Art Sippers be merry and be creative

Art Sippers is all about having fun, sipping on drink be it beer or wine, partying to music and of course painting!

Did you know that art is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety? as it let’s anyone get creative, increases brain plasticity, and can help with other mental health benefits.

As Pablo Picasso one said

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

I was invited down on a complimentary basis along with Steve a community member of Love Pop Ups London to release our arty side.

Art Sippers

Elliot and Josie are a creative and dynamic couple who have worked in the events and promotions sector for over 15 years combined. Successfully running nationwide pop-up stores and product launches for various well-known brands.

In 2019 Josie was made redundant but instead of it affecting her well-being and mental health she and Elliot decided to come up with their own pop up business adventure Art Sippers. ​

Their vision is to relieve people of their daily stress and anxiety through engaging, social, art events.

“Art is another form of meditation and mindfulness”

Elliot and Josie

​Art Sippers is a fun new paint and sip experience where anyone can join to socialise, meet new people, unwind and feel inspired to unleash their inner creativity through various art classes.

​Art Sippers is about being merry and being creative.

Sipping and Painting

I have been to a few paint classes within London who all provide pretty much the same as Art Sippers with a drink in one hand and a paint brush in the other with music elevating the mind, body and soul BUT what makes Art Sippers stand out as being the best of the best? it is Elliot’s and Josie’s passion and personality.

Upon arriving at Aeronaut which Art Sippers that night was taking place immediately I and Steve was happily welcomed in by Elliot and Josie and we could instantly see their passion and love for art.

We were handed a drinks token each to use for either a glass of wine, beer or soda along with a raffle ticket for a prize draw at the end to determine the winner on the night. Why a raffle ticket? as Elliot says everyone’s art is a masterpiece, so therefor everyone is a winner in his eyes so the raffle ticket helps to select who should be the winner on the night.

Art Sippers pops up with their art classes all over London but Aeronaut is one of their newest venues which is a lovely bar set within Acton. The space really suited the art class for the night as we painted a tiger. Aeronaut is all about circus’s and tigers which used to be the main attraction for any circus back in the day. The venue was spacious and arty with neon lights, posters and disco lights.

Tipsy Tiger

Before sitting at our work station we put on our arty blue French Beret which were provided and an Art Sippers apron then we were ready for action with our brushes in one hand and drink in another.

Before putting our brush to canvas Josie taught us about the different sized brush’s and what each are great for doing. She then explained more about the Tipsy Tiger art we would be painting on the night and explained that we could be as creative as we wanted.

We were also given the option of a template if we so wished to help where to paint the lines, mouth and nose of the tiger which was a first ever to be offered in any class I have attended so this was very brilliant news.

Once all within the class that had opted for the template and had placed it behind their canvas it was onto mixing or choosing a ready made paint for the background and tiger. To help us choose our colours we were given a colour wheel directing us to what colour suits which.

I decided to opt for the neon pink just like Josie’s painted Tipsy Tiger whilst Steve opted for a neon green. This was a first in having being supplied the option of neon paint so it was very exciting.

Whilst we got on down on drinking, sorry mean painting we were entertained by a live singer which was certainly different to any other art class and a nice touch.

However note the live singer at Art Sippers only occurs at the Aeronaut venue whilst at the other venues it will be either a DJ or music played via speakers.

Plus also throughout the night every so often we were reminded to take a sip of our drink by a bell which Elliot or Josie would hit every now and again making it feel like a drinking party game. Just be careful not to pick up your glass of water for your paint brushes.

Stage 1 – on with the tigers stripes

First things first it was time to add our tiger stripes to it’s mouth. With the template set behind my canvas and light beaming behind making it very clear to see where to paint the stripes etc I was feeling like a artist.

Stage 2 – background

I selected to make a blue for the background for my tiger to represent freedom and the sky. I was certainly feeling free with my painting strokes whilst sipping on my beer.

Step 3 – Tipsy tigers face

Then it was on with the pink neon to complete my Tipsy Tigers face before adding extra touches. It did not matter if we went over the black stripes as we will be re-going over them with paint once dry.

And Steve with his bright green neon paint reflecting the Marvel tiger.

Plus here is some art by others from within the class with each looking pretty in pink.

Break time

Time to chill, have a drink and take in others art.

Plus during this time we were entertained by Elliot with jokes, dad jokes and all based on art. If we could shout out the answer to the jokes we could win more raffle tickets.

Stage 4 – re go over the tigers stripes

Time to now re-go over our stripes with black.

Stage 5 – tigers fur

Ready to add fur which Josie demonstrated by a flick here and flick there of the paint brush or alternatively she showed us you could use the end of the paint brush to scrape lines onto our tiger.

Stage 6 – finishing touches

On with some creativity and finishing touches. I decided to give my tiger blue eyes and and a yellow mohican.

We were also given an option to add some silver or gold to our painting if we liked so I added some gold and silver strokes to my sky to make a little more dramatic.


All finished and feeling like a real artist.

Question though is who’s do you love the most mine or Steve’s?

How similar does my art look like compared to Josie’s?

Look at all our art.

Once we had all completed our roaring masterpieces which were all brilliant as after all we are all artists and we are all born with an innate desire to express ourselves a raffle was drawn to determine the winner of the night by Elliot.

Sadly I never won but a lady whom was celebrating her birthday that night did so that was a lovely treat for her and a great end to the night. She won a art set.

Roaring success

Elliot and Josie provided a night full of laughter and fun. I loved how their class is so unique to any other art class with the bell to remind you to drink, the template option, neon paints, jokes by Elliot and the prize raffle. However what made this experience a pleasurable one for me was Elliot and Josie as they are such a fun entertaining couple bringing much passion and love to the class and giving everyone their time.

This is the best of the best and I highly recommend to anyone as you will come out feeling you are an artist and all your worries will of vanished thanks to Elliot and Josie.

Thank you.

Book Art Sippers now

Create your own canvas painting with step by step instructions from our resident artist.

Unleash your inner creativity – feel relaxed and be inspired!

NO prior art experience required…

All you need to do is book, show up, sip and paint!

Ticket includes: 
Admission to their social painting event.
2.5 hour art class with step by step instructions.
Art supplies on the night (apron, easel, paint, paint brushes & canvas).
A FREE drink of either beer, wine or a soda.
Prize draw.
Painting to take home or Gift to a loved one.

Book and discover all their upcoming classes via

Note: Art Sippers is strictly an 18’s and over event.

Thank you to Art Sippers for inviting me and Steve another member of Love Pop Ups London to get arty.

Click below to be redirected to read the other write of the community members who joined me on the night. Their views are of their own honest opinions.

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