At The Vaults have a right royal knees up with Cinders

Stepping into The Vaults I was transported to a themed ‘pub style theatre’ literally, where I got to meet Cinders and her family. However don’t expect this to be your normal Cinderella story as this show is with a modern twist as Cinders lives in a run down pub along with her wicked step mother and step sisters.

I was invited on a complimentary basis along with some other community members of Love Pop Ups London to enjoy a right royal knees up.

Not To Tame production at The Vaults

Not Too Tame are a multi award winning theatre company who bring immersive theatre together. They break the boundaries of tame, polite theatre and craft unique productions that combine quality work with a brilliant night out. Their work celebrates regional identity, champions Community and making them feel like a gig. Forging relationships between traditional theatre buildings and a network of pubs, clubs and music venues, Not Too Tame challenges the preconceptions of what Theatre should, and can be. So grab a pint, take a seat, and get a load of this!


The Great British pantomime, is staged in a traditional English pub! This unique twist on the classic Cinderella story sees all the characters you know, love and hate colliding in a local boozer, where the audience are welcomed to the heart of the action to witness pints spilled, mates pulled and hearts poured out on the karaoke.

Crammed with live music, mayhem and a touch of midnight magic, Cinderella will have you dancing in the aisles and laughing your baubles off. Think The Royle Family meets Elf, in a bespoke pub theatre within The Vaults complex beneath Waterloo station.

My invite to the ball, I mean pub party

Stepping within the vaults into a pub of where Cinderella lives we were confronted by a man singing Christmas songs dressed to the nines in his very short gold glittery dress, thankfully he kept his baubles hidden.

With his festive tunes blaring out from his mouth we knew that we were going to be in for a right royal knees up.

This was certainly a different style of Cinderella I was used to as it was like a mash up of Peep Show, Inbetweeners and Cinderlla all rolled into one topped with a pint.

Written and curated by award winning Luke Barnes he brings this knees up of a night together with characters you know, love and hate, with a twist. However be aware as they are all hot for a bloke so they might end up trying to pull your mates.

Crammed with live music, karaoke and a touch of midnight magic, Cinderella will have everyone dancing on the pub floor and laughing their baubles off.

SPOILER ALERT…. Like in the fairy tale Cinders wants to go to the ball, but in this case pub party however her wicked step mum and step sisters don’t want her there so they try to make it impossible for her by giving her dirty jobs throughout the day to do from washing the dog to mopping the floors but this does not deter her from wanting to go the party so her wicked step mum shrinks her dress.

However her fairy godfather, OK her friend in drag was on hand to help and make Cinders dreams of going to the party happen. Meeting a right cockney lad called Prince who wants to whisk her off her feet soon finds out that this Cinders might just not be interested or was she?

Grab your coat you’ve pulled

This show certainly did provide plenty of laughs and sing songs to all sing along to but don’t expect West End style play as this is more a pub performance with slap dash acting and some improvisation. So if you don’t like getting pulled out of the audience and interacting, don’t like swearing or karaoke then this is not the pantomime for you. However if you do love all of that then you are in for one hell of a festive ball, sorry I mean party full of glitter, wickedness, comedy, and singing, in which some cases you might just want to grab some ear plugs.

Just be careful though that you don’t get too much into the festive spirit by ordering a pint too many from the on stage bar as I don’t think you will want the Prince galloping after you for your hand in marriage.

Get yourself down the The Vaults

Grab your coat and head on down to The Vaults and pick up some mistletoe, buy a drink from the on-stage bar, and shake your tinsel for some rip roaring festive panto.


The Vaults Theatre Entrance
Launcelot Street

Cinderella is on until 12 January 2020.

Showing in the evening from Tue – Sat at 7.30pm and Sat & Sun matinee at 3.30pm.

Show lasts for 90 minutes

General Admission £25
General Admission ticket holders will be seated on bar stools within the pub floor area and in rows of raked theatre-style seating on the sides. You may select your own seats on arrival subject to availability

Charming Seats £35
Charming ticket holders will be seated next to the performance space in reserved seats with individual seats interspersed with tables

Book and discover more via clicking here.

Note: Suitable for Ages 12+

Thank you to Cinderella’s step mother for the invite we members of Love Pop Ups London had a rip roaring time.

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