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Not ever having heard of sculpture painting before when I was invited down along with another member of Love Pop Ups London on a complimentary basis via Nadia of Creative Studio I just had to see what it was all about.

I am not an artist or sculpture in anyway in fact my craft skills are in the same league as my niece of seven. However I love art and crafts and am keen in learning new skills.

Creative Studio

Nadia runs Creative Studio and holds sculpting painting classes within London teaching people how to sculpt paint using Evgenia Ermilova materials.

At Creative Studio students can also purchase materials for sculpture painting as they are on the official brands in the UK for Evgenia Ermilova. You can also purchase a variety of tools from palette knives to palettes so you can go home and become an expert at sculpture painting.

What is sculpture painting?

Sculptural painting is an artistic direction that combines elements of creating sculpture in the part of working material – decorative plaster, and elements of painting in part of the technique of work with a palette knife, close to receiving impasto, implying the creation of three-dimensional textures and elements by applying material to the surface according to the principle one stroke – one element.

Getting crafty at Creative Studio

On 28 September Creative Studio popped up within The Jimmy Room a private room within The Hippodrome to provide budding paid students the opportunity to learn the art of sculpture painting. Usually her classes are held in Brent Cross but due to a conflict of bookings it was moved.

The room was spacious and had a lovely large window overlooking the buzzing Leicester Square and the table was set with all the material you need to sculpture paint.

Nadia introduced herself and explained to us all clearly what sculpture painting was and how we will be creating peony flowers.

Here is one which Nadia created the other month. She also showed how rock solid the material sets by standing on it and surprisingly it did not break.

Initially I thought sculpture painting meant modelling out of clay and then painting afterwards but in fact it is sculpting using palette knives and ready made coloured plaster.

Not ever having done anything like sculpture art I was super keen in learning. After grabbing my desired colour of Karkade which is bright pink I was ready for the challenge. Beth the other community member of Love Pop Ups London who joined me opted for Cote d’azur a light blue colour.

I am not allowed to reveal the techniques of how to create these beautiful flowers but all I can say is, it is about building plaster layer upon layer and before you know it you will have created a beautiful peony.

Here are some images of the stages we were taught and done ourselves using the palette knives and paste before we went onto creating our masterpieces in our chosen coloured paste.

After practising for about an hour on how to create petals, leaves and building a flower it was now time for us to start building our peony. However first we had to cover our round wooden base with a coloured background. I opted for a light purple colour.

It was then onto creating our flower and leaves directly onto our prepared canvas.

May not be quite perfect but it sure was relaxing and fun.

This is mine and Beth’s.

Who’s do you prefer?


Nadia of Creative Studio provided a really fun class. It was interesting but even though Nadia was great at teaching I found sculpture painting was too hard for me to grasp. However saying this my artwork in the end it did not look that bad.

Even though I will not be carrying on this as a hobby I do highly recommend for everyone to give it a go as it is relaxing and a great alternative to your usual painting with a brush.

Creative Studio book

Classes start from £150 for a full days training.

Discover more about Creative Studio via her website or Instagram.

Looking to purchase via Creative Studio material by Evgenia Ermilova click here. Tubs range from £10.99.

Thank you Nadia of Creative Studio for the inviting me and another community member from Love Pop Ups London in attending your class on sculpture painting.

Click below to be redirected to read the other community members write up who joined me on the night. Their views are of their own honest opinions.

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