Definitely Blue Café by Bompas & Parr popped up to solve the debate of if the innocent Bolt juice is blue?

Following the hotly-debated launch of innocent’s Bolt from the Blue, innocent in partnership with Bompas & Parr opened it’s doors to Definitely Blue Café within London’s Neal Street to prove once and for all that their drink is in fact definitely blue.

The juice sparked a massive debate on Twitter with almost 4,000 innocent fans challenging innocent on the true colour of their drink Bolt. innocent remained firm in their stance though that their drink is definitely blue, despite thousands of comments from the public insisting it was green.

I was invited down to see what I thought.


innocent started back in 1999 selling smoothies at a music festival. After having such a great response from consumers the founders quit jobs and set up innocent as a business.

Since then they have expanded and apart from selling smoothies they now sell a range of drinks from coconut water, juice and kids’ drinks, as their quest is to make natural, delicious, healthy drinks that help people live well and die old.

Every drink purchased 10% is donated to charity, mainly to the innocent foundation, which supports charities working all over the world so that they can help the world’s hungry. They believe that everything they make should taste good and do good too. So they like to try to make it easier for people to do some good, and to leave the planet a little bit better than how we found it. 

Their latest drink though Bolt has caused a stir in amongst the social media market though with regards to it’s colour. innocent is adamant that it is blue but many consumers say it is green.

Bolt from the blue

A blue drink in a bottle which is good for you and juicy.

It’s made from apple, guava, coconut water and a dash of spirulina with extra vitamins to give you the bolt of energy that’s right there on the front of the bottle.

High in vitamins B1, B2, B3 & B6 which contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism and vitamin C which can help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

  • fruit + botanicals + vitamins
  • high in vitamins b1, b2, b3, b6 & e
  • 1 of your 5 a day

It’s blue. It’s delicious. It’s beautiful. It’s blue.

Bompass & Parr

Bompas and Parr is globally recognised as the leading expert in multi-sensory experience design.

They work with commercial brands, artistic institutions, private clients and governments to deliver emotionally compelling experiences to a wide variety of audiences.

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr first came to prominence through their expertise in jelly-making, but the business rapidly grew into a fully fledged creative studio offering food and drink design, brand consultancy and immersive experiences across a diverse number of industries.

Past genre-defining projects include an Alcoholic Architecture, an inhabitable cloud of gin and tonic; the world’s first Multi-Sensory Fireworks display for London New Year’s Eve 2013; and the Taste Experience for the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Bompas and Parr also founded the British Museum of Food, the world’s first cultural institution exclusively dedicated to food and drink, and has published six books that explore humankind’s relationship with food.

Discover more about Bompas and Parr by clicking here.

Definitely Blue Café 

From 4 to 6 October innocent popped up with their Definitely Blue Café in Neal Street, Covent Garden to prove to consumers that their drink is in fact blue after such a big debate which hit Twitter.

Alongside their blue drink within this very blue cafe was blue food, blue objects, and even a poster of Duncan from Blue bringing everyone smells, sounds and sights of everything blue.

Blue, blue and green

From entering the café, I was taken on a journey through a blue tinted world. From hearing what blue really sounds like from the blue phone booth, to discovering the true scent of blue through sensory artwork and finishing gazing upon a wall of Duncan from Blue.

“It’s really really blue. The only thing that’s bluer than the Definitely Blue Café is our definitely blue drink.

We’ll be celebrating all that is blue under one roof, finally settling the debate around our drink. It’s there in black and white for all to see – it’s definitely blue.”

innocent drinks said

“It’s blue, really blue. Name something blue. It’s bluer than that.

It’s a shame when some people can’t simply appreciate the joy of a good colour blue without having to argue about it – you might say they really blue their chance. But the Definitely Blue Café is an opportunity to undergo a multi-sensory journey into blueness – so that everyone can realise when something is definitely blue.”

Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr said

I loved this blue cafe and been taken on a multi sensory journey from smelling, tasting and listening to all things blue but sorry I am one of those consumers who don’t believe that innocent new Bolt drink is blue.

I think it is green however it tastes amazing and is full of vitamins. The question is though does it really matter if it is blue or green as long as it tastes nice that is surely the main importance.

If you did not get the opportunity to pop into the The Definitely Blue Café when it was open you can still join in with the debate and purchase Bolt from your local store.

What do you think blue or green?” 

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