The Famous Curry Bazaar found in Brick Lane

Brick Lane is famous for curries due to the vast amount of Indian restaurants which line the street each promoting themselves as being the best for curries thus making it’s absurdly difficult to tell a good curry house from the bad. No wonder Brick Lane is considered the heart of the city’s Bangladeshi community and is known to some as Banglatown and London’s curry mile.

Believe it or not though I myself have never eaten in any of the curry houses that span down Brick Lane until now as I was invited down along on a complimentary basis by the owners of The Famous Curry Bazaar to try one of their curry dishes.

The Famous Curry Bazaar

The Famous Curry Bazaar provide diners traditional Indian cuisine with an extensive menu consisting of a variety of Indian dishes and wines from around the world.

Owned by the well-respected Ahmed Brothers JNR of East London ,Curry Bazaar provides contemporary decor and a relaxed ambience suited to every occasion, complemented by fine Indian cuisine.

A taste of India

Stepping within The Famous Curry Bazaar immediately I notice it’s lovely clean simple modern design.

Upon being warmly greeted I and Gemma whom I took with me we looked over the menu and asked the waiter which of the curries are mild as I am not into heat or spice. From the ones he listed of the Chicken/Lamb Passanda, Chicken Makaney or Mango Chicken I decided to choose the Mango Chicken as I love fruit and sweetness.

Served along with coloured Pilau rice the Chicken Mango had a lovely creamy sweet taste which was no surprise as this dish is made using mango pulp and fresh cream. My friend also opted for one of the mild dishes the Lamb Passanda which consisted of delicate flavours cooked with fresh cream and ground almonds which she said tasted lovely.

We also ordered some sides of Roti, Naan Bread, Pappadums with sauces, Meat Somosa and Saag Paneer. The Roti was too dry but the Naan was great. The Pappadums were nice with the lovely sauces which were full of flavour, the Meat Somosa had a great crunch to it and filled with just enough meat making them a delight to eat and finally the Saag Paneer was a hit with me as the Cottage Cheese were cut into perfect bite size pieces and layered with spinach and coated with just the right about of spice.


I liked my time at The Famous Curry Bazaar but I can’t comment if it is one of the best in Brick Lane as this was my first curry house experience within Brick Lane. However I can say if you are looking for a relaxing ambience I would recommend this airy spacious light restaurant be it for lunch or dinner. Plus with all dishes from their menu ranging from traditional Indian dishes each with a South Eastern twist, and being inexpensive in compensation to some curry houses would make me consider dining back here.


Discover more about The Famous Curry Bazaar by clicking here.

Thank you to Curry Bazaar for inviting me along with another community member from Love Pop Ups London for my first curry house experience in Brick Lane.

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