Journey at Chelsea Funhouse and enjoy a culinary feast plus meet a champagne puking unicorn

Lollipop’s newest adventure Journey which is set within West London’s Chelsea Funhouse brings a variety of entertainment over three floors which guests will enjoy a variety of food, drink and entertainment. Enjoy curated cocktails underground, be taken on a culinary food journey, sip of martinis shaken not stirred, enjoy the sounds from DJ’s who will be smashing tunes during Thursday to Saturday evenings and come face to face with a resident unicorn who literally pukes champagne when stroked.

I was invited along with my partner to enjoy a preview night which was open for Seb’s friends and family. Seb is the owner of Lollipop and has bought to London many thrilling experiences such as ABQ providing drinkers a cocktail making experience like no other in a RV van and The Bunyadi where you dine naked. Journey is his newest popped up adventure which this time will take diners on a gastronomic food journey around the world.

Chelsea Fun House

Within Chelsea Fun House guests can enjoy a variety of entertainment set over three floors. Enjoy a martini shaken not stirred on the roof terrace of Chelsea Black, take a culinary journey within Journey or enjoy a curated cocktail to match your personality down within The Bletchley.

Chelsea Black + Terrace

London’s Espresso Martini Bar
Inspired by the legend of Chelsea Black, this bar is on the 1st floor of the Funhouse serving mad twists on the classic all night long.


A Restaurant For The Explorers
Journey at Chelsea Funhouse is a new immersive restaurant set to take diners on a taste and flavour voyage through different parts of the world. Diners will be able to take a 2 hour food and drink tasting experience with flavours inspired by famous journeys and routes around the globe.

The Bletchley

1940’s Inspired Immersive Cocktail Bar
Enter an immersive world of code-breaking and cocktails. Crowned as the Best Bar in West London By Conde Nast, at The Bletchley you use WW2 Enigma machines and protocols to help our mixologists create personalised cocktails for you.

My gastronomic journey at Journey

Stepping through the doors of Chelsea Funhouse and entering the into the restaurant Journey immediately I knew that this experience was going to be a delightful journey of food.

Upon checking in at the reception and handing our coats we were given a passport each which was a ticket to receive our coats after our journey. We were then taken to our tables.

The whole feel of the restaurant from the decor and lighting gave the whole restaurant a very romantic and relaxed feel.

The open kitchen was a joy to see as well as I love watching chefs at work and I could even see them chopping and cooking from above from the handy mirrors which are positioned on the ceiling giving me a birds eye view.

A journey for two

They have two menus one for meat eaters and one for vegans. Each with four journeys to choose from.

The four journeys are of The Silk Road, The Raj, Castilla and the Eastern Block each providing four courses from different regions and four curated drinks. Alternatively you can opt from the A La Carte menu and create your own journey.

Whichever journey though you choose you will be taken on a gastronomic journey to tantalise your taste buds with unique flavours as you immersive the globe.

Me and my husband we decided to try a journey from both menus. The one for meat eaters and other from the vegan menu. We shared each.

Two journeys collide

The Silk Road

The Silk Road dates back to more than 2,000 years ago when sea and land routes connected China to the Middle East and Europe.

The Silk Road makes me think of caravans traversing the Central Asian steppe, loaded with bolts of exotic fabric or fragrant spices and this is certainly what the Silk Road provided, plenty of colour, fragrance and spice.

Starting within China the dish was we were served Avocado, Sesame Bean, Sprout & Radish Salad, Rice Paper Basket.

It not only looked colourful but the whole taste was refreshing from the crunchy Rice Paper Basket through to the soft delicate flavouring of avocado.

Served along with the dish was a curated cocktail which consisted of Kamm & Sons, Jasmine & Bubbly in a Tea Cup. It was golden and refreshing on the palette.

Next stop was to Pakistan India which a bowl of Punjabi Spiced Mussels were served.

The mussels were large and fresh with a great hit of spice.

For the drink it was paired with a Rose & Lychee Martini which worked really well surprisingly with the dish. The rose really hit through as well with every sip.

Next stop on The Silk Road journey was Persia which we got to enjoy a dish of a Smoke Lemon & Cumin. Marinated Lamp Rump. Smoked Aubergine Puree, Pomegranate.

This was absolutely gorgeous. Not did it just look beautiful but it was cooked to perfection with the lamb being pink, soft and tasty. Every bite was literally heaven. Plus the flavourings along with the lamb worked wonderfully giving it a smokiness and a pop of juiciness from the pomegranate pips.

A glass of Pomegranite, Sherry & Gluten Free Beer Cobbler was served along with the dish which was stunning in red however. It was sour and quite nice but as we both do not like Sherry we did not drink it all.

Final stop to the journey was The Med which was of Grilled Peach, Lemon Sorbet, Ginger Crumb.

This dessert was a real delight and a great palette cleanser after all the spicy food. Very Mediterranean, summery, colourful and sweet.

To accommodate the dessert a glass was Strawberry Limoncello was served. Which worked well with the fruits and sorbet.

The whole journey of culinary delights of The Silk Road was a gastronomic delight. The food was perfectly executed and really did resemble each country well. However the dish that stood out for us the most was from Persia of the Smoke Lemon & Cumin. Marinated Lamp Rump. Smoked Aubergine Puree, Pomegranate it was pure silk. Best drink from the menu was the Rose & Lychee Martini made me think of summer days with the rose flavouring hitting all my taste buds and the smell of rose wafting up my nostrils.

The Raj

The Raj is all about The British Empire. It is said that the British Empire was built by a hungry Englishmen who explored the world for better food. A lot has changed since then with London being the centre of food and hospitality. The Raj journey starts at home and takes diners to just a few places where the British flag waved in the last century.

Starting off within our home country Great Britain we were served Braised Celeriac on a bed of Jerusalem Artichoke Puree.

The celeriac was cooked to perfection being soft and had lovely nutty overtone and the Jerusalem Artichoke Puree gave it that extra edge with it’s caramelised sweetness.

The cocktail served along with this dish was a Gin, Olive and Salty Fizz. It was absolutely gorgeous. With its sweetness and saltiness it gave a real savoury taste and making all the taste buds on my tongue go wild. It was a fizz explosion.

Next stop onto Pakistan India which the dish was of Curried Cauliflower Soup, Almonds & Coconut with Paratha.

The curried cauliflower soup was creamy and nice tones of almond. The bread worked perfectly with it not being too heavy and had a lovely oily flavour.

Followed with a Rose & Lychee Martini. Refreshing with great undertones of rose.

Onto the USA was served Crispy Shiitake Roll, with Avocado Grilled Pok Choy & Radishes.

The crispy shiitake roll was amazing it had a real nice crunch, saltiness and tasted slightly of fish. The filling of avocado and the pok choy and radishes gave it yet another texture of creaminess. Beautiful.

For this dish we enjoyed a cocktail of Bourbon, Aquavit & Apricot Sour. Which was very cleansing and slightly sour.

Final stop was Kenya which was a dessert of Mango Sorbet, Dark Chocolate & Spiced Coffee Syrup.

The mango ice sorbet was summery, sweet and colourful. The dark chocolate was very rich in flavour with the hint of coffee syrup seeping through making it taste different every so often after each mouthful. However even though the different elements were all very nice I don’t think it mango and chocolate worked well together.

For the drink was a glass of Espresso Martini with Green Chartruse which was a delight. Creamy and a lovers coffee delight.

A lovely journey through the different continents of the world providing a variety of textures and tastes. Favourite dish though was the one from Great Britain which was of Braised Celeriac on a bed of Jerusalem Artichoke Puree as the celeriac was cooked to perfection and the dish beautifully presented. For the drinks I loved them all but my absolute best was the Gin, Olive and Salty Fizz it was so tangy on the tongue.

A journey of another kind

After taking a gastronomic journey with bellies fall it was time to take another journey of either heading of home, entering the world of World War II to enjoy a cocktail or two within The Bletchley, enjoy a sophisticated drink shaken not stirred of a martini upstairs within the Chelsea Black or enjoy a champagne from the puking unicorn who resides in the Journey bar area. The choice is yours.

Don’t forget to hand in your passport at the end though before leaving to retrieve your coat and take your final journey home.


This was a tantalising unique experience giving many flavours and taking me through a culinary journey of wonder around the globe within all under one roof. There is no other restaurant like it. I highly recommend.

Which journey would you choose?


Within Chelsea Funhouse

459 King’s Road
SW10 0LR

Journey London

Immersive dining round the globe.

Introductory price of £60 gets you the whole 2 hour experience which includes 4 courses and 4 drinks from a Journey of your choice. A la carte menu available too on arrival.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 5pm -12am
Friday – Sunday: 12pm – 12am

The Bletchley

World War II immersive cocktail experience.

Enter an immersive world of code-breaking and cocktails. Use WW2 Enigma machines and protocols and Sherlock’s deduction principles to help our mixologists create personalised cocktails for you. The recipes will stay a secret between you and our agents.

Chelsea Black

Inspired by the legend of Chelsea Black, this bar is on the 1st floor of the Funhouse serving mad twists on the classic all night long. This floor also has a small Greek inspired terrace for the smokers and the sunbathers.

Tuesday – Thursday: 5pm – 1am
Friday – Sunday: 12pm – 1am

Thank you to Seb of Lollipop for inviting me down to enjoy a gastronomic journey of flavours at Journey within the Chelsea Funhouse. All views are my own honest opinion.

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