At Dirty Plate get smashing a chocolate bomb or two

Start your festive season off with a bang or New Year and get on down to Dirty Plate in Camden and smash a Chocolate Bomb or two.

I was invited down on a complimentary basis to test out my skills with a hammer and explode open my very chocolate bomb full of sweetness and delight.

Dirty Plate

Dirty Plate is London’s first luxury dessert experience with a street feast twist. They combine the entertainment value of dessert art, the mystic experience of surprise with an experience of unparalleled immersion.

All their 5 flavours are waiting to be discovered, pop on in and get smashing and eating!

Smashing time

I went along with my friend Rumbie of UK Supperclubs to get smashing some chocolate bombs.

Upon stepping through the doors of Dirty Plate and smoke wafting from the dessert counter from the many chocolate bombs which other customers have ordered and a high upbeat tempo from the mannequin DJ I knew I was in for a smashing time.

As to surprise me the patisserie chef on the day decided to choose the two special bombs for me so I could crack them open with my mini hammer I was handed and have a tasting challenge.

I love how each plate is handcrafted and plated right in front of our eyes with the dry ice experience giving it that extra wow factor.

The first one was a milk chocolate wonder. Upon smashing it open with chocolate literally flying everywhere I could smell the aroma of the rich chocolate and fudge notes wafting up my nostrils.

As this I discovered was their Classic chocolate bomb which was a bomb which was made out of crunchy praline served on a bed of soft chocolate cream, fudge brownie, creme fraiche, fresh strawberries and vanilla macaron. Everything worked really well coating my taste buds with pure rich indulgent chocolate but yet refreshed every so often with the creamy creme fraiche and juiciness of the juicy strawberry pieces.

The next chocolate bomb was a white snowball of delight and really did get me thinking about Christmas and snow. Upon cracking this bomb it did not explode as much as the milk chocolate bomb and the shell seemed harder than the milk one. However what a treat it beheld. This with a Twist
bomb was filled with a tangy raspberry cream with a cardamom yogurt and had pieces of baked cheesecake with cookie crumble, fresh raspberries and raspberry macaron dotted around. This was like a symphony on my tongue full of creaminess and sweetness from the raspberries. This was ever so creamy and refreshing. This was as delicious as the Classic milk chocolate bomb.

As there are only five flavours at present to choose from it was not that tricky to figure out which each one was. However each are designed to please all and thus I will certainly be returning to try the others one day.

Watch me in action

The Bomb

Me and Rumbie both loved it.

I love desserts and I love anything niche Dirty Plate certainly did live up to my expectations.

The dry ice gives the whole dessert and experience at Dirty Plate that extra wow factor and I love how you are given the opportunity to destroy your own bomb with mini hammers which was so much fun, very immersive.

The chocolate of the bombs plus the other ingredients used are all of high quality and presented really well. Thus making me intrigued what the other bombs will look and taste like. So with this in mind I will certainly be returning to Dirty Plate in the future with friends and family to try the others.

I highly recommend this as it’s like cracking open a Pandora’s box and revealing an array of sweet delights.

Dirty Plate Official

Head on down to:

Dirty Plate
Camden Market
Lock Place
Middle Yard unit 45-46

Each bomb ranges from £9 plus.

Click here to discover more.

Thank you to Dirty Plate for inviting me and other community members from Love Pop Ups London on different occasions to take a hammer and get smashing some chocolate bombs.

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