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Moonpig are known for giving customers the chance to design their own cards be it for a loved ones birthday or a stash of Christmas cards however there is always a day during the year for a card even if it is just to say thank you. I was invited down along to Moonpigs press event to discover more about Moonpig.


They believe that a personal touch always means more, and will make anyone’s day that little special with their wide range of top quality, thoughtful and personalised gifts, cards and flowers.

Moonpig know that everyone has that someone special in mind, which is why they are always launching new things to wow your nearest and dearest.

Design your own gifts, add special messages to your photo card or create your own unique personalised gifts.

Moonpig loves helping make memories and someone’s day.

They have been clocking up over 100 million brilliant moments since being on the scene back in 2000.

Getting crafty

Upon entering the offices of Moonpig I was immediately hit by Christmas spirit with Christmas trees, presents and Santa, yes Santa! he has come early to celebrate with us ladies at this crafty event.

Moonpig pop up event
Moonpig Santa grotto

Upon being warmly welcomed we enjoyed a Porn Star Martini each which is one of my favourite drinks.

Followed by an array of food from sausage rolls to mince pies all which tasted amazing.

After stuffing ourselves and mingling we had a brief presentation about what services Moonpig offers.

Moonpig Credit Elouisa Georgiou (
Credit Elouisa Georgiou (

We learnt that Moonpig:

  • Is UK’s leading online personalised gifting, flower and retailer
  • 1 in 3 people in the UK have used Moonpig
  • Serving over 100 million brilliant moments since opening back in 2000
  • Over 17 million cards bought in the last year along
  • 300 users a minute
  • Has a range of over 10,000 different designed cards to choose from
  • Plus that they don’t just sell personalised cards but also sell flowers and gifts

We were then split into three groups and sent to a different festive working station each to start at.

Festive cocktail making

The group I was in were firstly sent to the cocktail area to learn how to make three festive cocktails for this Christmas via an experience mixologist.

Moonpig Festive Menu

Supplied with everything we needed to make a cocktail we soon started to learn how to make the perfect festive cocktail for Christmas.

Moonpig cocktail making

The first one was a Gingerbead Mojito. After he demonstrated we then recreated this ourselves however my pouring skills are not the best so most of it ended up on the counter and floor, oops.

Video by @Behindthefalselashes
Moonpig drink

However the drink was delicious very Christmassy with the ginger flavours. I will certainly be trying to recreate this over Christmas.

The second cocktail we learnt how to make Port of Call and this time when it came to us making it we were split into two groups and had a speed round. Even though my team won the speed round by 40 seconds because we had spilt so much drink on the counter worktop and floor we lost. The drink though was very festive with it’s redness, smell and taste of cinnamon.

Lastly we made a Christmoplitan but this time in our team we had to create the drink and entertain the bar mixologist at the same time. So we decided to cover one of our team members eyes and guide her again ending with most of the drink over the counter and floor. So alas we lost again making us the loosing team. This drink though was lovely and a classy one to serve as it uses Champagne.

Moonpig card creating

After having such a merry time and now slightly tipsy we moved onto creating our own Moonpig card. To make our card we stood in front of a green screen first of all so I just had to get Santa involved.

Moonpig Santa

So I pulled Santa out of his grotto I soon started to get jiggy with him making his day or should I say Christmas.

Moonpig me and Santa

Hit me Santa one more time.

Moonpig card making

Moonpig Elouisa Georgiou

After my photo was taken and uploaded it was time for me to browse Moonpigs website to choose from one of the 10,000 card designs to download my photo.

I have never ordered surprisingly enough from Moonpig before so it was an experience learning and sifting through the different designs. It was ever so easy to use.

As I had Santa join me for my photo-shoot I chose one of Moonpig’s festive Christmas card designs which I then personalised and addressed to my husband. After a couple of days it arrived and here it is.

For our final crafty event of the night we learned how to make flower arrangements using everyday household jars. I love how the flowers come in a long box which can be easily posted in most postboxes so if you are not at home, it would not matter as it can easily go through the letterbox. There were boxes with tulips and roses within them. My box contained roses and they were beautifully presented and I loved the length and look of them.

We then proceeded to cut our flowers down and foliage and placed in our jars and to give our jars that extra touch we tied festive ribbons around them.

Moonpig flower making
Moonpig flowers

How beautiful do they look?

Moonpig me and Santa

After such a festive night and before heading off out we were gifted an early Christmas present from Santa. I however could not wait for Christmas so I have been naughty and opened it early. It contained Smith & Sinclair Instant Prosecco Cocktail Kit plus a Christmas Spice candle by Moonpig which smells very festive with it’s lush aroma of warm spiced ginger and orange zest.

So the question is will I now be on Sanat#s naughty list? I think so!

Thank you Moonpig

I loved this special press event and it certainly has got me into the festive mood and I am now counting down the days till I meet Santa again at my Christmas tree Christmas Eve, here’s hoping.

I will certainly be using Moonpig services in the future to make extra special cards for people in my life or perhaps even a mug or bag. Plus I will certainly look into buying flowers from them in the future as with their boxes being long and narrow fitting through letter boxes it makes it very handy as if I am not in I will be safe in the knowledge knowing that my flowers can still be delivered safely.

Discover more about Moonpig

Get creating your own card, mug, t-shirt, apron or bag with Moonpig.

Click here to get designing.

For Christmas gift cards, gifts or flowers click on links below

Thank you to Moonpig for the invite I now am in a festive mood and ready for Christmas.

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