and fragrant bundles of oak, birch and eucalyptus twig – to shift your steam and make your body sweat profusely.”


I and other community members of Love Pop Ups London we had the pleasure in attending on a courtesy basis and enjoyed a parenie treatment within Banya No.1. Click here to read all our write ups.

Treats Club

If you are a doughnut lover then you will love Treats Club doughnuts which are a delight and you can design your own by adding your desired toppings.

Treats Club popped up for a limited time within Old Street Station in where some of us enjoyed a doughnut or two. If you missed this pop up they can also be bought online and at some London markets.

Which flavour doughnut is your favourite?

Treats Club

“I went for Chuck Berry: raspberry, white chocolate and crushed butter topping and Breakfast at Old St: coffee, burnt honey caramel with sea salt.”

Munching London

I and some others community members of Love Pop ups London we had the pleasure in munching on sweet doughnuts at Treats Club. Click here to read all our write ups.

Scott’s Apothecary

Alice Scott provides workshops to those who want to learn how to make their own candles, perfumes or household cleaning products via using essential oils with all ingredients being natural, cruelty free and organic where possible.

Which smells do you love?

“We were taught how to select and compliment different scents, selecting base notes, middle notes, and top notes that work together to achieve our individual ideas. Each oil has different effects on the body, and along with a pleasing scent we were able to decide whether we wanted a calming or invigorating blend, and so much more.”


I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we had the pleasure of making candles where we learnt via Alice how to blend own aromatherapy scents using pure essential oils making our own unique candle and perfume. Click here to read all our write ups.

The Monster

The Monster this August for a limited run gave Londoners a 300 metre long adult only obstacle course to challenge all from climbing walls to slides.

The Monster is in fact the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course and returns to London this year at Alexandra Palace bigger, better, bouncier and more bonkers than ever before! With over 40 obstacles including the 18-metre Mega Slide, the mind-blowing Exterminator and the terrifying House of Hell. Plus this year there was Drag Queen Karaoke, Boozy Bingo, Mega Beer Pong, and the Wheel of Glitter to enjoy. However the fun doesn’t stop there as there was also a non-stop partying with Live DJ’s, an Inflatable Unicorn Ball Pit, and delicious street food, cocktails, bubbles and craft beers galore!

Question is though are you brave enough to take on The Monster?

“Are you brave enough?”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I and another community member of Love Pop ups London we took The Monster on and survived, well just about. Click here to read all our write ups.


Enjoy a ice cream within DYCE which is a very instagramable dessert bar and tuck into your own bespoke designed creation from choosing your base, ice cream and toppings.

For those who are not seeking ice cream alternatively a milkshake or refreshing brew of organic bubble tea, including the option for fruit or milk tea can be enjoyed with DYCE.

DYCE’s passion and goal is to create a fun, unique and memorable experience for everyone. 

“The vanilla ice cream was creamy and tasted good along with the crunchy popcorn and buttery butterscotch pieces. The macaron was a delight being a little chewy but crunchy at the same time.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I had the pleasure of being invited down to enjoy my own bespoke ice cream creation. Click here to read my write up.

York & Albany – Rum Shack pop up

Enjoy the of the Caribbean within York & Albany pop up Rum Shack.

The Rum Shack offers a private beach-style shack to eat, drink and relax with friends, family and colleagues. Decorated with bamboo, palm trees, floral prints and non-stop summery vibes, the shack is the perfect spot to bring some sunshine to your day – all in the name of rum! 

“For me the star of the show has to be the black peas and rice arancini and the rum and tamarind chicken wings and the Cuban sandwich (which was a more savory doughnut) but omg the desserts, Pina colada Panna cotta, with a dulce leche tart with rum and raisin ice-cream…yum!”


I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we was transported to the Caribbean within York & Albanys Rum Shack where we dined on Caribbean food and enjoyed an array of rum cocktails. Click here to read all our write ups.


Jim Jams

Kellie and Kevin wanted an alternative healthier treat for their children and so it became their mission to create a chocolate spread that tasted fantastic yet contained a lot less sugar than leading brands (83% less sugar to be precise!) and so JimJams was born.

Me in my jim jams with my JimJams Milk Chocolate Dippers

“The chocolate was a dream, it had a lovely consistency, not too runny but yet not too thick making it easy to scoop the chocolate around my bread stick. It had a lovely milk chocolate taste. The bread sticks were also great as they had a nice real crunch to them and a great biscuit taste.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I was sent samples of JimJams dippers. Click here to read my write up.

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