The London Bridge Experience presents Phobophobia question is are you brave enough?

Are you brave enough to step within the tombs and face your fears through The London Bridge Experience Phobophobia Halloween event?

I was invited down on a complimentary experience to attend their press launch of their latest Phobophobia Halloween experience which will be on from 25 October to 2 November.

The London Bridge Experience presents Phobophobia

Back in 2008 London Dungeon moved from London Bridge to London’s Southbank bringing visitors more scares.

Guests are led by actors on a tour through the ‘dark’ moments of London’s history, which include Boudiccia’s battles with the Romans, The Great Fire of London and a medieval encounter with Vikings

Become part of London’s gruesome history and travel back in time with notorious English characters including Jack the Ripper, The Head Snatcher, Sir John Rennee, William Wallce and many more. As you journey through the bridges past you will uncover the dark secrets that lie beneath the world’s most haunted bridge.

You will see, hear and smell what London Bridge was like throughout the ages.

Phobophobia facing my fears

The London Bridge Experience award winning scare attraction this year for Halloween after dark brings 13 of the most terrifying phobias to the tombs. Question is are you brave enough to visit?

Throughout Phobophobia you’ll come face to face with Zombies, Jack The Ripper, Snakes, Clowns, Monsters, Spiders, Hillbillies, Ventriloquist Dolls, murderous Butchers and much, much more!

Snakes, snakes and scares

At the press night apart from taking a journey through the tombs encountering murderous butchers, zombies, killer clowns and much, much more we got to hold some snakes.

Thankfully I am not scared of snakes. All the snakes were so lovely and can be hired out by Reptile Events for your next party or event. There was about six different ones in total which I had to hold each and everyone of them.

There was even a bearded dragon.

The actual encounter through the tombs though was really scary as I faced my many fears from killer clowns, a murderous man with a chainsaw, a zombie trying to grab me and so much more.


I recommend visiting The London Bridge Experience and taking on the Tombs be it for their normal historical and spooky scare tour during the day or after dark which is for adults (16 +) only. You will be sure to find a scare around every corner. There is no other attraction like it and it is no surprise that they are the UK’s award winning scare attraction for the past 11 years.

What are your biggest fears?


Monday – Friday
Doors: 10:00 – 18:00
Shows: 10:30 – 18:00

Saturday – Sunday
Doors: 09:30 – 18:00
Shows: 10:00 – 18:00

During the School and Bank Holidays, we operate a weekend door policy of 09:30 – 18:00.

We are closed on Christmas Day Only

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Thank you to The London Bridge Experience for inviting me down and Steve another member of Love Pop Ups London community in giving us a night full of scares.

Click below to be redirected to read the other community members blog who joined me on the night. Their views are of their own honest opinions.

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