Enjoy within Hans & Gretel a chimney cake and other sweet delights

Once upon a time in the land of Camden there is a shop like no other which emerged from a fairy tale. Can you resist the temptation of stepping within Hans & Gretel Gingerbread House full of candy.?

I was invited down by Hans & Gretel to take on a magical journey into a land of sugary sweet delights.

Hans & Gretel

Hans & Gretel brings a shop full of magical candy to Camden, where you’ll feel the sugar rush just from stepping within.

Travelling the world following breadcrumbs they began to discover sweet delights from.

  • Czech Republic a chimney cake, a sweet rolling dough filled with incredible cinnamon, vanilla and sprinkled sugar
  • England a sugary candy wool with ice cream
  • Netherlands they discovered the secret recipe for mini poffertjes pancakes
  • Belgium Bubble waffles, Italy a secret recipe for the most luxurious handmade Gelato ice cream
  • Canada crimson and crisp Candy Apples
  • Asia unique pastries
  • Japan Bear Waffles waiting to be stuffed with delicacies and ice cream

With their journeys of sweet discoveries never stopping to continue to bring even more delicious delights to their shop within Athens, Greece where they first opened late 2017.

Since then they have opened in a variety of locations over Europe from Crete to their new store in Camden, London which has only been open for a few weeks.

Once upon a time Joanne adventured into Hans & Gretel…

Upon entering Hans & Gretel, I was hit by an immediate waft of sweetness with the walls lined with buckets of candies, ice cream and waffles. There was even Emily and Hans & Gretel’s on hand to serve customers.

However with Instagram being so influential everyone is flocking to Hans & Gretel not for it’s sweet candy but for their very instagrammable Chimney Cakes which you can create your own.

The Chimney Cake is a fairy cinnamon-flavoured cake which is kneaded & baked in front of your eyes. Choose to fill from a number of flavoured Artisanal Gelato which is homemade ice cream cones and an array of toppings!

I asked Gretel to surprise me.

Stepping within the tree house to take a seat Gretel bought over my Chimney Cake and after eating a spoonful of I knew instantly it was strawberry. It tasted so fresh and creamy one of the best ice creams I have eaten within London. The Chimney Cake dough was great in flavour and light. So if you are in London and looking for a little magic then head on down to Hans & Gretel and let your inner child out whilst you explore the walls of sweet goodies.

A fairy tale

Stepping within Hans & Gretel my inner child was released as I felt like a big kid in a candy store but a magical one. There is candies for everyone from hard candies to wine gums along with homemade ice cream and cake.

With Hans & Gretel on hand along with Emily to serve I really felt like I had entered into the story of Hans & Gretel but be careful as the witch fly’s on over your heads watching you as you tuck into candy and more candy.

Step within and release the toddler hiding inside you and let him live an unforgettable experience.

Hans & Gretel discover

Hans & Gretel
Unit 91, North Yard
Chalk Farm Road

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday 11am to 7pm

Click here to discover more.

Thank you to Hans & Gretel for inviting me and other members of Love Pop Ups London down on numerous occasions to enjoy the sweet delights of your sugar and candy.

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