The Kitchen at Hilton London Tower Bridge Christmas preview

Christmas is less than two months away and everyone has started to get into the festive mood and planning where they would like to celebrate with friends, family and colleagues so grab the reins of your sleigh and fly on down to The Kitchen at Hilton London Tower Bridge as you’ll be jingling and jangling all night.

I was invited down The Kitchen which has only recently newly opened within Hilton London Tower Bridge to preview and give our verdicts of their upcoming Christmas menu which is designed for parties of 30 or more.

Hilton London Tower Bridge

Set against the backdrop of one of the capital’s most renowned historical landmarks, Hilton London Tower Bridge is on the doorstep of the city’s financial and shopping districts.

Located within a prime sightseeing location, near to many of London’s top tourist attractions. This, combined with fantastic dining, stylish and newly refurbished rooms and first-class business and leisure facilities, means you will have everything you need for an unforgettable stay in London.


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TwoRuba is a beautifully designed bar lounge which is a perfect spot to unwind with friends or colleagues. Pop in and enjoy either a creative cocktail or coffee with nibbles.

TwoRuba is the ideal central London location for your celebration.

The Kitchen

Pop into the Kitchen and enjoy flavours and ingredients from around the world be it with friends, family or colleagues and share textures, flavours and experience the abundance of ingredients in a fusion of dishes made all with love.

Christmas has come early

Last time I visited the Hilton London Tower Bridge it was to experience and promote about TwoRuba and their ball pit which was fully dressed for Summer. We enjoyed an array of nibbles, creative cocktails and of course the ball pit where we dived, swum and partied within. This winter though the ball pit will be replaced with a Lodge Shack pop up bringing guests the sweet festivities of Christmas with fur blankets and mince pies.

However I was not here today for the end of the ball pit before it dashes off I was here to celebrate, preview, taste and give my opinion with some other community members on The Kichen’s first ever Christmas menu.

It’s Christmas

Upon entering The Kitchen passing the ball pit and TwoRuba bar I was pleasantly surprised by the vast space of the restaurant. I also loved the fact that there was a bar set within the restaurant and an open kitchen.

The Kitchen London Hilton Tower Bridge interior

After being greeted we were then taken to a set off area within the restaurant which they hold private functions for corporate lunches/dinners and parties.

The area was festively decorated with holly, fur rugs, Christmas cushions and the table was laid out set for our Christmas celebrations with flickering candles and party crackers.

Before deciding what to have we was served a pre cocktail made using Cynair which is made out of artichokes. It is a bittersweet liqueur with a versatility and distinctive flavour with its taste enriched by an infusion of 13 herbs and plants. The name of the drink derives from Cynar scolymus, the botanical name for artichoke, as artichoke leaves lend the distinctive flavour. It was first popular in Italy thanks to the first ads (during the Italian Carosello) performed by the famous actor, Ernesto Calindri and the claim Cynar, against the attrition of modern life. Cynar is an ideal pre or post dinner drink, and a bartender favourite to create pungent and original cocktails.

Looking over the Christmas menu I decided to go all traditional and I opted for the pumpkin cheese, followed by yes you guessed it turkey and ended with the traditional Christmas pudding. Most of the others also opted to follow the same league and go traditional.

The Kitchen Hilton Tower Bridge

Food, glorious food and wine

Before our Christmas feast we was served some nibbles which can be ordered from TwoRuba and are also part of the Christmas special sharing menu.

There was halloumi sticks, sweet potato fries, chicken wraps, olives, salami, and squid.

The Kitchen London Hilton Tower Bridge nibbles

I tasted the sweet potato fries, squid and halloumi sticks. The sweet potato fries were delicious and had a great taste. The squid was cooked to perfection with a lovely crunch on the outside and soft on the inside. The halloumi sticks though really did surprise me as I don’t like halloumi usually but as soon as I tasted these sticks my mind about halloumi was certainly turned as these were gorgeous tasting a little like mozzarella and coated in lovely bread crumbs these were heavenly and certainly the best canape snack out of the whole selection. The waiter then told us that they always are a winner with guests and so is the squid which I agree as they were both my favourites.

It was now time for Christmas. Before receiving each dish from the Christmas menu our head waiter for the night talked us through wines of his choosing to compliment each dish that we had chosen. With him being so knowledgeable and passionate about wine it was a pleasure to listen to him to learn more about each of the exciting wines he had in mind.

The Kitchen London Hilton Tower Bridge wine

For my starters of Roasted Pumpkin Soup did not only look smell and look amazing with it’s bright orange and toast with oozing melted cheese but it tasted heavenly.

The Kitchen London Hilton Tower Bridge soup

It was creamy, thick and full of flavour, in fact so thick I could eat with a fork rather than a spoon. The toast was an added touch with the bubbling melted cheese and real crunch.

For our wine pairing we was served a white wine Castelbello Bianco. Was a crisp, refreshing white wine, with subtle flavours of green apple and citrus fruit. With the wine made mainly within Trebbiano, and the majority of grapes coming from central Italy and a proportion from northern Italy no wonder it was pure bliss.

Plus we was given by the chef the Hot Smoked Salmon to taste which flaked apart when slicing into the salmon and strong in flavour served with a delicate lemonade sour cream which complimented the salmon really well. I especially loved the horseradish jelly was not overpowering at all but was certainly different and tasted great.

The Kitchen Hilton Tower Bridge salmon Christmas menu

It was now onto the Great British traditional Roasted Turkey. Before tucking into our turkey though it was time to crack open those crackers, don on our Christmas hats and tell some jokes.

It’s Christmas time. This is one of the jokes within the crackers.

What do you get if Santa goes down the chimney when a fire is lit?
Krisp Kringle!

The Kitchen London Hilton Tower Bridge turkey

I loved how the turkey was rolled around stuffing rather than stuffing on the side and the pigs in blankets were an added touch. The turkey was packed full of flavour but a tad dry, the pigs in blanket were delicious with a soft pork filling and a lovely added crunch and saltiness from the bacon. The rest of the vegetables was equally as nice. However I would of loved a bit more gravy and maybe a dollop of chutney.

For our wine pairing we were served Rare Vineyards Pinot Noir which was smooth, velvety on the palate with hints of cherry and blueberry flavours backed with a hint of sweet oak spice. Comes from vineyards located in the south-west of Languedoc Roussillon, close to the Pyrénées Mountains; with approximately 30% of the blend aged in French oak no wonder it is a rich intense red. So good.

Plus we was also given the Roasted Sea Bass to taste as we all had mainly chose the turkey and the chef wanted us to try this festive fish dish which he had created.

The Kitchen London Hilton Tower Bridge fish

The sea bass was a real delight the fish flaked away and literally melted in the mouth and the flavours and chutney served along with it gave it that extra sweetness and tang. If I went back to dine with friends and family I would certainly be opting to have the sea bass.

For pudding I tucked into a traditional Christmas Pudding which was perfection. I personally don’t usually like Christmas pudding and only ever really eat my mums but the chef certainly has turned me around as I loved this Christmas pudding.

The Kitchen London Hilton Tower Bridge pudding

It was rich in flavour and the ginger was a lovely added touch giving it that extra sweetness. I would of liked to of seen it flamed though but I think because of health and safety reasons they can’t do that. I highly recommend ordering the Christmas pudding from the menu.

Some of the others within my group had the Coconut and Raspberry mousse which I had a small taste of and that also was equally as good.

Mimo Borough Market mousse

It looked amazing and was so creamy, light and not overpowering with fruit flavours. Was certainly refreshing plus their was that extra popping sensation from the popping candy which was sprinkled on top. However as much as I loved the dish I felt it looked too Summery.

The dessert was paired with a glass of Wicked Lady White Zinfandel. It had a lovely bouquet of fresh strawberries and ripe raspberries. It is a medium-sweet rose made using Zinfandel grapes which come from warm Californian vineyards. The juice is from crushed grapes which spend a short time in contact with the skins which gives the wine a salmon-pink colour. Refreshing.

We were all then served up some Mince Pies and Marzipan Fruits to end the night as an extra treat.

The Kitchen London Hilton Tower Bridge mince pies

I liked the mince pies but I felt that their was more pastry than filling and I would have preferred them served warm rather than cold. The marzipan fruits looked amazing but I did not taste any as I don’t like marzipan but the others who joined me on the night all said they tasted amazing with some of them taking some home.

With bellies full and very merry it was time to now jingle on back home.


All in all I loved The Kitchen from the space, setting and the staff who work there as they made it an even more memorable one.

If you have not booked your Christmas festivities as yet then I highly recommend booking a table at The Kitchen as you will not be disappointed be it for Christmas celebrations or just for a normal night out.

Head on down to The Kitchen

5 More London Place
Tooley Street

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Thank you to The Kitchen at Hilton London Tower Bridge for inviting me and other community members of Love Pop Ups London down to enjoy a pre Christmas feast.

Click below to be redirected to read the other write of the community members who joined me on the night for The Kitchen plus past reviews of when we enjoyed curated cocktails within TwoRuba and played in the ball pit. All their views are of their own honest opinions.

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