A look back at September 2019 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during September 2019 on a complimentary basis.

September 2019 a look back


If you love cooking then you will love KitchenAid Experience Store in which holds a variety of cookery classes and special events throughout the year within their store in Wigmore Street, London.

Plus this year they are celebrating 100 years anniversary (1919 – 2019). So be sure to keep an eye out on their Facebook page and Instagram account for special events and opportunities.  

What would you love to learn to cook?

macaroons KitchenAid

“On arrival, I was given the opportunity to try various macarons which I happily tucked into. Some of these were the vegan variety which were surprising delicious! Using fresh fruits and avocados, they tasted fresh and sweet. I was told that they are generally sweeter as more sugar is needed to keep them together.”


A selection of community members of Love Pop ups London have had the pleasure of attending a variety of classes throughout the year. This month one got to learn the secrets of how to make the perfect meringue. Click here to read all our write ups about our different experiences.

Las Banderas

Located in the heart of Soho, Las Banderas provides diners fantastic Latin food and wine. They offer their diners a delicious choice of jamón & tapas, fabulous wines & cocktails and beers to match.

Great for anyone looking for tapas style brunch.

Are you a lover of tapas, paella or both?

Las Banderas paella

“We had two different types of paellas. Mine was Paella de Marisco which contained seafood of peeled prawns, tiger prawns and squid rings. Jason’s paella was called the Paella Supreme which had mixed seafood, chicken, Chorizo, prawns and squid.”

Joanne founder of Love Pop Ups London

I went along to taste the culinary delights of Las Banderas this September but a variety of other community members of Love Pop ups London have visited here in the past as well over the year. Click here to read all our write ups about what we thought.

BIG The Musical

Did you love the classic 80’s movie BIG? Yes then you will love the musical which is being played at present on the stage of Dominion Theatre but be quick as it is only there for eight weeks.

BIG is about a boy who wished to be big which comes true. However the question is does he want to return to being a kid?

What would you wish for if you had a magical wish which could come true?

BIG The Musical stage set at Dominion Theatre

“For me the scenes that took my heart was the beautiful moments within adult Josh department when he bought back Susan. I loved the kiddie quirkiness between adult Josh (Jay McGuiness) and Susan (Kimberley Walsh) and the night time city view with stars dawning Dominion Theatre with a shooting star ending the scene perfectly making me having my own wish. Who needs Zoltar.”

Joanne founder of Love Pop Ups London

I went along and enjoyed the musical BIG taking my mind back to fun childhood memories. I wish I could be a kid again. Click here to read my full write up.

Spun Candy

Celebrating 6 years in business they held a party to showcase the classes they offer along with the candy you can buy within their store.

Love candy and ever wanted to learn how to make it then check out Spun Candy.

“It’s a great venue idea for kids birthday parties, hen parties, creating wedding favours, corporate events and family celebrations.”


I and another community member of Love Pop ups London we partied away with Spun Candy workers and other guests this month at their 6th year anniversary party learning all about their classes they have to offer as well as secrets about their candy. Plus the other month I went along with another community member and made some candy lollipops. Click here to read all our write ups.

Bake With A Legend

Bake With A Legend gives keen bakers a fun and an unique baking experience along with some of the nation’s favourite bakers who appeared on The Great British Bake Off. Their classes take place within high quality private venues, allowing all a unique chance to meet, learn new skills and bake alongside your favourite star from the well known much loved baking show.

Which past contestant from Great British Bake Off would you love to learn baking skills from?

Me, James Hillery and Katie

“Bake With A Legend was the perfect cookery class. I love that fact that you can cook along with those that have appeared on The Great British Bake Off as it is a real treat in meeting one of these inspirational contestants who are not famous (well maybe not yet) and have so many great stories to tell about their time on the show as well as about their own personal life.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I and another community member of Love Pop ups London we loved cooking along with James Hillery at Bake With A Legend. Click here to read our write ups.


Khao supperdclub presents an evening of homemade Indian food. Each dish brings explores exciting flavours by combining time-honoured methods with everyday ingredients.

What is your favourite Indian dish?



A few community members of Love Pop Ups London had the pleasure in attending this month another supper club held by Khao. Click here to read their views and the views of others who have attended in the past.

Cinnamon Bazaar

Cinnamon Bazaar is a modern Indian restaurant based in Covent Garden. They bring innovative dining to London mixing real Indian heritage with urban London. Their cross cultural dining experience embraces the democratic spirit of a bazaar, making us a real cultural melting pot – the perfect place to eat, drink, relax and celebrate.

Cinnamon Bazaar us community members

“My mixed hot chaat starter was as delicious and punchy as it was gorgeous”


I and others community members of Love Pop Ups London we indulged on a 3 course Indian feast. Click here to read our write ups.

Soul of Shaolin

Featuring a jaw-dropping mix of martial arts, acrobatics, mime, potent music and vivid theatrical design, the Tony and Drama Desk Award-nominated Soul of Shaolin is the ultimate in spectacle and perfect for all ages.

Be taken on a journey through war and turmoil, as Hui Guang is separated from his beloved mother and cast adrift in a frightening world. Upon being rescued, he is taken in by the monks of the legendary Shaolin Monastery and trained in the ancient art of Kung Fu. But when fate intervenes and his mother returns, will Hui Guang be able to triumph over the barriers holding them apart.

“This is a great family-friendly show that is a masterful display of gravity defying martial arts, breathtaking acrobatics and musical beats to match! Definitely catch it if you can before it ends on the 6th of October.”


A community member of Love Pop Ups London was invited down on a complimentary basis to enjoy the delights of Soul of Shaolin. Click here to read her views. our write ups.

Mamma Mia the Party

Enjoy a spectacular show, with a four-course gourmet Mediterranean meal and sing to dance to the sounds of ABBA. This is an unforgettable immersive experience which will transport all fans to the exotic Nikos Taverna whilst sitting around tables in the taverna’s courtyard complete with a fountain, olive trees and bougainvillea.

What is your favourite Abba song?



Some community members of Love Pop Ups London had the pleasure of attending Mamma Mia the Party where they ate, sung and danced the night away. Click here to read all their write ups.

Sticky Mango

Sticky Mango is in between Waterloo and London’s Southbank and provides diners great Asian cuisine. Spread over 2 floors Sticky Mango offers its guests a casual dining experience, sharing the wonderful flavours of Lloyd’s creations paired with carefully selected Loire Valley wines from Wilkinson.

Do you love Asian food?

“The Peanut Nougat Sate, Smoked Chocolate Ganache, Charcoal Ice Cream was a real treat. The nougat was sticky and sweet tasting very similar to a melted marshmallow but with a nutty element. The chocolate ganache and ice cream had a smokiness about it.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I enjoyed a meal at Sticky Mango courtesy of Tall PR which I dined on a 11 course menu of Indonesian delights which Chef Peter was showcasing food from his travel. Click here to read my write up.

Eleven98 Hackney

Aidan of Eleven98 Hackney loves to bring social fine dining using foraged, grown and locally sourced food from within Hackney.

So if you are looking for a supper club with a difference then this is one to attend. You will leave happy and thinking of ways you can change the way you eat and source your food.

Eleven98 will inspire you to grow your own vegetables at home. If you did what vegetables would you grow?

“The evening was a true showcase of local ingredients grown in Hackney. Each and every course created by Chef Aidan Brooks was a celebration of the incredible food grown and produced in the London Borough of Hackney as well as the great British Game Season.”


I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we have got to experience culinary classic delights over different dates at Eleven98 supper club and another got to try it out this month. Read all our write ups from over the past couple of months and via clicking here.

Creative Studio

Creative Studio provides classes to those who want to learn all about sculpture painting. Sculptural painting is an artistic direction that combines elements of creating sculpture in the part of working material – decorative plaster, and elements of painting in part of the technique of work with a palette knife, close to receiving impasto, implying the creation of three-dimensional textures and elements by applying material to the surface according to the principle one stroke – one element.

Love craft and art give it a go.

“Nadia of Creative Studio provided a really fun class. It was interesting but even though Nadia was great at teaching I found sculpture painting was too hard for me to grasp. However saying this my artwork in the end it did not look that bad.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

I and another community member of Love Pop ups London we sculpture painted with Creative Studios and went leaving with great works of art. Click here to read our write ups.

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