Mad Hatter Gin & Tea Party don’t be late as there is Gin to be drank

At the Mad Hatter’s Gin & Tea Party begin at the beginning, and go on until you come to the end then stop.

I was invited down on a complimentary basis along with some other community members of Love Pop Ups London to become as mad as a Mad Hatter on gin and more gin.

Mad Hatters Gin and Tea Party

Immerse into a Wonderland for an evening of gin and madness.

The Cheshire Cat

They are curators of curious cocktails and culinary contentment’s who serve the finest gin by gin makers Boë. Within the rabbit hole they will teach an array of Alice-inspired cocktails which scream out “Drink Me”.

Kit & Caboodle

Kit & Caboodle have partnered with Fever Up and Secret LDN to bring you the London edition of the Mad Hatter Gin & Tea Party.  

Following the event’s huge success in New York and LA, Kit & Caboodle were challenged with curating the Mad Hatters Gin & Tea Party for the experience seeking London audience. 

They created and developed a brand new script with nods to current UK culture and subcultures, a multi roomed and themed venue story bursting at the seams, giving an experience like no other.

A night with the Mad Hatter and Co.

Upon knocking a door knob in a shape of a rabbit

with me thinking to myself “I simply must get through”

Entering within the Mad Hatter’s hat shop which we were led straight into the world of wonderland for an immersive experience like no other which has already won rave reviews from a recent stop in Los Angeles.

We were greeted by Dave the Knave. Dave insisted we quickly chose a hat to wear before stepping further as the Queen would not be impressed if one is not donning a hat and ready for her gathering.

As otherwise it will be off with our heads!

We where then gifted a small bottle of red liquid whispering to me ‘DRINK ME’, the question is should I?

Immediately after drinking I was hit by a fuzzy empowerment as my taste buds were greeted with notes of Boë passion fruit Gin, cranberry, and Boë Scottish Bramble.

There was even an Inhale-able Victoria Sponge to be had. Wafting up the smoke from the bars fake cake I felt like I had just eaten Victorian Sponge cake.

An appearance from the Cheshire Cat then pops up on screen and then immediately after there was a scream from the Queen of Hearts “Off with their heads”.

Out from now where The White Rabbit then appears yelling “I’m late, I’m late”. He then proceeds to tell us about the Queen and how mad she get’s if people are late for her important dates. So with a quick intro and explanation about the Queen we were immediately taken down to rabbit hole. Where we became curiouser and curiouser.

Upon tumbling down the rabbit hole we were greeted by our hosts for the evening, which was led by The Mad Hatter and his even madder guests, taking our senses on a 90-minute psychedelic show with tantalising gin cocktails, each which are carefully constructed from curious ingredients that’ll befuddle your taste buds. We knew we was going to be in for a night of madness.

We played many party games from passing around the baby, or was it and having a sing song with the Queen of Hearts herself but to get us in the party spirit and as mad as the Mad Hatter we drunk the night away on Gin, gin and more gin.

For our first cocktail at the Mad Hatters table we were taught by a mixologist how to make and got to create a JaBOËwocky which uses Boë Passion Fruit Gin, Lime Juice, Vanilla Syrup, Brown Sugar, Mint Leaves, Lime Wedges, Soda and garnished off with half a Passion Fruit.

We then learned how to make Alice’s Boë which used Boë Violet Gin topped with plenty of squeezed lemon juice topped with lemonade and garnished with lemons.

For our final drink of the evening we made a Drink Me Boë which used Boë Violet Gin, Boë Scottish Bramble, Rose Lemonade and garnished with sliced apple.

After having a gin or two I thought “I suppose I ought to eat something or other; but the great question is ‘What?”.

Thankfully I did not have to think as we was treated to popcorn, as well as canapes and a sweet meringue dessert after smashing one to pieces to find a key to help save Dave the Knave who had been jailed by the Queen of Hearts.

By the end of the night “I do wish I hadn’t drunk quite so much!” as even though I left at the end feeling merrily mad I was thinking “Who or where in the world am I?” which is the greatest mystery after any great night out.

Thanks to the cast

Thanks to all those who took us to the world of Wonderland

Dave The Knave / The Red Queen played by Len Blanco
Dave The Knave / Queen of Hearts – Scott Wilson-Besgrove & James Boswell
Dormouse / Rabbit / Duchess played by Peter Callaghan & Dale Hughes
Mad Hatter played by Molly Morossa & Leah Kirby

Mad as a Mad Hatter

This Mad Hatters Gin & Tea Party was adapted from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and it’s sequel ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ which we were led through a mad madcap mashup of Alice and a classic British tea party all hosted by the curious characters who reside in Wonderland.

It was a wonderous 90 minute experience full of tantalising cocktail-making and mad party games.

If you’re curious as to what else happened within the rabbits den then you will just have to take yourself on down to the Mad Hatters hat shop and tumble down the rabbit hole yourself.

A mysterious, magical evening awaits – so don’t be late for this very important date! or it’ll be “off with your head!”.

Don’t be late book your place to the Mad Hatters Gin & Tea Party

Mad Hatters Hat Shop & Cheshire Cat Cocktail Bar
125-127 Westbourne Park Road
W2 5QL

  • Each ticket is an entrance for one guest to take a trip down the rabbit hole and into an immersive 1.5 hour-long cocktail experience hosted by the Mad Hatter and his mad friends.
  • A Boë Gin welcome drink, 3 tantalisingly tasty Boë Gin cocktails and tea time snacks will be served throughout, all whilst wearing a brilliantly bonkers tea party hat.
  • All this and more will take place in a secret Wonderland set in London’s Notting Hill.
  • After the experience you can visit The Cheshire Cat where further drinks and food will be available for purchase.

Opening times:

  • Wednesday & Thursday 5PM-11PM
  • Friday 5PM-12PM
  • Saturday 12PM-12AM
  • Sunday 12PM-10:30PM

Tickets are available exclusively from Fever.

More info available from the Mad Hatter website.

During December 12th-22nd, the Mad Hatter will be putting up his Christmas decorations and will be hosting a Yuletide soiree. You’ll be welcomed with a Mulled Hot Gin Toddy to ward off the winter chill, and the rabbits den will be festooned with crackers and festive hats. Plus you’ll receive a suitably wacky Secret Santa gift to remember your time in Wonderland – book your tickets to avoid missing out.

Thank you to Mad Hatters Gin & Tea Party for inviting me and other community members from Love Pop Ups London to take a journey down the rabbit hole.

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